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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Houston Exercise Equipment Removal

Before moving into any home, you think you’ve got plenty of space. It’s amazing how quickly that space can fill up. That is especially true if you bring in some big pieces of exercise equipment. It might seem like a good idea to set up a home gym in your garage or basement. Then after working out on that equipment for a few months, you grow bored and the workouts stop. This is why so many people join gyms. There are so many options when it comes to working out. Are you ready to close your home gym and go to where the action is? Then you’ll want to hire Junk King to take that old exercise equipment away once and for all.


Junk King will provide you with your own moving crew. This is the team that you’ll get to supervise for the duration of your junk removal appointment. The first thing you have to do is decide what you want taken away. This should happen before the crew shows up. Start with that exercise equipment and then see what you can add to the list. Remember, you’ll have a team that is doing all the lifting and loading. That means whatever you want gone, can be gone!

In addition to having the team from Junk King remove your old furniture, appliances and other household goods, they can also make quick work of cleaning up your yard. Although they won’t mow the grass, they can take away an old lawnmower that isn’t working. They can also remove all kinds of debris like stones, bricks, dirt, sod and branches. Don’t worry; the Junk King crews don’t mind getting dirty!

As the crew loads up all your stuff, they’ll be keeping an eye out for anything that could be donated to a local charity. These would be the items that still have a little life left in them. Even if something needs some fixing up, those charities will provide the TLC to get them into shape. Although it might sound like Junk King is making extra work for themselves, you won’t be paying any extra. That’s because all the recycling drops off are included in the low price for a Junk King junk removal session. Turn your old exercise equipment and household clutter to Junk King. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Give Your Basement A Makeover In Houston

In the category of home basements, you essentially have “finished” or “unfinished.” The finished basements become the perfect place for a kid’s playroom or for the home theater. They could also be used as a spare guestroom. The unfinished basement is often a project that is constantly being put off. Before those walls go up or the floor goes down, this is where a lot of the junk in a home ends up. It’s only naturally to put something down the basement that you can’t throw out but don’t want to see! Of course, whether your basement is finished or unfinished, it can always benefit from decluttering. For those objects that can’t be tossed out into the trash, you’ll want to turn them over to Junk King. They’ll know how to handle your junk for sure!


Junk King’s hassle-free approach to junk removal starts with setting up your appointment. That can be taken care of over the phone or online. Your schedule becomes the priority. If it works better for a weekend pickup, Junk King will be happy to arrange that. If you want your junk gone ASAP, then ask for a same day appointment.  You’d be surprised at how fast Junk King moves!

When the crew shows up, you’ll take them on a quick tour of all the spots where you’re keeping your junk. This can include any item out in the backyard, too! If you want it gone, then give it to Junk King! Once they’ve looked at everything, they’ll provide you with an estimate based on how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. This will be a very affordable price that covers all the labor, transportation and drop off fees. If you were to DIY your junk removal you’d end up spending almost twice as much as you would with Junk King. Not to mention all the time you would be losing!

Junk King will also help you reduce your carbon footprint without you lifting a finger. They will see to it that the bulk of what they collect from your home is either recycled or donated to a charity. That is just how Junk King rolls. If it is time to clean out your basement and home, then it is time for Junk King.

Deal with waste in socially sustainable ways

At Junk King Houston, TX we deal with all your rubbish clearance.If you need any kind of junk hauling service or anything to be cleaned or cleared, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Our Houston based junk hauler team will collect and dispose of all your commercial and residential waste as efficiently as possible. We can haul away anything from an unwanted sofa to a whole construction site of waste. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial property, we will clear all of your rubbish.Our teams are happy to deal with all kinds of waste.Our aim is to take the hassle out of your life.

We are also a very environment friendly company and deal with waste in socially sustainable ways. We try to recycle or reuse anything we can so that as little as possible goes to the landfill. We are also socially responsible. Donating the items in good condition to the ones in need is one of the service we do apart from junk hauling.

Junk King also offers a cost effective service. We charge as per the space occupied in the truck and not just weight. Therefore, our cost is generally less than the market rate. Why don’t you give us a call today and ask our quote? We are sure you will be satisfied.

Haul away troubles with Junk King Houston, Texas

Junk King Houston, Texas is a fast expanding junk removal company servicing all of Houston and Texas State. We all have things we need to be removed from our property. Call us to take my junk and we will take it whether it be an old fridge that has been gathering dust in the cellar, or a hot tub that hasn’t been hot in years.

We remove garbage throughout the day consistently and have the trucks, the team, the experience, and the ability to finish your junk removal job to perfection. We can remove: furniture, sheds, hot tubs, decks, wall, construction debris, yard junk, floor covering, scrap metal, old square shaped TV sets, appliances of different sorts, office mess and a great deal more.
We give reusable things to neighborhood safe houses and thrift stores. Moreover, we precisely separate and select recyclable materials because of our green activity. By reusing, we decrease the measure of material going into our neighborhood landfills and help nature all the while.

If you have any inquiry regardless of whether we benefit your region, don’t hesitate to call Junk King Houston, Texas. Give us a chance to haul away your troubles.

Give the Gift of Junk Removal In Houston

When it comes to shopping for gifts online, Amazon makes it very easy. Not only do they sell just about anything, but their “wish list” feature will let you know exactly what someone wants. All you have to do is check out their wish list, click to the item and Voila! You just sent the perfect gift. Of course, there are some items that won’t be able to make the wish list. Something like, “I wish I could get rid of this old sofa” or “I wish I could recycle my outdated computer” won’t turn up on Amazon. However, if you hear a friend make that kind of wish, then the perfect gift is standing by. That would be a junk removal session with Junk King.


Junk King Houston is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. These are workers who have all be licensed, bonded and insured. That makes them the perfect type of workers to invite into anyone’s home. You can trust Junk King to treat anyone’s property with respect.

Junk King also makes it easy to schedule. They want to take all the hassle out of junk removal and that means making an appointment that works for you. Included in that appointment will be two movers who can lift any heavy or bulky object. That includes anything that is being stored down in the basement or up in the attic. Yes, the Junk King team will happily climb any amount of stairs to get the job done.

After removing all the items from the inside of a home, the team from Junk King can also do a major cleanup of the back and front yards. This means your junk removal gift will greatly improve a person’s curb appeal. Won’t that make them feel great?

Along with clearing out all the clutter, Junk King will also do something special for the environment. Whenever possible, Junk King will divert the bulk of what they collect away from a local landfill. Anytime you can keep a piece of rubbish from decaying in the dump is a very good thing. Instead, Junk King will drop those worthy items off at a recycling center or charity. Just because you’re done with something doesn’t mean it can be put to use again. Give a gift that can really matter to someone special: Junk removal with Junk King.

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