Hire Junk King For Your Houston Estate Cleanup

On any given weekend, you are sure to see signs posted for “estate sales.” These are meant to be a step up from a typical yard sale. With an estate sale, the vast majority out property contained within that estate is going up for sale. This means literally walking through the house where all the items will have tags on them for prices. Nothing will be brought out to the front lawn! Of course, as with a yard sale there is no guarantee that everything is going to be sold with an estate sale. They will come a time when all the good stuff has been removed. What will be left are just a few “scraps.” That is the time to bring in Junk King Houston to finalize the estate cleanup.

Junk King specializes in the removal of bulky and oversized items. Left over couches, bedroom sets, dressers, bookshelves, tables and chairs would certainly fit into that category. But the Junk King crews can gather up all the other “loose ends.” Things like drapes, rugs, artwork and other household goods might also need to be cleared out from the estate. All of those things can make their way onto the back of the truck with the help from the Junk King crew. This will be a two-man team that has plenty of experience lifting and loading.

If the estate cleanup is exceptionally large, then Junk King might offer to send over additional crews and trucks. That all happens at no additional cost! The only fee you’ll be paying is the standard fee that is based on how the trucks will get packed up. Your item is might only fill half the truck or take up the whole truck bed. You’ll know what that price is before the work begins.

Included in that fee is the disposal of the discarded items. Some junk haulers don’t really care about the trash they collect. When their truck is full, they race off to the nearest landfill and dump it all. That certainly is can be any good first used. With Junk King on the job most of what they collect either gets recycled or donated. This should be the standard for this type of disposal.

Whether your estate cleanup is large or small, Junk King Houston can take care of it for you. Give them a call today to make it happen.

Junk King Offers Great Cleanup Help For Property Managers

The best day for property managers is the second of every month. That is when all the rent checks should be deposited. The second-best day would be any day where there isn’t a call from a tenant. That would mean there is no problems and nothing to fix. Of course, those “no call” days are a rare commodity. Thankfully, as a professional property manager you probably have a lot of qualified service professional standby to respond to any type of repair. One company you definitely need to add to your list is Junk King Houston. This isn’t a company that can make repairs as much as help to get a property ready to put back on the market. That alone makes them a very valuable partner to have.

Junk King is a professional junk hauling service that is been in this line of work since 2005. In that time, they’ve help remove all kinds of unwanted rubbish from a wide assortment of properties. They cleaned out foreclosed homes, vacant lots, restaurants, office buildings, condos, homes and apartments. What makes Junk King a great company to work for this type of service of service is their “no problem” attitude. These are crews that are friendly and don’t need a lot of supervision.

Having tenants leave behind all kinds of rubbish is common. Even if they put everything out of the apartment and onto the curb it is still a problem for property managers to deal with. Junk King will dispatch a pair of movers in a huge truck to handle the cleanup. This is a team that works swiftly lifting and loading objects regardless of size or weight.

Property managers should also be encouraged by Junk King’s approach to disposal of the items they collect. Junk King has been in the forefront of recycling and donating with this type of service. By extension, you can claim that your business is totally “green” when you have Junk King disposing of the rubbish.

Is easy to set up an appointment with Junk King. You can do that online or over the phone. Whatever rubbish or junk that property managers need removed, Junk King Houston can handle the job.

More Great Reviews From Junk King Houston Customers

Each day, junk King crews traveled throughout Houston helping homeowners, apartment renters and businesses clear out all kinds of junk. And each day though satisfied customers are happy to share their experiences by posting online reviews. It is clear from the majority of these reviews that Junk King is providing exceptional service. Here’s what a few those customers had to say:


“The responsiveness to my request, calling as planned prior to showing up, providing an estimation and hauling unwanted items away – was done professionally and with courtesy. Will definitely recommend them and leverage their services in the future.” Anand R., Katy

“On time, courteous & gave estimates immediately upon arrival. They worked quickly. I had everything well organized in garage & they were appreciative of that. Filled the truck-shock for me!” – N.N., Houston

Most folks are pleasantly surprised not only it out quickly Junk King operates but also the level of stuff that they’re getting rid of. It is amazing how much we can accumulate over the years that ends up being unwanted rubbish. It is equally amazing to see how much open space will be made available when Junk King is done with their work.

“The team was super-efficient and friendly and the service was excellent. They made the moving process so much easier!” – Alison C., Houston

“The 3 men were professional and moved the furniture efficiently. Your price was the best one around. Thank you for being reasonable enough so that I could get rid of that big couch!” – Donna C., Sugar Land

The standard Junk King session is staffed by at least two movers but in many cases, you’ll get three friendly and experienced crew members to help get the job done even quicker. Best of all, you won’t be paying for the extra help.

“Very polite and helpful! Such a great feeling to be able to get rid of things you’ve hung on to because there wasn’t an easy way to dispose of them. Would recommend their services and would use them again.” – Stacy P., Houston

Junk King Houston wants to make getting rid of your junk as easy as possible. Are you ready to make that happen? One call gets it done.

Make A Junk Free Home For Your New Year’s Resolution

Let us all agree that our number one New Year’s resolution will be to get into better shape. That seems to be the number one resolution every year even for the people that are in “perfect” shape! But there is no reason why you can’t have more than one New Year’s resolution. Perhaps this year you can add making a junk free home as part of your resolution list. And just because you’re making a resolution doesn’t mean you have to do all the work to accomplish that goal. Getting a junk free home will take very little effort on your part if you hire Junk King Houston from the start.


How does Junk King make getting rid of your unwanted rubbish easy? It starts with scheduling. You can book a session online. All you have to do is pick the day and two-hour window that you want your stuff picked up. In most instances, Junk King will be able to accommodate that pick. That’s because they have multiple crews working on a rotation throughout Houston. A representative might even call you back ask if you’re ready for pickup today. They are plenty of same day pickup opportunities throughout the week that you can take advantage of. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been holding onto the rubbish on your property; it can all be gone by lunchtime!

Junk King also makes it easy because they’re going to do all the work. If it took two movers to bring something into your all, then that’s what it will take to get it out again. Junk King will provide those two movers as part of their package. This is the team that will “problem solve” any issue you have with junk removal. It could be a concern about bringing down a heavy sofa from upstairs or carrying an old washing machine up from the basement. Both of those are the exact kinds of tasks that the Junk King crew handles on a daily basis. It’s hasn’t been a problem for them before and it won’t be now!

You are just one phone call away from accomplishing your New Year’s resolution of a junk free home. Make that call to Junk King Houston today.

Give The Gift Of Rubbish Removal This Holiday Season

When it comes to gift giving, sometimes you know what’s best for the recipient that gift. They might claim they don’t need anything when in reality there are probably a lot of things they could use. It’s always nice when you can step up and take care of someone who special in your life by providing them with a service that would be a challenge for them to come by. Take for instance the concept of rubbish removal. You might know someone who is living in a space that has become crowded rubbish that they like to get rid of. But in order to do that they need movers in the truck. That might seem like an unsurmountable task and less you know about Junk King Houston. These of the junk removal pros who can make any rubbish removal appears to be effortless.


When you tell your special loved one about the Junk King session, you can let them know that the movers are going to do all the work. They don’t need to bring anything down any flights of stairs or put it out on the curb. That defeats the purpose of hiring a junk removal company. The experienced movers from Junk King won’t have any problem carrying out objects regardless of size or weight. They do this all day long. There’s nothing you could give them that they haven’t already carried out before!

All the Junk King crew needs is a lockdown date and a two-hour window within that day to make it all work. It won’t take them two hours to get the job done. They need that time to make it through Houston traffic! When the team does arrive, you show them all the things that need to get. Though they provide you with an estimate based on how the truck. They want to pack up everything into as little space as possible. You will benefit from that kind of packing by paying the low end of the price scale. When they’re done at your loved one’s house you might even bring them over to your place!

The gift of a rubbish removal session from Junk King Houston can make someone in your life very happy. Book that time today.

Junk King Helps With Home Holiday Preparations

The number one priority with home holiday preparations has to be getting up the decorations. This can either be accomplished in a single afternoon or as an ongoing task. Usually, decorations in the home follow the same pattern each year. They are part of a tradition. That doesn’t mean new things can be added. But before the first string of lights go up you want to make sure that the house is clear of clutter both from the inside and the outside. That is something that Junk King Houston help with today.


Putting up decorations means you want to share them with your neighbors and friends and family. In other words, you are drawing attention to your house but for good reasons. You certainly don’t want to have any junk items in the yard distracting from whatever displays are putting up. Unlike cleaning up the house by stuffing things into a closet, you really can’t hide anything in your yard. The Junk King team can swoop in and clear out all the unwanted debris and left-over lumber or would. They can also pick up things like car fenders, spare tires, auto-parts and random patio furniture that’s no longer being used. Once cleared, you can put up your Christmas lights and displays with abandon.

On the inside of the home you may want to have Junk King haul out old sofas, recliners or other pieces of furniture that you don’t want anyone sitting on. They can also clear out appliances and electronic gear. Maybe those will be the things that are getting replaced this year by Santa! You definitely don’t want to hold onto that any longer.

Junk King will make sure that everything they collect from your home has an opportunity to be recycled. that recycling can involve dropping off at a charity or certified recycling center. This is how Junk King has been disposing of the things they collect since 2005. Book your junk removal session with Junk King Houston today and get a great head start on your home holiday preparations.

Get Junk Removed From Your Basement Fast

It’s not a pleasant idea to think that you’re living above junk. We’re talking about a home being built over a landfill but instead about a basement that is full of junk. The official definition of junk from your perspective would be anything that is broken or you’re never going to use again. Around the house, you can apply that definition to a lot of different items. One thing those items would all have in common is that they can all be quickly removed from your basement by the team from Junk King Houston.


Junk King Houston is part of a nationwide junk removal service that has been in operation since 2005. You might notice one of their distinct red trucks making their way around the city. Those crews always seem to be on patrol. Of course, you might not give it a second thought until you head down to your basement to do a load of laundry. That is when you’re reminded that you’ve got a lot of things down there that could be hauled away if only you had a little help. Now that help is standing by thanks to Junk King.

When the crew arrives for your appointment, you’ll take them down to the basement and show them all the things you want hauled away. You can also take them to any other spot in your house for more junk items you want carted off. Once they’ve looked everything over, the Junk King squad is going to come up with a plan. That will involve how they’re going to get everything safely out of the house and how it is going to be packed on the truck. Packing the truck is crucial for the final fee. The crew’s goal is to get as much into as little space as possible. That will translate into the low end of the price scale for the job. That will certainly be appreciated!

Getting all the junk removed from your basement doesn’t have to be complicated. Just let Junk King Houston handle it all from start to finish.

Scary Junk Doesn’t Have To Haunt Your House

This is the time of year when we seek out all kinds of scary things. By Halloween night, your neighborhood could be full of “graveyards” and other ghoulish decorations all for the delight of trick or treaters. It is odd that the scarier something is decorated, the more chances it has of giving those little kids nightmares but hopefully mom and dad will point out that it’s all in good fun. You might be putting up your own Halloween decorations, too. But after the holiday, you’ll pack up all those spooky decorations but it might not be the end of the scary junk around your house. You could still be left with lots of things you want to get rid of. To make sure your house isn’t haunted by junk for the holidays, you’ll want to put Junk King Houston to work.


Junk King’s mission is to make junk removal effortless on your part. That begins with how easy it is to set up your appointment. You can book online and score a $20 discount. That set up will be confirmed by a Junk King rep and locked down. All you need is a date and a two-hour window within that date that works best for your time. It probably won’t take the Junk King squad two hours to clean up what you want to get rid of. But it might take that time to get around Houston!

Thanks to that hard-working moving crew supplied by Junk King, you won’t have to lift a single item. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away. That means you can finally get rid of the heaviest thing in your home that you’ve been holding onto. And that item can be upstairs or down in the basement.

When you turn something over to Junk King, you’re not turning over more trash for the landfill. Junk King likes to avoid the landfill at all costs. Instead, they’ll make drops off to recycling centers and charity thrift stores. It’s a much better way of disposing of stuff. One session with Junk King Houston will keep your house from being haunted by junk. Put them on the job today.

Junk King Makes Big Garbage Go Away For Good

Every family has treasured heirlooms that have been in the family for generations. These might be objects that are anything from pieces of jewelry to pieces of furniture. They’re the kind of property that you want to continue to hand down and keep in the family. On the other end of the spectrum are the things that every household has that they want to get rid of. There is usually something bulky and heavy that feels “stuck” in the house because you need a moving crew and a truck to get rid of it. You don’t have to feel stuck any longer. Junk King Houston can make all your big garbage go away for good.


A lot can happen with one junk hauling session from Junk King. Consider what they’ll be providing. Not only will you be getting a truck big enough to haul away the equivalent of 6 full pickups but you’ll also be getting the crew to do all the lifting and loading on your behalf. That means you don’t have to do any preparation work like bringing items down from upstairs or taking them out to the sidewalk in front of your home. That is what you’re hiring Junk King for. The crews working for Junk King have plenty of experience removing all kinds of clutter and rubbish. Nothing you’re going to ask them to haul away is going to be a challenge for them.

The actual amount of time that Junk King will spend at your home is surprisingly short. That might change if you’re asking for help with something like a foreclosure or estate cleanout. Most sessions are completed in under 30 minutes. That means that Junk King can be in and out of your home in less time than it takes you to make and eat your lunch!

After they’ve picked up all your stuff, Junk King is going to do their best to keep that stuff out of landfill. This is how they support making Houston as “green” as possible. Let Junk King Houston help make your big garbage items gone for good. One session is all it will take!

Give Your Old Carpet Hauling Chore To Junk King

It is nice when you get to hand over some work to someone else. Yes, there are some people who are convinced that the only way to get something done right is for them to do it themselves. This often leads to a lot of stress with that person constantly feeling overwhelmed. You should never feel guilty about asking for help especially if it is hired help. A perfect example would be trying to get your old carpet hauled away. This could be some rugs or the pulled up wall-to-wall carpet that you want replaced. Once it is rolled up it will be hard to move on your own. When you hire Junk King Houston to do that job there won’t be any troubles.


Junk King provides a truck to haul away all the things you want to get rid of. That is expected. What might not be expected is the helpful two-man moving crew who will also be assigned to your session. This is the crew that is going to do all the work. With the old carpet, you can roll it up and leave it right where it is. The Junk King crew will easily lift it and carry it out of the house. There is no need to try and drag it down to the curb. That will only hurt you back and knock out a bunch of things along the way. Let Junk King do all the work.

Along with that old carpet, you can also get them to take away just about anything else that you want to get rid of in the same junk removal session. Picking up heavy objects isn’t a problem and neither is climbing stairs. Remember, they do all the work.

As for the price for this service, you’re going to find that to be easy, too. Junk King will never bring out a scale in an attempt to weigh all the things you want to get rid of. They don’t charge by the pound. They charge a flat fee based on how the truck gets packed. The less room taken up by your stuff, the less you’ll be paying. Get an old carpet and the rest of your junk hauled away today by Junk King Houston. They make it easy.