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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Houston Rubbish Removal

Houston is definitely an energy town. As such, we like to keep an eye on all types of energy news. Recently, the Houston Chronicle featured a story about a Wyoming-based trucking company that is facing some serious fines for illegal dumping. What does this have to do with energy? As it happens, this trucking company has been working in the boomtowns of North Dakota and is accused of illegally dumping saltwater. That is something that is used in oil extraction and needs to be disposed of in a responsible matter. Otherwise, it can contaminant the water supply. This is such a serious problem for this company that they could be slapped with $2 million in fines. Here in Houston, illegal dumping is taken very seriously. You might only see news stories when a dumpsite has gotten out of control. However, if someone were to leave a single chair or table out on the curb that would be considered illegal dumping. It’s the also the kind of dumping that can have you slapped with a fine.


A tour of the back alleys in downtown Houston will reveal plenty of examples of illegal dumping. Careless individuals are using these areas to unload furniture, bags of trash and auto parts. What’s really sad is that there is a responsible company standing by to help anyone with rubbish removal. Junk King Houston can provide anyone with a team of strong movers capable of hauling all kinds of junk from homes, apartments or businesses.

A rubbish removal appointment with Junk King starts with a call to the dispatch center. You might be fortunate enough to land a same day appointment. That will mean the Junk King crew can be at your property within hours. You won’t have your junk long!

You’re in control of what you want tossed out. What you don’t have to do is lift any heavy object. The Junk King crew will bring anything up from the basement or down from the attic. Just tell them what you want taken away and watch it go. The other valuable part of a Junk King rubbish removal appointment is that they’ll be recycling anything that is deemed worthy. That can include objects made from metal, leftover construction waste and even lawn clippings. It’s all fair game for Junk King.

Are you ready to join the growing list of satisfied Junk King customers? We’d love it you share your experiences on our website or Facebook page. To take care of your rubbish removal, put Junk King on the job. It will be the best call you make all week!

Celebrate Earth Day In Houston With Green Junk Removal

This Earth Day, the Cypresswood Water Conservation Garden received the distinct honor of being one of 31 sites that have been certified as 100% sustainable. In the case of this garden, sustainable means feeding the plants with rainwater alone. This is a way to show local residents the importance of water conservation. This doesn’t mean we all have to switch to rainwater for all our needs. On the other hand, the average family uses up to 30 gallons of water just to keep their lawns green. Of that amount, almost half the water is wasted due to runoff or over watering. At Cypresswood, you can get some valuable tips on proper water use and how to make your own gardens sustainable. This is a great way to get into the Earth Day spirit.

Another way to celebrate Earth Day would be to clean up your property with the help of Junk King. Earth Day is all about reducing carbon footprints through recycling. When you hire Junk King for your junk removal needs, you’ll automatically be getting a valuable recycling partner. All the crews working with Junk King Houston have been trained in the proper sorting methods that allow your junk to be recycled. If a Junk King crewmember spots something that can be repurposed, they’ll make sure it ends up at the right facility whether that is a recycling center or charity. Either way, your junk is going to be kept out of a landfill where it won’t do anybody any good.

That same Junk King crew will do all the work of loading up your junk onto the back of their trucks. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing away a piano or a beanbag chair, the Junk King crew will handle the situation. Not only can you clear out the clutter from your garage, closets and basement but you can also put Junk King to work sweeping through your yards. Finally, you can toss out all those auto parts, lumber scraps, chunks of concrete and anything else that is an eyesore on your property. There is no limit to what you can toss out when you’ve got a hardworking Junk King crew at your home.

When you’re ready to get clean, give Junk King a call. They’ll set up a junk removal appointment that is not going to take up much of your time or cost you a lot of money. Green junk removal can happen anytime when you’ve got Junk King on the job.


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