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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Westchester Moving and Junk Hauling

The most important thing to keep in mind as you prepare to move into a new home is don’t procrastinate. The last thing you want is for moving day to arrive and you’re scrambling to pack up items. This is how stuff gets broken or left behind. The moving clock should really start ticking 30 days out from the official move date. At the 30 day mark you should be gathering up packing supplies like boxes and wrapping paper. You’ll probably end up using more than you think. This is why you should consider renting plastic containers. For about the same amount as you would pay for moving boxes, you can have plastic bins dropped off at your home for the move. Best of all, all that cardboard won’t be going to waste.

At the beginning of the 30 day mark is when you should also begin the process of switching over things like your utilities, cable and phone company. You’ll need a couple of weeks to schedule an appointment for some of those hook-ups. The more time you give those folks the better off you can be. Ideally those hook ups should happen on the day you move. If you can get into the property a day early that would be even better. You’ll also want to switch over all your mail and subscriptions.

There are some folks who let movers do all the packing. That’s a very expensive proposition. If you’re starting 30 days in advance you could set a goal to pack up three or four boxes a day. That’s not a lot of work and it lets you stay organized. Don’t forget to label those boxes not only with the items inside but also what room that movers should put them in. As you begin to pack up all those items you’ll definitely be taking with you you’ll probably make a discovery of a lot of stuff you don’t want. This would be all your useless junk. Instead of dragging that with you, why not call up Junk King Hudson Valley and let them move out your junk before you move?

Junk King is the Westchester based junk removal specialist who can help you dispose of all your unnecessary stuff. Sure, you might want to donate some items or try to sell them on Craigslist but ultimately you don’t want to bring junk into your new home. With Junk King Hudson Valley on your side, you’ll be able to load up a huge truck with as much stuff as you want to toss out. Get all of that out of the way and focus on the important items. The best way to start in a new home is without junk and Junk King can get you there.

Home Downsizing Tips in Westchester

How many rooms do you really need in your home? Put aside the idea of raising a family. If the kids have all gone off to start their own lives what are you left with? Conceivably you make the journey from your bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen to the living room. For all practical purposes you’re only utilizing the space of one bedroom apartment. Yes, it might be a benefit to have a spare room for visiting family but then that would just a be a two bedroom apartment. Do you really need all the other space? You’re paying for maintenance on all those extra rooms plus the landscaping. That’s a lot of work especially if you were hoping to slow things down a bit as you head into retirement. Perhaps now is the time to think about downsizing.

Downsizing shouldn’t be thought of as “losing”  something but as improving your quality of life. You could move from a sprawling home where you do all the work to a luxury condominium that has all the maintenance work covered. That condo could also be within walking distance of shops and restaurants which could be an improvement on your current location. There is also the cost to consider. With a big house, you’re just pouring money into the plumbing, heating and electric bills. Go back to the original question: If you’re not using all those rooms why are you heating them in the winter or keeping them cool in the summer?

If you’re serious about downsizing, you’ll obviously want to pick out the new home before throwing away your stuff. Once you know how much space you’ll have then you can determine what items you’ll be able to bring with you. When you’re ready, Junk King Hudson Valley will be standing by to help cart off all your unwanted stuff.

Downsizing doesn’t always have to be about moving into a new home. Suppose you clear out the clutter in the garage. You could turn around and rent it out to someone who needs the space for a car. You’re “downsizing” your use of the garage and making money. You could take that same approach with those spare rooms. If you can clear out the clutter in those rooms you could rent them out and bring in some revenue. It’s all about improving your bottom line. And once again, Junk King Hudson Valley can be a big help.

You won’t have to worry about lifting heavy objects when you hire Junk King. They’ll do all the work of removing any item you want taken away whether that item is down the basement, up in the attic or out in the garage. Simply put; downsizing is a smart choice to get control of your life and finances.

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