Fire Up 2018 With Awesome New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2018. A New Year means new challenges and new opportunities. Do you have a plan yet for the coming 12 months? That plan can begin with a set of well thought out New Year’s resolutions. Let’s all agree to get into better shape by eating healthy and exercising more. Now that is taken care. Time to think about other ways to fire up 2018. What about these ideas for New Year’s resolutions:


Get Out of Debt

There might not be a big change with the amount of money you’re bringing in each week from your current job. That means to get out of debt, you have to make changes elsewhere. Look for ways you can save around the house by cutting back on power use. Instead of buying lunch at work each day, pack your own. Skip the daily trip to the fancy coffee shop. Those might seem like little expenses but they have a way of adding up. Take the money you would normally spend on those things and put it in a jar. Whatever you have at the end of the month, put towards a bill to lower your debt. Every little bit helps.


There can be no better reward than devoting time and energy to helping those in need. With a little online research, you can find all kinds of volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule. Volunteer doesn’t cost anything and it can open so many other opportunities in your life.

Relax More

A good way to relax is to kick back on the sofa and watch your favorite television program. Nothing wrong with that but you might want to look for ways to add to your relaxation routines. Try going for a walk around the neighborhood. Pick up a book. Start a simple hobby like building a jigsaw puzzle. The goal is to calm your mind and take a break from the rest of the world.

Clear Out the Rubbish

How many times have you come across something in your home that you wish you could get rid of? Obviously, if you could toss it out in the trash you would but those big items can be a challenge to clear on your own. That’s why you need to hire help with Junk King Houston. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you clear out all the rubbish in your home in a single session. Think of how relieved you’ll feel without all that clutter. Make a call to Junk King Houston your number one New Year’s resolution. Don’t live with clutter one more day.

Best Way to Senior Proof Your Home

When you being the process of getting your home ready for your elder loved ones you should start with the bathroom. That is where most accidents occur but it isn’t the only area that needs to be focused on in terms of safety. Here are some other things to consider to senior proof your home.


In the Kitchen

Your kitchen should have a fire extinguisher that is less than ten years old. It should also be something that is easy to use. The immediate area around the story should be free of clutter like towels, potholders or food packages. Make sure there isn’t a buildup of grease.

Ventilation is important to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide or other pollutants that might make the air unsafe. If you have vents above your stove, make sure they are cleaned out at least once a year.

You should never leave something cooking on the stove unattended. Also, be sure there are no electrical appliances plugged in near the sink’s splash zone. In fact, all electrical outlets in your kitchen should be protected by ground-fault circuit interrupter.

In the Bedroom

There should be a light next to the bed that is easy to turn on. There should also be lights that illuminate the path between the bedroom and bathroom. These can be motion sensor lights attached to the wall near the floorboards. There should be a flashlight kept by the bed in case of power outages.

Throughout the rest of the house, you want to insure that walkways and stairs are clear of clutter. It is easy to keep magazines, newspapers and junk mail picked up but when it comes to the bigger items, you can always count on Junk King Houston for a fast decluttering session. When you set up your appointment, you’ll be assigned two strong movers who work amazingly fast. They’ll be able to lift and load just about anything whether it is an old futon or bulky television set. They’ll also make sure that any item you’re getting rid of can be donated to a charity. Nothing goes to waste with Junk King Houston on the job. Help senior proof your home with a little assistance from Junk King Houston.

Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

Anyone who is in business should always check out the competition. A restaurant owner should go and have dinner at another restaurant to see what they’re doing right or wrong. That same principle can apply to having holiday guests come into your home. To make them feel welcome, you should spend a day trying to pretend you are a stranger in your own home. You may be surprised some of the things you discover.


Have you ever spend the night in your own guest room? You might think that the bed you have in there is comfortable but if it is a hand-me-down mattress that has seen better days, then it might be time to replace it. The only way you know that is if you actually try and take a nap or sleep in that bed. You might also discover that the pillows you have in there are as flat as pancakes and the blankets aren’t keeping you warm.

There are a lot of other little things in the guest room that you might need to think about like a lamp on the nightstand versus an overhead lamp. Is there an outlet close by for someone to charge their phone? What if you had to unpack a suitcase? Would there be room in a dresser or closet to hang stuff? Those all important details that you want to take care of before your visitor arrives.

You can also make them feel welcome by providing them with the things you keep in storage like clean towels, extra blankets and even bottles of water. The ultimate goal is to have everything ready so that they don’t even have to ask for something.

As you look around that guest room, you also have to think about any clutter items you put in there for storage. It’s not uncommon to use that guest room as a place for an old TV or piece of furniture that you want to get rid of. Now is the time to get rid of it and that can easily happen with one call to Junk King Houston. The send over a crew that can lift and load any piece of furniture, box of clothing, television or other junk items you want to finally get rid of.

A single junk removal session with Junk King Houston is all it will take to make your guestroom ready for holiday guests.

You Can Have A Happy Holiday Without The Stress

How excited are you for the holidays? Usually, the level of excitement correlates to your age. Kids are fired up. Mom and dads are thinking about all the things they’ve got to get done before Christmas. Everywhere you go there will be more people, more traffic. Hopefully, all those people will be in good moods. In order to fortify your moods, you should put this stress avoiding action plan into operation.


Don’t Complain

Yes, there is a lot to do and yes, there will be lines and all kinds of craziness. Instead of complaining about all of that, embrace it. The more you complain about something the more things get “crazy.” And your complaining will make everyone else feel the stress, too. This is when you need to crank up the Christmas music and sing out loud in your car. Things will get done. They always do.

Keep Your Good Health In Mind

You’ve spent all year eating right and exercising. That’s a great thing to share but it doesn’t mean you have to blow it all up in the coming weeks. Yes, there will be plenty of fun parties to attend with amazing food and cocktails. Enjoy but don’t overdo it. You only need a taste to get the benefits.

Pace Yourself

The holidays are a lot like running a marathon. Between all the prep work and all the gatherings, you’re going to use up a lot of energy. That means you need to pace yourself. If you can squeeze in a power nap, then try to. Even 30 or 45 minutes of just resting is a great way to recharge your “batteries.” Whenever you step out of your house for any event or task, you’ll want to factor in additional time. Adding half an hour to your plans is a good start. They might mean you’re going to be early for everything but that’s not a bad thing!

Give Experiences Instead of Gifts

Do you have people on your holiday shopping list that are a challenge to shop for? Instead of looking for the perfect gift, why not give them a wonderful experience. Treat that person to a wonderful dinner or a night out. You remember a great dinner a lot more than you remember a sweater.

Declutter Your Home

It is easy to get overrun with clutter for the holidays. That’s why you need to stay on top of picking up the little things. As for the big things, you can hire Junk King Houston. These are the junk hauling pros who can quietly remove any unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics or other household items that you’re done with. That kind of clean up can transform your home. Reduce your holiday stress by reducing your junk thanks to Junk King Houston.

Take Care Of Big Appliance Recycling Fast

The moment a major kitchen appliance like a refrigerator or stove goes up, you need to get it replaced right away. You certainly can’t cook your family meals out of a cooler or a hot plate. The best approach to buying a new major kitchen appliance is to do some research online before you head to a dealer. Once of the showroom you can compare the prices you found online with what’s being offered at the store. Chances are that store will match or beat those prices. You might even consider buying a floor model for extra savings. The big issue then becomes what to do with the old appliance? That’s easily resolved with a call to Junk King Houston.


As they do with everything they collect, Junk King Houston can also take care of big appliance recycling fast. They’ve already set up the working relationships with many recycling facilities located throughout the area. These are part of the crews’ weekly drop-off routes. They’ll wait until they have a truckload full of scrap metal to go to the recycling center. Your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine might be part of the truckload.

The other way the Junk King Houston takes care of big appliance recycling is to donate those items. There are some charities that have workshops set up to repair appliances. That way they can donate those two families in need. In either scenario, those big appliances are being kept out of a landfill and that is a big win for everyone.

Junk King Houston will send over a work crew and a truck. That means you should take full advantage of that session. Don’t limit yourself to just getting rid of your big appliance. Take the opportunity to also get rid of any unwanted furniture, electronics, sporting equipment or clothing that you no longer going to wear. Those are all perfect items to turn over to Junk King. Scheduling is important when you are getting rid of a big appliance because you want to make sure you can happen on the same day that the new appliances being delivered. That won’t be a problem for Junk King.

Big appliance recycling and junk hauling is in complicated when that job is given to Junk King Houston.

There’s No Trick To Getting Rid Of Your Junk

Confession time: do you buy Halloween candy based on what you like to snack on knowing you’ll have plenty of leftovers? Nothing wrong with that! It would be horrible if you ran out of candy on the big day. The only way trick-or-treaters know that you are “open for business” is if your house has some sort of Halloween decorations up. Those decorations should never be confused for junk items around the yard. Although that junk may look scary, you really shouldn’t keep it around the rest of the year. One call to Junk King Houston can take care that and there’s nothing that’s tricky about that.


Setting up an appointment Junk King Houston is not at all complicated. All you need to know before you make contact is the best day and two hour window that fits into your schedule. It probably won’t take the crews two hours to clear out what you want to get rid of but that will give them plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next. You don’t have to finalize toss out until the crew show up on the schedule appointment. However, it will help to give them a general sense of exactly what you getting rid of. They just want to make sure you have enough crew and truck space. There’s a big difference between “just a few pieces of furniture” and a hoarder clean out. Neither one is a problem for Junk King!

When the crew does show up you’ll take them around the house and show them the things you want taken away. This might include rubbish from the front yard, backyard, garage, basement, attic and upstairs. Sounds like a lot of work but you’ll be amazed how quickly junk King can remove stuff from throughout your entire property. Before they begin the work, they’ll provide you with the estimate of what it’s going to cost. That estimate it will be based on how they’ll pack up the truck. Once you agree to the price, it is locked down. Even if your stuff takes up more room, you’ll still pay that original estimate price. Treat yourself to junk removal from Junk King Houston. You’ll like living in a house without junk.

Best Approach For Construction Debris Cleanup

Cleanup and reconstruction efforts are underway in all the areas that were hit hard from Hurricane Harvey. Given the amount of work not only in Texas but also in Florida and Puerto Rico, construction crews are being stretched thin. This could mean a delay in rebuilding efforts. Thankfully, there are additional independent contractors that can help with the recovery effort. For construction debris cleanup, you can always count on Junk King Houston to get the job done.


Construction cleanup involves handling heavy debris that is also potentially hazardous. The crews working for Junk King Houston have a lot of experience with this type of clean up. They can size of a pile of rubbish and know exactly the best approach for loading it onto their truck without anyone getting hurt.

Although the debris that’s been loaded might be heavy to lift, you won’t have to worry about being charged by the pound. Junk King Houston’s pricing policy is based on how that crew will be packing up the truck. Their goal is to get as much into as little space as possible. That will mean you’re paying the low end of the price scale. Even with something as bulky as construction waste, you’ll still find that Junk King Houston offers the best prices in town. There’s no gouging with this company!

A lot of what is thrown out at a construction site could end up being recycled. That is certainly true for scrap metal, concrete and lumber. Once again, Junk King Houston steps up to get the job done the right way. They’ll if I those materials that can be recycled to make sure that dropped off at the proper recycling facility. Not every junk removal company will go the extra mile to protect the environment but Junk King Houston has been dedicated to this philosophy since they began collecting rubbish over 10 years ago.

Hiring Junk King Houston could be a big relief to your contractor. Don’t wait to handle your construction debris cleanup. Give that job to Junk King Houston today.

Junk King Houston Stands By To Help With Hurricane Cleanup

In the wake of hurricane Harvey, more than 126,000 homes in the Houston area where damaged. Debris from the storm is estimated to be as large as 25 college football stadiums. It’s going to take months to haul this all the way. City workers are already pushing the limits of their schedules and overtime. That is why many homeowners are taking it upon themselves to clean up their own hurricane storm damage. That’s where a company like Junk King Houston can be a big help. They provide the manpower and truck space needed to clear out all of your storm debris including things like damaged appliances or furniture.


The goal with storm cleanup is to get anything wet out of the house. This is the prevent mold from growing. Unfortunately, it could also mean you would have to pull up rugs and remove sections of drywall. That will create huge piles of construction waste. This is something else that Junk King Houston can quickly remove from your property.

Every Junk King Houston session is staffed by two very capable movers. For those jobs that might require additional help, Junk King can dispatch even more team members. The first thing they’ll have to do is assess the situation. Once the team has had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of they’ll be able to provide you with an estimate for the job. This estimate will be based upon how they’re going to pack up the truck with your stuff. Will it be one third, one-half, one quarter or the whole truck bed? Because the crews have to make many stops, you can count on them packing up your stuff in as little space as possible. That means you’ll be paying the least amount.

In addition to all the household items that you might need to discard, the Junk King crews can also pick up any debris that landed in your yard like tree branches, shrubs, shingles or any other trash. You’ll feel a lot better once you hire Junk King Houston to clear out all your hurricane storm debris. Make that call today.

‘Mattress Mack’ Is One Of the Many Heroes of Houston

On paper, evacuating from a major storm makes sense. You quickly pack up necessities, grab all the medication you need, make sure your families together, load up the car and head out. In reality, a mass evacuation is never that orderly. Such is the case when hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston. Although many people understood the warning, they didn’t have the means to evacuate. Plus, the level of flooding was simply overwhelming. It is going to take months if not years for Houston to make a full recovery. In the meantime there are thousands of displaced residents all in search of a dry place they can keep their family safe. For over 300 evacuees that refuge came in the most unlikely of shelters: the gallery furniture store owned by Jim “Mattress Mack” mcingvale. He’s one of the first heroes to emerge in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey but he certainly won’t be the last.


Mattress Mack is known throughout Houston for his zany commercials and his generosity. As the storm was bearing down Mack and his team headed out in their delivery trucks.

“All day on Sunday we went around rescuing people out of high water stranded on overpasses. We brought about 200 people into the store that way,” McIngvale told CNN recently. Other evacuees were dropped off by boat when friends posted messages on social media away to waistcoat them.

The evacuees have the pick of hundreds of brand-new sofas to lounge on and for as long as they want. To supplement the showroom beds, inflatable mattresses have been in set up throughout the store and an indoor playground was pull together for the kids. Along with the evacuees you might also find national guard troops resting in between shifts.

Upon arrival to the showroom, evacuees are given dry clothes, toothbrushes, soap, shoes and, of course, a mattress still covered in plastic. McIngvale is also paying for portable showers so everyone can clean up. All who are gathered under the roof of the store are is moved by store owner’s generosity and his team of dedicated volunteers.

Many other businesses will be springing into the recovery effort as soon as the waters start to recede. Junk King Houston is standing by to help with storm cleanup. No doubt there crews will be working around the clock to get Houston back to the way it was as quickly as possible.

How To Detect Mold Damage

As the flood waters from hurricane Harvey recede, there will be a lot of clean up going on that’s going to last for months if not years. The immediate danger is from the possibility of mold growth. Here’s what you need to look out for in order to detect mold damage in your home:


Telltale Characteristics

The appearance of mold often looks like a staying that’s growing on the wall or furniture. It has a fuzzy appearance that feels a lot like cotton or velvet. It usually gives off a musty or earthy older. The most common colors from old or black, green, brown or white.

Check the Basement

The first place to look from all damages and the lowest place in your home and that would be the basement. If you had any water flooding in your basement that has now receded, then you want to keep an eye on the baseboards and the walls where they meet the ceiling. You also want to make sure you pull out any appliances like a washer dryer and make sure the area underneath is dry.

Check Enclosed Spaces

Mold flourishes in darkness and moisture. You want to check under the sinks and closets especially if they don’t receive proper ventilation.

Check Air Ducts and Vents

You should remove vent plates and inspect the ducts all throughout your house. Use a strong flashlight to check inside the vents.

Use Mold Testing Kit

If you do not spot any visible mold, then you can still double check by using a mold testing kit. These should be available in any hardware store and are easy to use. However, they aren’t 100% reliable

Remove Water Damage Items

Any piece of furniture, rug, carpeting or curtain that has been damaged by water needs to be removed from the house immediately. Some of these items might be salvaged if they’re allowed to dry in the sun and then disinfected with bleach. However, if they can’t be saved, then they should be removed immediately. This might be difficult to handle with all the rest of the cleanup taking place. That’s why you can count on a company like Junk King Houston. These are professional junk haulers who are already responding to storm cleanup around the area. The quicker you call in Junk King Houston the quicker you can get rid of anything with mold.

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