Hire Junk King For Your Houston Estate Cleanup

On any given weekend, you are sure to see signs posted for “estate sales.” These are meant to be a step up from a typical yard sale. With an estate sale, the vast majority out property contained within that estate is going up for sale. This means literally walking through the house where all the items will have tags on them for prices. Nothing will be brought out to the front lawn! Of course, as with a yard sale there is no guarantee that everything is going to be sold with an estate sale. They will come a time when all the good stuff has been removed. What will be left are just a few “scraps.” That is the time to bring in Junk King Houston to finalize the estate cleanup.

Junk King specializes in the removal of bulky and oversized items. Left over couches, bedroom sets, dressers, bookshelves, tables and chairs would certainly fit into that category. But the Junk King crews can gather up all the other “loose ends.” Things like drapes, rugs, artwork and other household goods might also need to be cleared out from the estate. All of those things can make their way onto the back of the truck with the help from the Junk King crew. This will be a two-man team that has plenty of experience lifting and loading.

If the estate cleanup is exceptionally large, then Junk King might offer to send over additional crews and trucks. That all happens at no additional cost! The only fee you’ll be paying is the standard fee that is based on how the trucks will get packed up. Your item is might only fill half the truck or take up the whole truck bed. You’ll know what that price is before the work begins.

Included in that fee is the disposal of the discarded items. Some junk haulers don’t really care about the trash they collect. When their truck is full, they race off to the nearest landfill and dump it all. That certainly is can be any good first used. With Junk King on the job most of what they collect either gets recycled or donated. This should be the standard for this type of disposal.

Whether your estate cleanup is large or small, Junk King Houston can take care of it for you. Give them a call today to make it happen.