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Make Clearing the Clutter a New Year’s Resolution for 2016 in Houston

Do you get frustrated when your New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by March? You’re not alone. Most folks start out with a positive attitude in the New Year and use that to motivate things like going on a diet or quitting smoking. However, some of those habits are hard to break. Instead, why not set up a resolution you can win at? That would be clearing the clutter from your home with the help of Junk King. These are the junk removal pros who never met a pile of junk they couldn’t haul away.


As you got ready for the holidays, you might have noticed a lot of things that needed to be tossed out. We’re not just talking about old newspapers and magazines (although that counts!) but the bigger stuff. Things like broken appliances or sporting equipment that nobody uses. You could even have pieces of furniture stores in the garage or basement that have been there for years. Now is your chance to finally get rid of all of that thanks to Junk King.

When you set up an appointment with Junk King, they’ll be sending over a team of strong movers. This will be the crew who is going to do all the work for you. You won’t have to bring anything down from upstairs or take it out to the driveway. The Junk King crew is going to do the lifting and loading.

Before that crew starts the work, they’ll look over all the things you want removed. Remember, this can also include any debris from the backyard. Once they’ve sized everything up, they’ll present you with a fee based on an estimate of volume. It all comes down to how your stuff will be packed onto the truck. Thankfully, Junk King likes to pack things in tight and that means low prices for you! When you agree to the estimate, it will be locked and loaded. Even if your junk takes up more room, you’ll still be paying that original fee.

After they finish the work of loading up your junk, you can get back to your day. The Junk King crew will be making a few drop offs of your stuff. They could donate your furnishings to a charity and place your e-waste with a recycling facility. It’s all part of the service. If clearing the clutter from your home for the New Year sounds like a good plan, then bring in Junk King to get it done.