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Houston Spring Junk Removal

Spring is for fresh starts and that’s just what you should be giving your home: a fresh start. This can be accomplished with a serious spring cleaning. There are many professional maid or cleaning services which offer special discounts at this time of the year. Even though they know you might not hire them on a permanent basis, it still might be worth the investment on your part to have a crew of professional cleaners to give your house the once over.

What’s great about using these types of professionals is that they’ll bring their own supplies. All you really have to do is open the door and let them have at it. Come back a couple of hours later and your home will sparkle like it never has before. Of course, there are limitations with hiring a professional cleaning service. They are only going to throw out obvious trash; as in whatever is in a trash can. They don’t know what you consider junk or a treasure. Sure, you might have that broken piano dusted to a fine luster but it’s still broke and nobody plays it. Shouldn’t you get rid of junk like that as part of your spring cleaning? Absolutely and that’s where you’ll need to bring in more professionals: Junk King Houston.

Junk King is a Houston-based business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. These folks make clearing out your clutter their business and business has been very good! That’s because once Houstonites discovered that Junk King rode into town, they knew they had a willing partner for their junk removal. Here’s how it works: You call up Junk King Houston and tell them what you want removed. Once you agree on atime, you’ll set an appointment and Junk King will take it from there. Because “professional” is the operative word here, Junk King isn’t going to keep you waiting all day like the phone or cable company. They pride themselves on showing up just when they promise to.

Upon their arrival, all you have to do is show the Junk King crew what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. Now, you could make it easy on the crew and have all your junk piled up on in the driveway. While that’s nice, it’s not necessary. Junk King Houston’s workers have no trouble going into any room you tell them or up and down any flight of stairs. All they care about is filling up their truck. As soon as they’ve taken away everything you want gone, you’ll sign off on the job and that’s that. Junk King will then see to it that your junk is properly disposed of at one of the dumping or recycling centers around Houston. This is the best way to start your spring cleaning. Once the junk is gone, then bring in those professional cleaners and give them a go. The house will look like brand new!

Storm Debris Cleanup in Houston

Probably one of the most thankless jobs in Houston would be as a local weatherman. Either the weatherman gets it wrong or takes the blame. Either way folks need to understand that there are certain things out of the weatherman’s control. Even with all the fancy satellites tracking storms, Mother Nature will always have the last word. Recently it was predicted that rain would fall in the Houston area. It’s easy to make these kinds of predictions. What you can never tell is just how much rain will fall. Most of Texas has been in a drought for far too long so any rain is going to be welcomed on some level. But even a storm dumping 2 inches of rainfall could cause trouble for many local residents.

Rain is needed to make your garden grow and your grass stay green but excessive rain can also warp trees to the point of breaking. When a storm causes leaves and other debris to fall into street gutters then the sewers become backed up. Now all of that floating debris ends up in your front yard. There’s really nothing you can do about any of this. A storm will do what a storm wants to do.

There are some precautions that you can’t take to minimize the damage. For instance, keeping your own gutters clear will make sure that the water flowing off your roof has someplace to go as opposed to backing up and making your rafters waterlogged. If there’s a call for a fierce storm with heavy winds you might want to secure any patio furniture you had in the backyard so that it won’t blow away.

As soon as the storm clears the cleanup effort can begin. In extreme cases trees that have been knocked down will have to be removed by professional workmen. This is especially true if there are fallen power lines involved in the situation. That’s not something you want to be messing with. As for all the other debris that might have floated into your yard you could take the time to clean it yourself which could be a backbreaking endeavor. The better option is to call Junk King Houston and let them handle the job.

Junk King is a Houston-based hauling company that makes junk removal their business. No job is too big or too small for a Junk King crew to handle. After a storm Junk King Houston works around-the-clock to service its customers and help them get their lives back in order. In between storms Junk King provides a valuable service to anyone who is looking to reclaim some space in their Houston home that is being crowded out by junk. What the Junk King crew can accomplish in a couple of hours is to load up a truck full of all that stuff you never wish to see again. Even if you call up Junk King to help you with storm debris removal is no reason why you can’t throw a couple of other items on the truck at the same time. In other words, get the most out of Junk King that you can!

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