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Get Superior Junk Hauling Service From Junk King Houston

Anytime you hire a service professional the goal should be to receive superior service from that business. Obviously, every business advertises that they provide this level of service but just because they say it doesn’t automatically make it true. One way that you can put that promotion to the test is to do a little research. If you find online reviews that consistently support that claim of superior service, then it is a safe bet they will do the same for you. It also helps if you have a personal recommendation from a friend or neighbor. When it comes to junk hauling services, Junk King Houston has been providing superior service since they set up operations here in Houston. That is why they are the areas number one junk removal company. Are you ready to put them to the test?

Outside and Inside

The junk hauling work that Junk King can provide can benefit the outside and the inside of your home. You probably have a few pieces of furniture in your house that you would like to get rid of. Often these are items that have been “pushed aside” into spare bedrooms or down in the basement. If those pieces are going to be used again, then there is no reason to hold on to. The crew from Junk King can make quick work out of removing them from your home.

The crew from Junk King can also haul away any number of boxes and bags of unwanted stuff from your cabinets and closets. A little time devoted to sorting through those areas can reveal a lot of things to get rid of. When you make space in those areas you will find it easier to stay organized and to find the things that matter when you need.

Around the outside of the home, the Junk King crew can do the same level of rubbish removal. Not only can they clean up any yard debris they can also take down structures like a swing set, hot tub or even an above ground pool.

The reason for hiring Junk King Houston is to make your home rubbish free. That can all happen with a single phone call.

Set Up Curbside Rubbish Pickup With Junk King Today

Since the sheltering in place was implemented there been a lot of curbside pickups involving take-out food and grocery shopping. It is actually a convenient way to get those items. You call up, order what you want and by the time you drive up it is waiting for you. That certainly avoids the problem of looking for a parking space! There is another kind of curbside pickup that can be a benefit for your living environment. That would be the curbside rubbish pickup provided by Junk King Houston that will help you get rid of any accumulated junk. There’s no reason to surround yourself with things that you no longer going to need. One call to Junk King can make all of that rubbish disappear.

Deciding What Goes

You might have already spent some time going through your closets and cabinets to decide what can go and what should stay. That is the kind of organizing that can make a big difference around the house. Won’t it be nice to open up the closet and find the outfit that you’re looking for right away instead of rifling through all those things you never going to wear again? Out in the kitchen, it would be nice to take something down from the cabinet and not have everything else fall on top of you. Once you have done that sorting you will probably have a lot of things ready for pickup. That is when you want to set up your appointment with Junk King.

Before you lockdown your session time, you should take a picture of all the things that you getting rid of and send that to Junk King. That way we will be able to provide you with an estimate. That estimate will be based on how we plan to pack up the truck with all of the things that you are getting rid of. When everything is agreed to the time can be locked down. You might also be able to have the same day pickup. That would literally put you just hours away from getting all the unwanted rubbish removed from your property.

Set up your curbside rubbish pickup today with help from Junk King Houston.

Making Work From Home Productive

Utilizing a computer for work is not new for many employees. However, working from home is a new concept. This isn’t the same as answer the occasional random email but instead putting the same amount of time working at home as you would working at the office. The goal is to be just as productive. Here’s some ways to make your working from home more productive:

Confine Your Work Space

If you don’t have a dedicated office for your work, then you need to set up an area that can be dedicated to your work. You should try to avoid packing up your “office” each day. That means if you want to use the dining room, then plan to have meals somewhere else.

Cancel Out Noise

What you might discover as you begin working from home is that your home is a noisy place. You might be able to manage some of the noise from the kids but you might have a hard time shutting out the outside noise. This is why you might want to invest in noise cancelling headphones. You might also find that playing soft music in the background can help block out the noise.

Set Boundaries

Along with cancelling noise, you should also set up work boundaries for your family. Every day will be different in terms of what needs to be accomplished. However, it is important to define your boundaries when you need to get the work done. There might also need to be “quiet times” for important phone calls.

Stay in Touch With Coworkers

It is important that you stay in touch with coworkers and not just with emails. You should set up regular online staff meetings that can help you keep connected with your team. Even if those virtual meetings are just to touch base with how everyone is doing, they will help you feel less isolated.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Working and living in the same home can tend to be a bit claustrophobic. When you add in being surrounded by unwanted clutter, you can really feel crowded. That is why you should take time to go through the house and sort through all the clutter. After you’ve completed that sorting, you could have a lot of things you get rid of that won’t fit into the trash. That is when to call in Junk King Houston. We have put into place new pickup procedures that are meant to keep everyone safe. Getting rid of your rubbish is the perfect task to turn over to Junk King Houston.

Complete Your Spring Cleaning With A Call To Junk King

After your family helps with the spring cleaning around the house, do you perform a “white glove test?” That would be where you go through each room and make sure all the dust has been wiped away and everything has been vacuumed or mopped to perfection. Once the home has passed inspection, you can celebrate a job well done but you might want to take it further this year. All of that cleaning is vital but can you call your home completely clean if you still have rubbish items scattered about? That is why you might want to call in Junk King Houston to help complete your spring cleaning with a complete rubbish removal session.

Big Stuff and Small Stuff

The major benefit with hiring Junk King for a rubbish removal session is that they are going to take care of the big stuff. A two-man moving crew will be dispatched for your appointment. This is the team that has a lot of experience when it comes to lifting and loading all types of furniture and appliances. Most Junk King appointments involve the removal of at least one or two really big objects. That could be anything from a complete sectional sofa to a piano. If your family is no longer using it or you are thinking about replacing it, then let the team from Junk King move that object out.

Junk King can also help you with a lot of small stuff. Part of your spring cleaning might have involve going through closets, cabinets and dressers to pull out all of those unwanted clothing and household goods. Those things can be boxed up or bagged and left for the Junk King team to pick up right from the spot.

How the truck gets packed up will determine what your price will be. This is an estimate that will be provided by the Junk King crew once they have had a chance to look over all the things. When they lockdown that pricing all change and you’ll know exactly what it is before the work begins.

You can take your spring cleaning to a whole other level this year with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Houston.

Set Up A Home Office With Help From Junk King

There is a long list of successful businesses that were launched from homes. Today, home based businesses are extremely popular. These businesses can involve work done exclusively online or a service business like dog walking or house cleaning. What every home business has in common is a home office. It is important to have a dedicated space where the business can be conducted. You don’t want to use a kitchen counter for that! Setting up a home office means designating a room in your home. That could be a spare bedroom, basement or garage. Once you know the room where your office will go, you need to clear out the rubbish. That is where Junk King Houston comes into play. One session with these Junk King pros is all it will take to get your home office space cleared of rubbish.

The Sorting Process

Before the Junk King crew arrives for your session, you have to engage in the sorting process. This is when you determine what stays and what goes. You don’t have to factor into account what might happen to the things that you’re getting rid of. The Junk King crews have the training to determine what objects are worthy of donating to a local charity and what objects might be better off at a recycling center. Your only sorting determination should be based on where you ever intend to use that object again. If it doesn’t serve any purpose in your life, then turn it over to Junk King.

Once your sorting process is complete, you can set up your session with Junk King. The Junk King crews need you to set aside two hours on a day of your choosing. Those twos hours give the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next. When they show up at your home, it will usually take under 30 minutes to clear out all the things you want to get rid of.

The sooner that you bring in Junk King Houston to clear out your home office space, the sooner you can get your business up and running.

Use Junk King To Haul Away Your Old Mattress

The one furniture item that you spend the most time on in your home is your mattress. Even if you just add up the hours of sleep that you use the mattress for it is well over 2,500 hours each year. This is why even the best practices only meant to last 8 to 10 years. Can you imagine anything with that much usage lasting longer? If you have reached the point where your mattress is in serious need of replacement, then you have to also decide what to do with your old mattresses. This is really not something that you can put into another room for use or give to a friend. Once a mattress has been designated as “used” there is nothing more to do with it aside from having it hauled away. That is a job that is best turned over to Junk King Houston.

Truck Space

A mattress doesn’t take up a lot of room on the truck but you still need the truck. If you were to try and get rid of your mattress by tying it to the family SUV it might not work and end up flying off on the highway. The amount of space that your mattress will take up on the Junk King truck will reflect what your final fee will be. This is an estimation that is determined before any actual work begins. If all you are getting rid of is just one mattress, then you would be paying the low-end price scale. The issue then becomes is the old mattress the only thing you want to get rid of? As long as you have that truck space and a dedicated team of movers why not use them to the full advantage? This is your chance to get rid of other bulky items in your home whether those items are down the basement or on a second floor.

Scheduling is important for this type of task. You don’t want to have your old mattress hauled away leaving you with nothing to sleep on. It might work out that on the same day your new mattresses be delivered you can have the Junk King crew pick up your old mattress. That will make sure you can start getting a good night’s rest right away.

When you use Junk King Houston to haul away your old mattress you know the job will be done right.

Clear Out The Old Living Room Furniture With Help From Junk King

The best way to paint a room is to clear out all of the furniture. The second-best way would be to push all of that furniture into the center of the room and cover it with a tarp. Even the heaviest pieces of furniture can probably be slid across the carpet without causing too much damage. Of course, you don’t want to try that with hardwood floors! It might be that your decision to repaint the living room will also mean replacing some of that old furniture. Getting rid of that before the paintbrushes come out would be a smart move and that can happen with one call to Junk King Houston.

A Few Pieces or Everything

When making the decision to replace your old living room furniture you need to decide if you just want to get rid of a few pieces or everything. Most family living rooms have a large sectional sofa and at least one recliner. Often, those items have been purchased at the same time which means they have worn out equally together. The good news is that all of that old furniture can fit onto the back of the Junk King truck class a whole lot more.

When the Junk King team shows up for your appointment you will point to all the furniture pieces that you want taken away. Before they start the removal process, the junk King squad will provide you with an estimate based on how they plan on packing up the truck. It could be that your sofa and chairs will be stacked up on the truck so as to take up as little space as possible. They want that to happen so that you pay as little as possible. Junk King’s pricing policy is always based on the volume of what you’re getting rid of and not the weight. That makes this a very fair and affordable approach for this kind of work.

That Junk King Houston help you clear out your old living room furniture today. You’re going to like how fast it can!

Utilize Junk King Houston’s Full-Service Junk Removal

Junk removal is one of those tasks that needs to be full-service. You can’t have a junk hauler show up at your home only to tell you that they can only take half of what you want to get rid of. Being told that something is too heavy for the truck is also not going to do you any favors. That is why when you are thinking about clearing rubbish and debris from your home you need to think about Junk King Houston. This is a full-service junk removal company that has been dedicated to this type of work for a long time.

Big Stuff First

The majority of Junk King customers hire the company to get rid of their big stuff. These would be all the items that require at least two movers to bring out of the house and a big truck to haul it away in. For junk King, getting rid of the big stuff is what they do best. There is no limit on size or weight. You can ask the Junk King crew to remove a sectional sofa from the living room or hot tub from the backyard. They have done both of those types of jobs dozens of times over.

Once all the big stuff is loaded onto the truck you can also have Junk King fill in the space with a lot of little items like boxes of clothing and household goods. This is your time for a thorough cleaning of every room, closet, cabinet and dresser in your home. If the goal is to make more storage space, then that can be accomplished with the more things that you give to Junk King. How everything fits on to the back of the truck will determine what your final price will be. That will be locked down before the work begins.

Junk King Houston’s full-service junk removal begins with a phone call to set up the session. You can get your junk cleared fast!

Customers Give Junk King Houston 4 Stars

Junk King Houston is not the only junk hauling service available to Houston residents. However, it might be the only one that are in such positive reviews from its customers. Since it began its operations in Houston, Junk King has quickly moved to the top of the list for junk hauling. It might not seem like a complicated job but you would be surprised to know how many companies get it wrong. Junk King prides itself on providing exceptional customer service right down to the last detail of sweeping up the area they’ve just clean. The proof of that exceptional customer service can be found in the positive reviews uploaded nearly every day. Here’s a small sampling:

“Don from Junk King was very professional and friendly. And without any hassle or excessive cost our non-working riding lawn mower was gone. We will definitely use them again.” – Deanna W., Houston

Removing just one bulky item from your home or garage can make a world of difference. The crew from Junk King can make that happen very swiftly. Often it could even be a same day pickup which means you could literally just be hours away from getting your unwanted rubbish removed after that first phone call to Junk King.

“Junk King was very professional and right on time. They were efficient and knew what they were doing in our office environment. We were very pleased.” – Dana W., Houston

Not only can Junk King clear out rubbish from a home or apartment but they also can do fantastic work getting the office clear of any unwanted equipment or furniture. Junk King also provides cleanup for restaurants, churches, schools and warehouses.

“Arrived on time and very polite. Thank you!” – Erica D., Fulshear

“This is the best company for moving anything you want to get rid of because they move everything no matter what you have. Prices are based on how much junk you have. It’s well worth the money when you consider all you do is show them what needs to be moved and they take it. I highly recommend this company. Thanks Junk King!” – Kimberly L. Richmond

If you have junk that needs to be cleared from your home, then the clear choice is Junk King Houston.

Junk King Makes Washing Machine Disposal Easy

Around 40 years ago most washers used up to 40 gallons of water per long recycle. Thanks to improvements in design and efficiency today’s machines use an average of 13 gallons or less for every 8 pound load of laundry. Do you know how much water your machine uses? If it is been several years since you bought your washing machine then chances are the models available today are even more efficient. You could start showing less water usage with your new washing machine. That would make replacing your old washer a smart investment. What you have to consider with regard to replacing that old washing machine is how to dispose of it. That is a task that is easily handled by Junk King Houston.

A Good Deal

You should be able to score a good deal on a washing machine in the coming weeks. It might not be a very popular Christmas gift but most stores are eager to move out the models from 2019 and replace them with 2020 models. You might also find it is affordable to replace the dryer at the same time. It always makes sense to be proactive with these types of decisions so that you aren’t spending a lot of money on repairs and service calls.

When the Junk King team shows up, they will swiftly assess the situation to determine the best route for removing your washer from the home. They want to do this without causing any damage to floors and walls. Even if stairs are involved, the Junk King crew will be able to apply their extensive experience to the removal job to make sure it is done safely and efficiently.

You’ll also get a good deal from junk in terms of pricing. Junk King’s fees are based on how the crew will pack up the truck. If you are just getting rid of the old washer, then it obviously won’t take up a lot of space. But you can add to that truck load with all the other unwanted items you would like to get rid of. You will know what the final fee would be before the work begins. That is a very fair approach for this type of work.

Junk King Houston makes old washing machine disposal easy. Call today to find out just how easy.




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