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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Missouri City Junk Removal

From the department of irony: This year’s Snowfest Parade was cancelled because of bad weather. You would think that a parade held in honor of bad weather would understand how quickly Mother Nature could turn! The good news is that the Snowfest Festival still went down at City Hall. Thanks to the big crowds from last year, this annual kickoff to the holidays was even bigger with more games, vendors, and entertainment. A good time was had by all to be sure!

Now with the holidays winding down, Missouri City residents are setting their sights on the New Year. Typically, this will mean a list of resolutions that are often forgotten by the time spring rolls around. However, there is one resolution that will be easy to keep. If you vow to clear your home of clutter, then one call to Junk King Houston will make that happen. Junk King is the company who makes junk hauling a breeze. At least it is a “breeze” for you. That’s because Junk King will be doing all the work for you. Their crew will do the lifting, loading, hauling, and downloading. They’ll be working a full day but the time it takes to clear out you junk might only be a few minutes. That means instead of you sacrificing hours to drive your junk to an appropriate spot, you can get back to your day in a snap. Plus your home will be free of junk.

What you want to toss out is entirely up to you. From Junk King’s perspective, you don’t have to sort, move, or shift anything around. They’ll pick up your junk from where it is “living” at the moment. Here is a golden opportunity to finally clear out that back room that has become a storage locker. It’s your chance to clean your garage from top to bottom. Don’t forget your closets: Anything your pull out that belongs in a dump can be given to Junk King. Just imagine all that free space you’ll have after Junk King works their magic.

That same Junk King crew can also work around your yard. If you’ve got some yard waste, patio furniture or construction debris you want to get rid of, let Junk King Houston know and it will all be put on the back of the truck. After everything is loaded, Junk King will be headed out to a recycling center to see what can be dropped off there. It’s part of Junk King’s commitment to keep Missouri City’s environment clean. Call Junk King today to make your cleaning resolution come true.

Junk Removal Katy TX

What would you do with an extra 8.5 million dollars? If you’re the insurance giant, GEICO, you’re going to invest in Katy. That’s what’s happening as GEICO puts forth plans to expand their claims operations center over the next three years. The good news is that this expansion is going to create upwards of a 1,000 new jobs.

“We’re excited about expanding our claims operations with our new Katy office,” GEICO chairman and CEO Tony Nicely said to a planning website. “We know from the experience we’ve already had in Houston that it’s a great environment for business; the workforce is excellent, and the quality of life is outstanding. We look forward to bringing more wonderful career opportunities to the people of the Greater Houston area.”

Whenever a company adds new workers, it has a trickle down affect throughout the rest of the community. If there will be a 1,000 new positions that could mean an influx of new residents. This means property values could inch up and the demand for homes increase. One way you can insure that your property values stay at a premium is to make sure you’ve got the clutter cleared out of your yards. There are plenty of homes around Katy that have the occasional “added element” when it comes to yard decorations. Typically, these are things like spare auto parts or tires stacked up by the garage, old furniture that is put out on the porch to make room inside and plenty of abandon kids’ toys. All of that stuff should be tossed out. The only problem is you can’t throw it out in the garbage pickups because they don’t fit. This is where Junk King Houston can ride in and solve all your clutter problems.

With Junk King Houston on the job, you’ll be getting a hard working two-man crew who will do all the lifting and loading. You can leave everything right where it is; just tell the JK crew what you want picked up and they’ll handle the request. Everything gets loaded on the back of the Junk King truck where it will be dumped off at a proper place. In just a few minutes, you could have your entire outside property cleared of junk but you don’t have to stop there. That same crew can work their magic in your garage, down your basement or in any other room in your home where you’ve got junk. One call to Junk King can make it all disappear. Are you ready to be junk free?

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