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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Houston Apartment Junk Hauling

We all live in some kind of neighborhood but do you really know your neighbors? Too often we can spend years in our homes without ever getting to know the people who are literally living next door. This is especially true if you are living in an apartment complex where your neighbors are extremely close to you at least in terms of geography. You might occasionally hear what’s going on in your neighbor’s apartment but that doesn’t mean you really know them. That’s a shame because being friends with your neighbor is what builds that sense of community. It’s also beneficial to have neighbors looking out for each other. Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted neighbor looking over your place, collecting your mail or watering your plants if you went away? What about feeding the cat or taking care of the dog? A good neighbor would be happy to handle that. But first you have to get to know them.

A good neighbor relationship begins with a simple conversation. You’ll first meet at the mailbox or coming up and down the steps. Break the ice by introducing yourself. Once that “hurdle” has been overcome you can take it to the next level by inviting your neighbor over for a cup of tea or coffee. If this neighbor has lived there for some time you can get the 411 on the rest of the complex. It might be that you’re the “historian” of the apartment building and you can provide the info on the other tenants.

If your apartment building shares a common courtyard or swimming pool then it’s a lot easier to meet the neighbors. You could organize an official meet and greet on a weekend afternoon. A sign-up sheet in the laundry room is the perfect way to get people to RSVP. If you make the event some form of pot luck you can also find out who are the budding bakers and chefs in the complex! You don’t have to wait for a holiday to throw this type of party. Any warm weekend will do!

Another way to bond with your neighbors is to sponsor an event which would be of mutual benefit to everyone. That would be hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Houston to make themselves available to help clear out the clutter of everyone’s apartment. A professional junk hauling crew would show up with a big empty truck in need of filling up. They can then make the rounds of anyone’s apartment that might have something they want taken away. It could be just as easy for everyone to gather their junk in the courtyard or driveway of the building but that defeats the purposed of hiring those pros from Junk King. Let them walk up and down the stairs with that stuff! Nothing brings neighbors together like bonding over throwing out the trash!

Houston Grill Disposal and Recycling

Are you ready for summer? If you have kids they’re probably chomping at the bit to finish with school and start their summer the right way: sleeping in and hanging out. This means heading outdoors even if outdoors is just out in the backyard. If you’ve got a swimming pool then you’ll probably already know how popular your backyard will become during the summer months. Spending more times outside also means having the opportunity to grill up some very tasty meals. Is it time for a new grill? If you’re old grill has taken a beaten during the winter then you might want to kick in for a new unit that will make cooking outdoors fun, safe and satisfying.

First, you have think about just how much grill space you need. If you’ve got a gang with Fred Flintstone like appetites that appreciate a ginormous rack of ribs then clearly you’ll need an expansive grill. But the bigger the grill the more there is to manage. Are you planning on moving the grill around the patio? If so, then compact might be better.

You also have to think about the kind of meals you’ll be cooking on your grill. If you’ve got a true gourmet chef in the family then perhaps you want a few more bells and whistles like a stove top burner, bun steamer or rotisserie. On the other hand, if it’s all about burgers, dogs and steaks then you can save money and get a basic model to cover your needs.

Do a little research. For instance, porcelain coated cast iron grates are a better pick for searing meat than the common steal grate. They are also more expensive. While stainless steel is the “go-to” material used for most grills, it’s also the one that might discolor over time. Grill makers have started using other materials in their manufacturing process that might be a better bet for an object which is going to spend most of its life outdoors.

As with anything in your backyard or home, safety is also a crucial factor when it comes to buying a grill. If you’re in the store looking over a shiny new model, imagine all the kids who might be running around that grill. Are there sharp corners? Would this grill topple over too easily if bumped into? How easy is it to swap out the fuel source? What is the handle situation like on the hood?

Before you move in a new grill you’ll have to get rid of the old one. This is not something you can donate or put out on the curb. The best way to dispose of an old grill is the same method for getting rid of any bulky item: hire the professional junk haulers at Junk King Houston. They can pop your grill right up onto the back of their truck with no fuss. At the same time they can upload anything else you want to clear out. The start of your summer grill season begins with a call to those professional junk haulers.

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