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Monthly Archives: May 2018

How To Create The Perfect Sleep Environment

Do you know someone who can fall asleep in any place at any time? That is certainly a talent to be envious of. Most folks stick with the traditional bedtime that is between 10 to 12 at night and a wake up between 6 to 7 the following morning. It actually helps to stay on a consistent sleep schedule but that is not the only thing that can help you get to sleep. You need to create the perfect sleep environment. Here’s how:


Eliminate Noise and Light

Darkness has a way of “tricking” out bodies into falling asleep. It is how we’re “coded.” When it is time for sleep, your bedroom should be as dark as possible. Blinds and/or curtains can go a long way towards cutting out the light. What about the noise? That should also be reduced as much as possible. If you live near a busy street or have roommates or family members that are staying up, then you should try to find ways to block of the noise that is generated. A sound machine that produces sounds of wave or white noise can help. Even a fan can greatly eliminate those outside noises.

Keep Things Cool

Your sleep environment should be cool. Aim for room temperatures between 65 and 68 degrees. There should also be adequate ventilation. Again, the idea of a stationary or ceiling fan can be a big help. Running the AC all night might become too expensive to maintain.

Use Your Bedroom for Sleeping Only

Your sleep environment should be just for that: Sleeping. That means avoiding doing work while in bed or watching TV. When you do that, your brain starts to associate the bedroom with those distractions and it will become harder to focus on sleep, which should be the primary goal.

Make Sure Your Bed Is Comfortable

If you are constantly waking up with stiff neck or sore back, then you need to take a hard look at your pillow and mattress. Both of those items need to be replaced if they’re pushing beyond being eight years old. Getting rid of an old pillow is easy but mattress requires the kind of help provided by Junk King Houston. Their moving crew and truck is all you need to get rid of that mattress and any other clutter you’ve been holding onto. One junk removal session with Junk King Houston can help you create the perfect sleep environment.


The Best Way To Handle Bike Disposal And Junk Clearing

The first rule that parents learn with a child is that it will be years before they get a good night’s sleep again. The second rule is that kids outgrow everything. Some grow faster than others but you can count on replacing shoes, shorts, pants and shirts on a regular basis until those kids are grown and have moved out. And it’s not just clothes that get outgrown but also toys and bikes. Old toys are easy to get rid of but that bike becomes a bit more of a challenge at least it was before Junk King Houston started collecting around town. Now you can take care of your old bike disposal and junk clearing with one quick phone call.


Junk King provides the truck and the manpower to get this job done. Technically, it would only take one mover less than a minute to load an old bike onto a truck. But why just get rid of the bike when you can get rid of so much more in the same session. This is a chance to finally clear out your garage, closets and spare rooms of all that unwanted stuff that you keep tripping over. Say goodbye to old furniture, appliances and electronics. How much space is that going to open up around your house?

When the crew is done loading up all the things from the inside they can out to the backyard and make sure work of clearing all kinds of yard waste and debris. Do you have a junk pile out there of lumber and scrap metal? It can all be cleared in a single Junk King session.

Most of what Junk King collects won’t ever make it to the landfill. That’s because the company prefers to make drops offs to recycling centers or charities. This is how they’ve been getting rid of junk since they began collecting it over 12 years ago.

If you know what you want to toss out, then give Junk King a call. They’ll probably have it all cleared by tomorrow. Your old bike and junk can be gone fast when you put Junk King Houston on the job.

Watch Junk King Houston’s team of junk removal specialist haul away mattresses

Not too long ago, Junk King was a small business with two co-owners, dedicated to building a brand with a unique focus on superior customer service, eco-consciousness, and high safety standards. Now, Junk King serves the local Houston area along with countless other cities across North America. We are proud to proclaim our ranking as the top junk removal business on the continent.

Junk King Houston removes furniture, hot tubs, pianos, and mattresses, among other assorted clutter. And we do it without compromising our values. We recycle 60% of items and reuse as much as we can, in order to do our part for the environment. We aspire to leave a greener Houston for our future generations, and we are committed to safety regulations.

Mattress Removal

If an old mattress is showing its boxsprings, giving you back pain, or simply getting a little too old to sleep comfortably on anymore, it might be time to get rid of it. Even for the strongest individual, removing a mattress can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous task ending in bruised extremities—and pride.

The good news is that Junk King Houston can wrangle mattresses like no other, with a team of highly trained professionals ready to remove the offending object out of your bedroom without hassle. If it’s possible to recycle its part, we will do so, and we’ll always check to make sure the work space is clear, well-lit, and slip-resistant before we start working to remove your mattress.

Mattress Hauling

If you’re preparing for a move, you’re probably dreading the tedious task of removing your mattress and hauling it into its new home. Mattresses are large, bulky objects that can be difficult to fit through doorways, much less pack into a hauling van. Junk King Houston’s team of manual laborers are more than equipped to handle the heaviest lifting jobs.

A move should be an exciting new experience in your life, rather than a stress-inducing nightmare. You’ll sleep more easily knowing that mattress hauling can be left to the professionals, while you can work on figuring out other arrangements. We won’t waste your time, either—we are quick, efficient, and easy to get in touch with during the hauling process. We’re never more than a phone call away and will work hard to ensure your concerns are dealt with promptly.

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