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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Yard Clean Up in Houston, TX

Many families across Houston are deciding to eat a bit healthier. The best way to accomplish this is by simply adding more “green food” to your plate. This means a lot more salad, vegetables and even fruit. The trick is making sure that the green food you’re eating is as fresh as it can possibly be. Sure it’s easy to pop some frozen broccoli into the microwave and nuke that for dinner but you will be depriving yourself of essential nutrients that can only be found in fresh vegetables. That’s why many Houston families are also growing their own fresh veggies. This is a fun project that can involve the whole family and teach kids about better eating habits. Is there anything better than picking a salad from your own backyard?

If you want to get in on the vegetable growing craze you’ll find it doesn’t take a lot of effort. With spring approaching this is the best time to start your vegetable garden. By planting now you should have a great yield at the beginning of summer. There are only really three things you need to consider when planning a garden: Sun, soil and water.

Most vegetables need around six hours of direct sunlight every day. Plants like lettuces can tolerate more shade than tomatoes but there’s no reason why they can’t grow side-by-side provided you give the tomatoes their sunlight. As for the soil, you’ll want to supplement the natural ingredients of your dirt with fertilizer or compost. Either one of those components are going to infuse the soil with healthy amounts of nutrients that your plans will just love. Adding fertilizer to a garden is especially important when this is a first planting season. You want to begin the condition your soil to accept plants and seeds.

As for watering you need only follow the instructions that come on every packet of seeds to achieve the optimal results. The important thing is to be consistent with your watering. March is the perfect time to plant most varieties of vegetables. You might also want to consider building a fence around your garden just to make sure no neighborhood rabbits or squirrels have a salad before you can!

Getting your backyard ready for a garden planting will mean clearing out yard waste. This could be fallen tree branches, shrubs or piles of sod you’ll be turning over to make room for your garden. Of course, this being Texas there might also be the occasional Tumbleweed that has found its way into your backyard. While you’re picking out your seeds you should think about turning the task of yard cleanup to a professional team of junk haulers nearby – Junk King Houston. They’ll be in the best position to help clear out your backyard because they’ve got all the right amount of muscle and truck space. The muscles for lifting any heavy object and the truck space is perfect for all that dirt. There is one word of caution: once you start growing your own vegetables you might never go back to the grocery store for them again!

Houston Cardboard Disposal and Recycling

Following the lead of many cities across the country Houston is getting into the recycling game. As the program gets underway not every neighborhood has the opportunity for a weekly recycling pick up. But that’s not the say that you can’t request to be put on the waiting list. According to the official site for the city of Houston you just need to follow these plans:

“Neighborhoods that would like to be considered for future recycling expansion are placed on a waiting list.  Please note that your neighborhood must be within the Houston City limits and not currently in a sponsorship program (homeowners association receives rebate from the city for garbage service); on a private street; and/or in a gated community.  We are requesting that you provide the following information (in writing) to have your neighborhood added to the waiting list.  When resources become available, you will be notified.”

For those residents who are already part of the curbside recycling program they need to follow the recommendations as to exactly what can be put into their blue recycling bin. On the list of accepted items are newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail and telephone books. You can also toss in any cans made of tin or aluminum. Plastic bottles and jugs are also accepted provided they are marked with a number 1 through 5 or a 7 recycling symbol.

Those neighborhoods that don’t have a recycling program in operation can drop off their recyclables at one of the many neighborhood designated drop off zones. They accept all of the same recyclables you would put in the bin except for corrugated cardboard. So what are you supposed to do with your corrugated cardboard? These would be items like those boxes left over from a move or boxes that a new TV came in. You could try to cut them up into little pieces and throw them out in the garbage but who has time for that? The best course of action would be to hire a professional company that specializes in junk and cardboard disposal – Junk King Houston.

Now, you might be asking yourself “isn’t it silly to hire somebody to take away boxes?” Actually it’s not when you consider the alternative. If you are hanging onto those boxes and keeping them outside in the garage or on a back porch then chances are they might be caught in the rain which will quickly turn them into a soggy mess. If you do break down the boxes and tuck them away somewhere you are just wasting valuable storage space. All of those are good reasons to get rid of those boxes as soon as you’re done with them. Keep in mind that a professional junk hauler like Junk King Houston who is taking away your boxes can also take away other stuff as well. What else do you have collecting dust that you’d love to get rid of? They might just be plenty of stuff! As long as they are showing up with an empty truck why not fill it up with all your junk?

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