Houston Stove Removal

There is nothing like the satisfaction that comes from cooking a great meal and sharing with friends and family. Hopefully, you’ve got the kind of friends who follow the “You cook and we’ll clean” rule. Doing the dishes is one thing but cleaning that stove might take a bit more effort. There are some helpful cleaning tips that you might not be aware which can get your out of the kitchen fast and back to your friends.

When cleaning a porcelain surface it’s best to use hot, soapy water and then let it dry. Over crusty spots, place a paper towel that is soaked with household ammonia. Cover that with plastic wrap and let it sit for a few hours to soak up that burnt food. Then scrub with that soapy water mixture. The key is not using anything abrasive that might scratch up the surface. You can also try baking soda sprinkle around the grease spots and then spray it with hot water to let it dissolve. Soak that for 30 minutes and then scrub up.

For drip pans, put them in a garbage bag and spray with oven cleaner and let it sit overnight. The next morning, take out the pans for an easy rinse off. For stovetop rings, it’s best to soak them in a pot of boiling water and baking soda. Let them sit overnight as well for all that crust to melt away.

There might come a time when even cleaning the stove won’t be enough. Maybe that old oven isn’t working as it once did. Perhaps it’s burning cakes before their time. When your stove has outlived its usefulness it’s time to make the switch. As you head out shopping you’ll find a lot of wonderful options for a new stove. Even the most basic of new stove models can improve your culinary skills. Don’t let the excitement of getting a new stove overshadow the need for tossing out the old one.

You could probably travel through your neighborhood and find plenty of garages with old stoves inside. That’s because this is one of the many oversized items that can’t be put out on the curb and hope that it will just disappear. Your stove needs to go out the same way it came in and that would be on the back of a big truck. The same kind of truck that the Junk King Houston will provide when you hire them for the removal job.

Not only will Junk King Houston be sending over that truck but they’ll also provide you with a two-man crew who will be happy to pick up whatever you’re throwing out. You’ll be able to get rid of that stove along with old box springs, mattresses, furniture or lawnmowers. It’s time to take back your garage and use it for its original purpose like parking a car in there. How crazy would that be? Call Junk KingHouston ┬átoday and let them show you the way.