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Santa Doesn’t Want To Visit a Cluttered Home In Houston, TX

On some level, Christmas is all about replacements… at least when it comes to the presents under the tree. You could be replacing an old television, computer, cell phone or game console. You could even replace a lot of clothes. The question then becomes what to do with all the old stuff you’ve just replaced. Should it go into the closet or garage along with all the rest of your outdated items? Maybe it’s time to clear out that junk once and for all. The best partners to help transform your cluttered home would be Junk King. They’ll make quick work of your junk removal.


Junk King is the professional junk hauling company with over ten years of experience in this type of service industry. The way Junk King operates is simple: They do all the work. That means anything you want removed will be removed right from its current location. You don’t have to bring it down from the bedroom or pull it out from the garage. You’re only job is to point to all the things you want taken away and let Junk King do the lifting and loading.

Suppose you need something taken apart first? You might be eager to bust out the screwdriver but you don’t have to. The Junk King crews will have all tools needed to take apart everything from a hot tub to a pool table.

As the crews load up your stuff, they’ll be looking for all those objects that could find a new lease on life. The majority of things collected by Junk King are dropped off at local charities. They’ll make sure nothing goes to waste. What about the stuff that is really trash? If it can be recycled, then Junk King will strive to get those items dropped off at the many Houston based recycling facilities. Any day that Junk King can avoid going to a landfill, is a good day for them!

All of the cost for the crew, the transportation and the drop offs will be covered in the flat fee presented by Junk King. That fee will always be based on volume and not weight. Cleaning up your cluttered home just got a lot easier thanks to Junk King Houston.