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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Post Holiday Thanksgiving Junk Removal in Houston

By now that delicious turkey from Thanksgiving is a distant memory. All the leftovers have been scooped up and there isn’t a crumb of pumpkin pie in the house. This only means one thing: time to get ready for Christmas! One terrific tradition is to take the family to Old Town Spring. This place is the perfect destination of decorated street, shops and restaurants just bursting with that holiday spirit. Over at the Alley Theatre you can see a delightful production of “A Christmas Carol.” It wouldn’t be the holidays without at least one visit from Scrooge! And just because we’re living in Texas doesn’t mean we can’t have some good old fashioned winter fun. The Ice at Discovery Green is back with a 7,299 square-feet ice skating rink. There will also be special holiday themed performances and parties for the whole family to enjoy.

The other way we get ready for the holidays is to give our homes the “once over.” If you hosted Thanksgiving this year you probably already did a little sprucing up. Maybe you didn’t have time for as good a cleanup as you wanted. This might have left a few items shoved out into the garage or stuffed into a closet. Now that there is a little space between holidays, perhaps it’s time to finally get rid of all that unwanted stuff especially if you’re going to make room for all of Santa’s presents. The best partner to have for this project would be Junk King Houston.

Ask around and you’re sure to find out that Junk King is a dependable junk removal service staffed by experienced professionals. All the workers are licensed and insured which makes them the exact type of responsible workers you should have on your property. When you make an appointment with Junk King Houston you’re really making an appointment with an entire team. That team will be at your disposal to carry off any big item like a sofa or old washing machine. Yes, they’re going to do all the work!

That team will also have their own truck which is where all your junk is going to end up. After the truck is loaded with your stuff it’s going to be driven off to one of two places: a proper recycling firm or certified landfill. This is further proof that Junk King is the best at what they do. That’s because removing the junk is the easy part. Making sure it is disposed of in the right way that is environmentally friendly is crucial to keeping Houston clean. How can Junk King Houston help you this holiday? Give them a call to find out!

Houston Bulk Item Pickup

By some estimates, it has been determined that every person generates anywhere between 3 to 4 pounds of garbage every day. Add that up over the course of a year and you’ve got dumpsters full of trash just from a single person. Multiple that by the amount of people in your house, living on your block, in your community, in the city and you can see how that’s a big pile of garbage! This is simply something that can’t be sustained. That’s why it is so important for large cities to adopt proactive recycling policies. Houston has those in place but you can do even more especially when it comes to getting rid of your bulky, oversized items.

Too often careless people will dump those kinds of things by the side of the road or in a back alley. They just become an eyesore and a health hazard. What’s odd is all the effort it took to load up a sofa on the back of a pickup and drive around looking for a place to randomly dump it without getting caught by the cops. If they took the same amount of “care” with disposing of that stuff the right way we’d all be a lot better off. The “right way” is by hiring a professional junk removal company like Junk King Houston.

Junk King Houston is part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists who must follow strict guidelines in order to carry the Junk King name. It’s those high standards of operation that distinguish Junk King from a lot of the other less reputable pick-up services. When Junk King hires a crew member, they make sure those movers are experience not only in the heavy lifting department but in customer service. All of the Junk King workers are licensed and insured.

When you hire Junk King you’ll be getting a two man team or more to do the work. Here is where you won’t have to worry about lifting those heavy objects like an old stove or air conditioning unit. All you have to do is point to what you want taken out and the Junk King crew will handle the rest.

Once the truck is loaded with all your bulky junk, the crew will make sure it is properly disposed off. Depending on the junk itself this could mean dropping it off at the various recycling centers located around the Houston area. It’s all part of their effort to divert as much garbage away from the landfills as possible. After Junk King Houston has done their thing, you’ll be left with a lot of wide open space in your home and yards. There’s no telling what you can do with that extra room but it will certainly be a lot better than junk storage. Call up Junk King today to find out how they can help you clear out your clutter.

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