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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Hire Junk King To Help Out Dad For Father’s Day

Father’s Day should be a “day off” for dad. This is the day that he can take a break from mowing the lawn or changing the oil in the family car. Of course, those tasks will still get done by dad but maybe just not on Father’s Day! There could also be other chores that dad needs to get to wear a little outside help can be a big benefit. This is especially true if dad is supposed to clear out some bulky debris items from the home or yard. That is definitely a two-man operation. Junk King Houston can provide the two movers needed to accomplish those kinds of heavy lifting chores. That would be a big boost for dad on Father’s Day this year!

Dad Supervision

When it comes to projects around the house, dad is always a great supervisor. With Junk King on the job, dad can continue using his supervising skills to direct the team for all the removal tasks. That can start with getting rid of any bulky piece of furniture or broken-down appliance that has already been replace. But the work from Junk King can also extend to the backyard. This is where a lot can be accomplished in terms of clearing away debris or dismantling some kind of backyard structure like a playground set or a worn-out toolshed. Junk King can take care of that type of work from start to finish. All dad has to do is sit back and watch it happen!

The cost for this service will be based on how the truck will ultimately be packed up. The Junk King crew can look over all the items that you want removed and provide a written estimate for that packing. That even includes those big objects that have to be taken apart. If the things that you are getting rid of take up more room than what was estimated, then you will still pay the original estimate. Junk King always takes a fair and affordable approach for this type of work.

This Father’s Day, let Junk King Houston handle the rubbish removal to give dad a break. Set up your session today.

Call On Junk King For Fast Old Grill Removal

Cooking on a grill does not take a lot of time. You can literally whip up a delicious steak or chicken dinner on the grill in less time than it would take you to make your side salad! Of course, that depends on your grill being in proper working order. If after several seasons of grilling your grill is no longer up to the challenge, then it is time for a replacement. This can be a good thing! You have a chance to buy a new grill with a lot more features to enhance all your outdoor cooking. That new grill can even become the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen remodel. Before any of that can happen, you need to get rid of the old grill. This is not something that can be put out on the curb or tossed out in the trash. The proper way to remove an old grill is to have it hauled away. That is what Junk King Houston is standing by to help with.

Build Your Own Oasis

Your backyard should be an oasis. It is the place that you come to relax after a hard day at work. It is where your family and friends can gather on the weekend for fun and celebrations. Your grill will always be part of any outdoor gathering. That is why you don’t want the old grill “hanging around.” The Junk King team will be able to load that grill onto the truck in no time at all but they don’t have to stop there. If you want to build your own oasis, then you should use the Junk King team to get rid of all the other unwanted items from your backyard. Anything that needs to be taken apart or hauled away can be handled by the Junk King. Just think of what a difference that can make in your backyard.

Get rid of your old grill the right way by putting the team from Junk King Houston on that job today.

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