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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Houston TV Buying & Disposal Guide

If you are in the market for a new television in Houston, then you need to take into account some facts. First of all, forget everything you think you know about things like HDTV. These would be things like needing a special box to convert a signal or having to sit in a special spot to get the best view. While it is true that HD convertors are needed for some satellite systems, most local cable or digital television hook ups are providing HDTV channels for their customers with already built in receivers. In fact, you might just be getting an HD signal right now and not even know it! All you have to do is call up your provider and ask them what the deal is with HD.
HD is high definition. This means you’re going to get the best picture possible. There was a time when HDTVs could cost upwards of several thousand dollars. While those high end sets still exist, you can find many perfectly fine HDTVs for under $600. Not every TV in your home has to be a big screen affair. You can probably replace that TV in your bedroom with a very affordable HDTV that’s around 24 or 30 inches.
Of course, just because you have a brand new HDTV doesn’t mean everything you want is going to be broadcast in high definition. In fact, most of what you might be watching will be broadcast the “old fashioned” way. Does this mean you should skip HD? Perhaps not because it really is the way of the future. More and more local channels are opting for HD programming. Even major sporting events have gone high definition. There are HD channels being added each day. But now that you’re watching on HD don’t be surprised as being able to see all the flaws of the old transmissions.
Buying a new television is also going to provide you with the opportunity to turn your living room into your own home theatre. This can happen if you go wide screen. What exactly does wide screen mean for your viewing? Again, it’s an issue of a sharper picture. You know something is wide screen on your current TV when you see those black borders at the top and bottom of the screen. Wide screen works best for playing back movies but there is definitely a trend in the world of television to go wide screen with programming. Will you be ready? You will if you go wide screen today!
When thinking about wide screen, you should really go as wide as you can afford. It might seem like there is a big difference between the prices but when you get into the numbers you might find that it’s really just a hundred dollars or so separating a 42 inch screen from a 50 inch screen. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time enjoying your new television, why not splurge and get the best screen in your budget?
Once you land on that new television, you’ll need to make room for it by getting rid of the old set. You can do that by hiring Houston’s TV Hauling crew, Junk King Houston, come by your home and cart off that set. If it seems like an extravagance to hire a crew just to take away one TV it probably is. That’s why you should make the most of this opportunity by getting rid of all your junk while JK Houston is stopping by.

Haul Junk Out of Your Houston Home, Build an Exercise Room

Let’s get real: How many times have you made the New Year’s resolution to get in shape only to have that fly right out the window by March? Sure, there are a lot of reasons to prevent you from working out like not enough time in your day to travel back and forth to the gym. That’s probably the biggest deterrent for most folks. That and the cheesecake! But how great would it be to have your own personal gym just down the hall from your bedroom? You might not feel so guilty about that cheesecake if you know the next morning you’ll be hitting your cardio hard. You can actually accomplish that rather easily if you have the room and the motivation.
First you need to set some realistic goals for yourself. If you want to tone up and improve your overall health simple cardio and calisthenics workouts could do the trick. To accomplish that you really just need an open space where you can stretch out. This could be the corner of your bedroom. If you’ve got the space, you could convert a garage, basement or spare room into your own private workout center.
Step one: clear out the clutter. This is easy when you call upon the services of a professional junk hauling crew in Houston like Junk King to take away all that old furniture or boxes of junk you might have stacked up in your potential workout space. If you’ve been using this spare room as the occasional guest room for visitors, you might think about swapping out the bed for a pull down Murphy bed or sofa-bed. This can give you the floor space you need. Once the room is clear from clutter you can create a terrific workout zone.
Next, you’ll want to motivate your workout with the right equipment. This could be as simple as a stationary bike and television. Consider you spend at least half an hour a day watching some type of TV show. Now, imagine watching your show while you’re riding your stationary bike. You won’t miss a beat of your favorite program but you’ll be shedding some serious pounds as you view.
Having a TV hook-up in your workout space is important because you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the great DVD work-out programs available. You might feel self-conscious working out in the living room with the rest of your family traipsing through. With this special space, you can close the door and have all the privacy you need.
As you get comfortable in your workout routine, you might expand your regime by bringing in some free weights or other small pieces of home gym equipment that will fit in the room. If you’re living with other loved ones who need to get into shape, then this home gym will provide them with the best atmosphere to work out in. All it will take is 30 minutes a day to make a difference and get you on track for a healthier lifestyle… all without stepping outside your home!
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