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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Houston Water Heater Disposal Services

Much like the electricity that comes into our homes, most of us don’t even think about how our water heater works; that is until it breaks down! The water heater is something we depend on every time we turn on the faucet, take a shower or do a load of laundry. Given those daily events is it any wonder that a water heater is put through a lot of stress? Depending upon how old your current water heater is you might find that it’s time for replacement. As you go shopping for a new water heater you’ll be presented with several different options in terms of design and functionality.

The conventional water heater is referred to as storage water heater. This offers a ready reservoir supply of hot water that will be there the moment you turn on the faucet. A demand water heater heats the water directly without the use of a storage tank. A heat pump water heater moves heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly for the purpose of hot water. You can also consider going with a solar water heater that uses the sun’s power to provide hot water. Finally, there is a an indirect water heater that uses a home’s space heating system to provide hot water.

Once you’ve settled on a type you’ll also need to consider the size and energy efficiency of the model you picked. Just because you’ve been using one particular design of water heater doesn’t mean you can’t switch over for a new energy efficient model. This is especially true when it comes to solar water heaters. Many homeowners are making that eco-friendly switch and finding themselves saving on their energy bills. As with everything else that is purchased for your home cost is a factor when it comes to buying a new water heater. While it might seem like the more energy efficient models are a greater expensive it could be that those particular water heaters will end up paying for themselves a lot quicker than an older model. In other words, you should just factor in the price tag but also the operating costs for that new water heater.

When you’re ready to make the switch and you have your new water heater delivered and installed you’re obviously going to need to get rid of the old model. Not every plumber who would install your new water heater will have the ability to take away your old device. That’s why you should contract your own professional junk hauler to take away that water heater; the best in the business around Houston is Junk King.  Not only will they have the muscle and truck space to handle such a job but they will also be able to take away any other items that you’d like to permanently remove from your home. This can include any kind of unwanted junk like old furniture, a used mattress, kitchen appliances, rusty auto parts and even yard waste. The bottom line is as long as you’ve got someone picking up your old water heater don’t waste the trip!

Houston Christmas Tree Disposal

One a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, what kind of procrastinator are you? The answer to that question could be found in how long it takes you to remove the Christmas decorations once Christmas is actually over. Let’s face, every neighborhood has that once house which takes its time removing those decorations. Tradition holds that the official end of the Christmas season falls on January 6. That is when the church declares Christmas is over and when most people take down their decorations. But there are always some hold outs, aren’t there? Are you one of them?
You can also tell a procrastinator by how late they put their Christmas tree out for pick-up. What was a vibrant, fresh tree just a few weeks ago has become brown and brittle. It’s also a huge tinderbox. One flick of a cigarette or match and that curbside tree is going to go up in flames. This is why you don’t want to have that try lingering around longer than it should. To insure it will be picked up and properly disposed of, you should hire a professional team of junk haulers. They can swing by, grab the tree and make sure it will be shredded and turned into mulch. That’s the eco-friendly way of doing things.
If you have already taken down the decorations and properly disposed of the Christmas tree, there is no reason why you still can’t call upon the professional junk haulers to take away all that other stuff you’ve been hanging onto. You might have found that as you went looking for the holiday decorations this year you had to navigate through a kind of “minefield” of other boxes and discarded items that somehow made their way to your storage space throughout the year. Funny how that happens!
There could also be an opportunity to use these eco-friendly junk haulers to take away all those items that were replaced by “Santa” this year. Maybe the family got a new television which means the old one has become e-waste. There could also be a pile of kitchen appliances or pots and pans that have served their purpose. Instead of hanging onto these items, doesn’t it make more sense to get rid of them? Of course it does and that’s why you need the help.
The big reason we hold on to this junk is because we don’t have the means to get rid of it ourselves. This brings us back to the issue of the Christmas tree. Many families make Christmas tree shopping a tradition. It’s fun to pile everyone into the SUV and head over to the tree lot to pick out the best evergreen. That tree is then tied to the roof and off you go. But when it’s time to toss out that tree that Christmas tree lot is long gone. Besides, you really don’t want to load up and old tree into your car anymore than you want to load up old junk. Let the pros handle both jobs!

For the best in Houston Christmas Tree Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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