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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Houston House Clean Outs

One man’s recyclable material is another man’s building material. Back in the 70s, John Milkovisch decided to put his collected cans of beer to good use. He had been holding onto these cans for most of his life, keeping them stored up in the attic. He then set about opening each can, flattening them out and using them to side his house. The Beer Can House became a labor of love that attracted visitors from all over the world. When John passed away, his sons took over maintenance of the house replacing any rusty patches with new cans. Even as new condos and buildings sprang up in the neighborhood, the Beer Can House stayed put. You can still see it to this day.

Houston’s Beer Can House is a perfect example of how you can transform junk into another purpose. Sometimes, however, junk is just junk. When you’ve got piles of that you need to give Junk King Houston a call. They’ll make sure it is removed safely and quickly. Hiring Junk King can be a huge help if you’ve been put in charge of a home cleanup. Like John’s sons, it often falls to the kids to take care of their parents’ homes when they have moved on. Often this might mean putting the home up for sale. Before that can be done, it has to be cleaned out. You don’t have to renovate a place just get it clean. After you’ve taken away the keepsakes and valuables what could be left are a lot of things best destined for the junk heap. Here is where Junk King Houston comes into play.

With Junk King you’ll be getting a big truck and a two man moving crew. They will be doing all the work so you don’t have to fret over throwing out your back. Just point to what you want taken away and the JK Houston crew will know what to do. In terms of what you want to get rid of there really is no limit with Junk King. They’ve help folks take out every stick of furniture in a home. They’ve even been called on to remove just a few old TV sets. Size doesn’t matter to Junk King but that’s exactly how you’ll be charged. You’ll be given an estimate based on the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. Since the crews love to pack their trucks tight you can bet your stuff will go into as little a space as possible. Next time you’re in downtown Houston, drive by the Beer Can House and have a cold one!

Lawn Mower Disposal In Houston

get rid of lawn mowerAs the weather starts to turn cooler it means fall is right around the corner. If you care about your lawn then this is the time of year for a round of fertilizing. Anyone who has fertilized their lawn can attest to all the benefits found with spreading those nutrients around. Yes, there might be a day or two of unpleasant odors but that’s a fair tradeoff when your grass comes in greener and fuller than ever. It’s always best to mow your lawn before fertilizing to make sure the grass gets at the good stuff. Maybe this is the summer when your old lawnmower has gone up. If so, then now is the perfect time to buy a new model, as dealers are eager to clear out their store space to make room for holiday merchandise. Yes, you can thank all those early Christmas displays for your new lawnmower bargain.

After picking out your new mower, you’ll want to get rid of the old one. After all, storage space is always at a premium, right? An old lawnmower would fall into the category of “things too big to throw out in the trash.” That’s why you need a company like Junk King Houston to handle the removal for you. You won’t have to worry about breaking down the mower into small pieces. The whole thing can be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck with very little effort. The same can be said for the rest of the bulky items you want to get rid of.

Every Junk King appointment is set up around your schedule. Whether that is early morning, after work or on the weekend, Junk King will strive to make sure they can get the job done without keeping you waiting. Promptness is one of the hallmarks of Junk King and they’ve gained a solid reputation thanks to their dependability. You won’t be straining your back when your hire Junk King. That’s because the JK crew will do all the lifting for you. That might not matter with a lawnmower but if you’ve got bigger items like an old fridge, couch or bedroom set then that two-man Junk King crew will be greatly appreciated.

Take advantage of a Junk King removal appointment to finally make room in your garage, basement, attic and closets. You shouldn’t put up with all the clutter in those spaces. Thanks to Junk king you can reclaim those areas in your house and put them to more practical use. For some that might mean filling them right up again with new stuff. Nothing wrong with that but at least you have the option once Junk King Houston has done their job!

Sugar Land TX Junk Removal

There is mystery afoot in Sugar Land; at least in the pages of the crime novels of Stephanie Jaye Evans. Her second book of Sugar Land mysteries, “Safe from Harm” was recently published and is moving up the best-seller charts. Once again it features pastor “Bear” Wells who is a happily married man trying to tend to his flock, raise his teenage daughters and solve the occasional whodunit. This is just the perfect type of book for a summer read. As a resident, you’re sure to recognize many of the Sugar Land local spots used as background in the book. This is definitely a novel that should be on your “to read” list. If you’re having trouble getting to those books and magazines that are stacking up around the home it might be because of all the other “to-do” list items you need accomplished. If “get rid of all this junk” is top of your list that can easily be taken care of with one call to Junk King Houston.

Junk King are the Texas junk removal experts who are dedicated to helping homeowners, apartment dwellers and businesses reclaim space. That would be the space taken up with all the junk that has been collected over the years. If you’re living in an apartment then you know space is at a premium. That’s doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a Junk King session. Maybe you’ve crammed your balcony with appliances or furniture that you can’t get rid of. There could be old computers taking up space in your closet or under your bed. Couldn’t you put that space to better use if that junk was gone?

If you’re a homeowner, then you might have a basement, attic or garage full of useless items. These would be all the things that are broken, outdated or you’ve simply outgrown. Things like baby furniture, kitchen appliances and boxes of stuff left over from the last move that you never unpacked!

For the business owner, you’re probably paying by the square foot for your office or storefront. Do you really want to keep paying for storage of stuff that should be tossed out? Junk King can ride to the rescue with their capable crew and big truck. They’ll load up whatever you want tossed out and see to it that your junk is recycled or reused whenever possible.

As soon as you accomplish the junk removal you can transform your living or work space into a more practical environment. That could even mean setting up a nice little reading room perfect for a Sugar Land mystery! Call Junk King today to see how that can help.

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