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Watch Junk King Houston’s team of junk removal specialist haul away mattresses

Not too long ago, Junk King was a small business with two co-owners, dedicated to building a brand with a unique focus on superior customer service, eco-consciousness, and high safety standards. Now, Junk King serves the local Houston area along with countless other cities across North America. We are proud to proclaim our ranking as the top junk removal business on the continent.

Junk King Houston removes furniture, hot tubs, pianos, and mattresses, among other assorted clutter. And we do it without compromising our values. We recycle 60% of items and reuse as much as we can, in order to do our part for the environment. We aspire to leave a greener Houston for our future generations, and we are committed to safety regulations.

Mattress Removal

If an old mattress is showing its boxsprings, giving you back pain, or simply getting a little too old to sleep comfortably on anymore, it might be time to get rid of it. Even for the strongest individual, removing a mattress can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous task ending in bruised extremities—and pride.

The good news is that Junk King Houston can wrangle mattresses like no other, with a team of highly trained professionals ready to remove the offending object out of your bedroom without hassle. If it’s possible to recycle its part, we will do so, and we’ll always check to make sure the work space is clear, well-lit, and slip-resistant before we start working to remove your mattress.

Mattress Hauling

If you’re preparing for a move, you’re probably dreading the tedious task of removing your mattress and hauling it into its new home. Mattresses are large, bulky objects that can be difficult to fit through doorways, much less pack into a hauling van. Junk King Houston’s team of manual laborers are more than equipped to handle the heaviest lifting jobs.

A move should be an exciting new experience in your life, rather than a stress-inducing nightmare. You’ll sleep more easily knowing that mattress hauling can be left to the professionals, while you can work on figuring out other arrangements. We won’t waste your time, either—we are quick, efficient, and easy to get in touch with during the hauling process. We’re never more than a phone call away and will work hard to ensure your concerns are dealt with promptly.

Houston Mattress Buying and Disposal

Is it time to buy a new mattress? You can answer that question by first figuring out when you bought the mattress in the first place. If you can’t remember then it’s pretty much time to buy a new mattress! The general rule of thumb is that a decent mattress should last you at least eight years. Depending on the circumstances that mattress life could be shaved by a couple of years. It all comes down to a question of wear and tear versus durability. If you’re heading out to buy a new mattress you need to consider some of these important tips.
First of all, if the mattress you’re buying doesn’t come with a 30 day trial period then run don’t walk to the nearest exit. It doesn’t matter what kind of prices the mattress salesperson will be offering you, if you don’t get the chance to turn this mattress back in after four weeks then it’s really not worth having. It didn’t take that long for you to get adjusted to your new bed. It just might be that those first couple of nights aren’t what you expected. Imagine having to put up with that for the next eight years. On the other hand, you should give up which mattress after a first new bed nights. Give your body time to adjust.
Along with a 30 or 60 day trial keep an eye on the warranty you’re being asked to pay for. If under ideal conditions the mattress is not supposed to last longer than eight years why would you buy a warranty for 10 years more? There is one exception to mattress warranties and that would be with the Tempurpedic brand bed. Typically they have long warranties because that specific type of mattress can last longer than eight years but it’s also more expensive.
Speaking of expense, the average cost of a king-size mattress could be anywhere between $1200 up to $4000. A good range to stay in is the $2000 price tag. Typically king-size beds will cost around $300 more than queen-size bed. Although that might look like a hefty price tag you really have to think in terms of usage. You’re going to be spending around one third of your daily life in this bed. Breaking down the cost ends up having you really spending around $15 a month for $2000 bed. That’s a pretty good bargain!
You might also want to look into a low-profile box spring. This lowers the bed by 6 inches closer to the ground and makes getting in and out a bit easier. This could be a special order item that you might have to wait an additional few days for. Be on the lookout if a mattress salesman tries to sell you a mattress protector or mattress pad. This is basically an extra layer of cushion that you really don’t need because you’re buying a new mattress. The other hand if this pad is waterproof and comes with a stain warranty you might want to consider adding that your cart.
Of course, all this hard work shopping for a bed would be wasted if you can’t get rid of the mattress you’re sleeping on. That’s why you should also factor in hiring a professional team of haulers like Junk King Houston to show up on the same day your mattresses be delivered. This will make for a smooth transition to a good night sleep. Simpy call 1-888-888-JUNK