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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Houston Hot Tub Buying and Disposal Guide

If you’re living in a Houston home with a hot tub that means either you had it installed or you inherited the tub from the previous owner. If that hot tub was once in working order and you had a chance to dip into the warm waters then you know how soothing and relaxing that can be. Perhaps it’s time to swap out that old hot tub for new, improved model. As you go shopping for a hot tub you’re going to run across variations of a spa, hot tub, Jacuzzi or a whirlpool.
What would be the best choice for you?
A spa is referred to a contain water tub that has several heated power jets that blast muscle relaxing streams of water. The typical spa is made out of either fiberglass or acrylic with the acrylic version offering up a longer life. Traditionally hot tubs are made of wood with a kind of liner inside to hold the water. You can still have the same kind of powerful jet action in a hot tub that you would get in a spa but without the contoured seating. As for the whirlpool this has less to do with the specific brand as it does with the specific action. Although you might refer to this as a Jacuzzi, that is actually the brand name of a company that makes whirlpool baths. You can get that same whirlpool action in any hot tub.
You also have a choice of placement for your new hot tub. Just like a swimming pool this can either be above ground or built into the ground. With built-in pools many homeowners opt to have a hot tub built right on as an extension of the pool. Obviously this would mean the hot tub is less about wood and more about concrete. There are some folks that even have a hot tub set up indoors. If you’re considering this option it makes more sense to have this in a basement or ground floor. Either way should always check with the constructional engineer first before installing.
A hot tub is made hot either through electric powered heaters or gas heaters. They also come equipped with underwater lights and seating arrangements several folks. The bigger the hot tub the bigger the hot tub party!
Before you lock down that new hot tub you’re going to have to get rid of the old version. This can be easily accomplished by hiring a junk hauling company like Junk King Houston that specializes in hot tub disposal. There are many moving parts in a hot especially a freestanding one. The junk hauling team will have to dismantle the outer frame, take apart the motor, and break down the tub itself. This is definitely not a one-man operation. It’s also going to require a rather large truck to cart off all the disassembled pieces. You could accomplish this on your own but it will mean loading up your own car or truck with the scraps of the hot tub and take it to the nearest landfill. Do you even know where landfill is around Houston? It’s best to leave it to the pros.

Houston Mattress Buying and Disposal

Is it time to buy a new mattress? You can answer that question by first figuring out when you bought the mattress in the first place. If you can’t remember then it’s pretty much time to buy a new mattress! The general rule of thumb is that a decent mattress should last you at least eight years. Depending on the circumstances that mattress life could be shaved by a couple of years. It all comes down to a question of wear and tear versus durability. If you’re heading out to buy a new mattress you need to consider some of these important tips.
First of all, if the mattress you’re buying doesn’t come with a 30 day trial period then run don’t walk to the nearest exit. It doesn’t matter what kind of prices the mattress salesperson will be offering you, if you don’t get the chance to turn this mattress back in after four weeks then it’s really not worth having. It didn’t take that long for you to get adjusted to your new bed. It just might be that those first couple of nights aren’t what you expected. Imagine having to put up with that for the next eight years. On the other hand, you should give up which mattress after a first new bed nights. Give your body time to adjust.
Along with a 30 or 60 day trial keep an eye on the warranty you’re being asked to pay for. If under ideal conditions the mattress is not supposed to last longer than eight years why would you buy a warranty for 10 years more? There is one exception to mattress warranties and that would be with the Tempurpedic brand bed. Typically they have long warranties because that specific type of mattress can last longer than eight years but it’s also more expensive.
Speaking of expense, the average cost of a king-size mattress could be anywhere between $1200 up to $4000. A good range to stay in is the $2000 price tag. Typically king-size beds will cost around $300 more than queen-size bed. Although that might look like a hefty price tag you really have to think in terms of usage. You’re going to be spending around one third of your daily life in this bed. Breaking down the cost ends up having you really spending around $15 a month for $2000 bed. That’s a pretty good bargain!
You might also want to look into a low-profile box spring. This lowers the bed by 6 inches closer to the ground and makes getting in and out a bit easier. This could be a special order item that you might have to wait an additional few days for. Be on the lookout if a mattress salesman tries to sell you a mattress protector or mattress pad. This is basically an extra layer of cushion that you really don’t need because you’re buying a new mattress. The other hand if this pad is waterproof and comes with a stain warranty you might want to consider adding that your cart.
Of course, all this hard work shopping for a bed would be wasted if you can’t get rid of the mattress you’re sleeping on. That’s why you should also factor in hiring a professional team of haulers like Junk King Houston to show up on the same day your mattresses be delivered. This will make for a smooth transition to a good night sleep. Simpy call 1-888-888-JUNK
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