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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Westchester Appliance Disposal

How are your Freon levels? We’re not talking about the Freon in your car but in your major household appliances like an air conditioner or refrigerator. As the city of Westchester is helpful to remind its residents, the “U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations prohibit the intentional release of coolants, such as Freon, into the atmosphere. Such coolants are found in refrigerators, dehumidifiers, freezers and air conditioners.”

In Westchester, there is an opportunity to drop off Freon containing appliances to something they call the Household Material Recovery Day. They also suggest you take that item to a scrap metal recycler who takes those kinds of items. If you want to make things “easier” you could also find a Freon extracting company who would be happy to drain those appliances of all that nasty Freon. But how do you get those appliances to those drop off centers? That’s the problem: you’re on your own.

It’s one thing to drop off an old lap top at an e-waste collection day but how are you expected to put an old refrigerator in the back of your family car and drive it across town to a Freon approved recycling facility? That’s not very practical. What happens then to the old fridge or AC? Usually, they end up being shoved out on a porch or in the garage. With a fridge this could actually be a violation of state law. No unused refrigerator can be left on a property with the door being removed or padlock shut. Do you really want to worry about that? You don’t have to when you call on Junk King Hudson Valley for your appliance disposal.

Junk King is a Westchester area business of professional junk haulers who specialize in appliance removal. Not just refrigerators or air conditions but stoves, washing machines, dryers and dish washers. If it is big and bulky Junk King Hudson Valley will take it away for you. Don’t worry about the Freon. Junk King will handle that aspect of the disposal by making sure your appliance is dropped off at the right facility. When you consider all the time it would take for you to do this kind of job on your own, you’ll instantly see why Junk King is such a viable option.

Junk King Hudson Valley doesn’t just have to help you clear out those appliances but they can also help you clear out any other cluttered space in your home. If you’ve got bulky items in your basement, garage, attic or closet then Junk King is your ticket to reclaiming that space once and for all. If you work it right, there is no reason why Junk King couldn’t pick up your old appliance and other junk in the morning and have your new fridge delivered in the afternoon. Junk King works on your schedule!

Westchester NY Old TV Disposal

Collectors come in all shapes and sizes which pretty much corresponds to what that collect: all shapes and sizes! Believe it or not there is actually a very active group of collectors who focus on vintage television sets. These sets were way before cable. In fact, many of them probably wouldn’t be able to broadcast a signal because that can receive a digital feed. But that doesn’t make them any less valuable in the eyes of collectors.

The popular website Collectors Weekly explains the parameters of vintage television collecting:

“1946 through 1955 was the first big growth period for television sets. In 1947 there were only about 100,000 TV sets in the U.S. (many of them in bars and clubs) but by 1953 there were 13 million. CBS started broadcasting in color in 1951, and all-electronic color sets were first introduced in 1954. By far the largest television set manufacturer in those early days was RCA, but other vintage television brands include General Electric, Dumont, Andrea, and Zenith. RCA also made sets for Westinghouse and for Sears. Most collectors collect black and white sets from 1939 to 1949 and color sets through 1960. For black and white sets made after 1949, the values drop off dramatically, with some exceptions. There were a lot more TVs produced after the mid 1950s, so there are many still around (and they started to become less visually interesting, with metal cabinets). There are also people who collect early transistor sets from the 1960s and 70s, and micro TV sets.”

Who knows? You might just be sitting on a collectable television that could fetch a pretty penny. The key is with volume. Most of us have old TV sets made within the last ten years or so that were manufactured in the millions. There’s not going to be a lot of demand for those sets. When you’re ready to replace that clunky old TV for a high end plasma screen then you’ll want to dial up Junk King to handle the disposal of the old set.

Televisions aren’t something you can sit out on the curb and hope someone will pick up. First off all, no one is really that desperate for a free TV especially since they won’t know how long it has been sitting outdoors. It might have been in good working condition but one night in the wet grass and it’s pretty much a goner. That’s why you should depend on Junk King Hudson Valley to handle the pickup and disposal of a TV set. They’re going to do things the right way which often means recycling that TV. It will have to be disassembled and the various parts sorted out. Leave that to the recycling center to handle and Junk King will make sure your TV gets to the right center. Another way to think of TV disposal is that the moment you get rid of that old set will be the moment you’ll need to get a new one. That’s perfect motivation!

Westchester Yard Waste Removal

There are some folks who are taking backyard gardening to a whole new level in NY’s Hudson Valley and that’s with the addition of livestock; namely chickens. Having an egg producing hen or two in your backyard means you’ll have the freshest eggs on the block. You’ll also be amazed at how much fun these cluckers can be for the family. And they are extremely low maintenance. You don’t have to take a chicken for a walk, unless of course you want to show them off! What they really need is a coop for overnight protection and that doesn’t require a lot of space at all.

For the more adventurous backyard farmer, there are some who have taken to beekeeping. Yes, that buzzing you’ve been hearing could just be your neighbors hive. Like the chicken, beekeeping is a relatively low maintenance kind of project if you discount slipping in and out of the uniform. Like the chickens, you just have to give bees the right living space and then leave them alone to do their thing.

Thanks to YouTube you can check out chicken raising and beekeeping techniques with a bunch of fun how-to videos. Naturally, if you’re going to move in a coop or a hive you’ll have to make a little space for them. This translates into digging up dirt or getting rid of other kinds of yard waste. Fortunately, you’ve got a powerful ally standing by for yard waste removal and that would be the Junk King Hudson Valley.

Junk King has been helping Hudson Valley residents getting rid of clutter ever since they set up shop.  Most of the folks who have called up Junk King were focused on get stuff removed from their garages, closets, basements and attics. But Junk King doesn’t stop there. Along with the odd assortment of furniture, mattresses, kitchen appliances and e-waste, Junk King can also make short work of removing fallen tree limbs, patio furniture, construction waste and just about anything else that isn’t nailed down in your backyard. After loading up their truck, Junk King Hudson Valley will then seek out the best recycling facility for your stuff. Yes, even dirt can be recycled. Junk King prides itself on going green and by extension you’ll be reducing your own carbon footprint by using their services.

To put Junk King to work, all you’ll have to do is call up for a supervisor visit, free of charge of course. On that visit, you’ll point out what kind of yard waste or other junk you want removed. The supervisor will give you a written estimate based on how much of your junk will fill up one of their trucks. That’s what you pay. Simple and hassle free. Call Junk King Hudson Valley today and get your chickens in by the weekend!