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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Westchester NY Junk Recycling

Recently, the second annual Westchester Green Business Challenge was proud to share the achievements of all the local businesses that took up the this friendly competition which event planners described as providing businesses with the motivation and resources to “move down a path toward environmental sustainability while saving money.” Every business who signed up for the challenge was given a scorecard that provided them with dozens of ways for them to reduce their carbon footprint. Everything from cutting back on water use to printing documents on double sided paper was on the table. The goal is that when businesses take the lead in recycling and eco-friendly policies everyone in the community will get into the act. It can’t just be done by one group. All of this begs the question, how are you with recycling? Would you merit an award?

Most folks living in the Westchester area are already doing their part with their weekly recycling program. In fact, Westchester is proud to boast about the fact that its recycling rate has been well above the EPA’s goal of 35% by hitting numbers as high as 52%. That’s mighty impressive especially when you consider that the bulk of those numbers have come from recycling things like paper, soda cans, bottles and yard waste. Even if you are an active recycler you don’t have to stop there with what you can put into your recycling bin. There is plenty more you can recycle and that would be with all your junk!

The classic definition of junk is anything you don’t use or nobody else could use. Trash is what fits into a can but junk is what is stored in garages, down in basements or in closets. If you could throw it out you would but because junk is often bulky and heavy objects you’re only viable solution is to hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Hudson Valley who specialize in removing heavy objects. Here’s the kicker: these same junk haulers are also “green.”

You might not know where the recycling facilities are located around Westchester, but the eco-friendly junk hauling team at Junk King Hudson Valley will know. In fact, most of their drop-offs go way beyond the plastics and paper recycling centers. They’ll find those places which can handle metal for your old kitchen appliances or car parts. They’ll know who handles e-waste for your computers, old TVs and other office equipment. And there is even a place which handles wood repurposing. That’s a lot of drop-off sites but its all part of the daily routine for a green junk hauler.

The alternative is to hire some guy with a pickup truck driving around your neighborhood looking for work. The problem with that guy is you have no guarantee where your junk it going to end up. It could be in a landfill or by the side of the road. You don’t have to follow your junk, but when you hire the professionals at Junk King, you’ll know where it will end up!

Westchester New York Furniture Disposal

When it comes to furniture design there is no limit to what a piece of furniture can be made of and how it can look. A recent show put on by the Jellio Sweet Shop down in Manhattan showed off just what could be created in the name of whimsical furniture design. Here’s what they put on display and offered for sale: “rubber-molded cupcake seats ($900), foam-and-velvet benches shaped like ice-cream sandwiches ($900), and four-foot-tall plastic gummy bears ($1,600).”  While it might seem like an extravagance to buy a four-foot-tall plastic gummy bear you still might be ready for a few new pieces of furniture.

Often we replace furniture in the room we use the most. For most families this means the living room and a new sofa. First step: take good measurements. Even if you’re going to swap out an old sofa for a new one you want to make sure you get the measurements right. Not only should you be measuring the space where your new sofa will go but you should also be measuring the door it will have to come through and the hallway it will travel down. There have been plenty of horror stories of new sofa purchases that have no way of getting inside the house.

This might also be the time to rethink your room layout. Maybe instead of the traditional sofa you can think about a sectional or a sofa and loveseat combination. Additionally, you need to think about the future traffic on your sofa. In other words what is the kid and pet situation in your home? Do you need stain resistant cushions? If so, you’ll find plenty of varieties.

Because you’ll be spending so much time on your new sofa, don’t feel rushed when you go shopping. You should try out all kinds of cushions, fabrics and covers for the right feel. This is where you get to go totally “Goldilocks” in your quest to find the perfect fit.

When it is time to make a deal put your “haggling”  hat on. Just because there is a price on a tag doesn’t mean that has to be the price you pay. There are a lot of mark-ups on furniture with give the salesperson plenty of wiggle room to negotiate. What you need to avoid are any lay-away or financing plans. While it might seem like a great deal because you’re making small monthly payments, you’re going to end up paying twice as much for that sofa you thought was such a good deal. Better to save your money and buy it when you can.

Before the new furniture arrives, you can schedule an appointment with your local team of Westchester professional junk haulers to get rid of your old pieces – Junk King Hudson Valley. Not only can they take away your old furniture but they’ll also be able to remove any other junk you want to get rid of in the same trip. You’ll be enjoying your new sofa knowing your home is free of clutter. That’s total relaxation!

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