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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Westchester NY Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Nothing lasts forever. That holds true for cars, mattresses, televisions and washing machines. If your old washer has seen better days and you’re in the market for a new model you’ll want to consider a few factors before heading off to the store. One of the first things you’ll be looking at is size. Do you need to stack your washing machine on top of your dryer? Is your laundry machine space a tight squeeze? Make sure you measure twice before settling on a new machine.

Another important factor is drum capacity. As your family grows so too does the need for a sturdy washing machine. A larger drum capacity actually allows for fewer washes because you’ll be able to fit more inside. That way you won’t be wasting water or power constantly running your washer just to keep up with the demand for clean clothes. In terms of a brand for your new washer you’re sure to find plenty of good and bad reviews for every model. Why not ask your friends what type of machine they use. Get an opinion you can trust. You should consider buying a new washer and dryer as a major investment. These are appliances you’ll be using all the time. That’s why it might be smarter to spend a little extra for a really solid performance as opposed to cutting corners now only to be forced to pay for repairs or replacement before long.

Speaking of repairs, make sure you find out all you can about the machines guarantee and warranty. This is another area where don’t want to compromise cost over efficiency. It might be worth the few extra dollars it would cost for the extended warranty. And as long as you’re getting a new model, why not splurge for a few conveniences? Many models come with touch pad controls to make a wide range of adjustments. You can manipulate the amount of water you use and how long the spin cycle needs to be for every wash. With the computer-programmed machines, all the guesswork is taken out of laundry day. Isn’t that worth it?

Before getting too excited about a new washer and dryer combo you’ll have to deal with the old one. The best way forward would be to hire Junk King Hudson Valley for the removal and disposal of your appliances. Junk King always sends out a two-man crew and big truck on every call. That crew won’t have any problem unhooking your washer and dryer and loading it up on their truck. They can also load up any other oversize item you want taken away in the same trip. A clutter free home can be just around the corner thanks to Junk King Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley Bulk Pickup

Recently, a notice from the Sleepy Hollow Police Department went out to the local residents. It said, “The Sleepy Hollow Police Department would like to remind the public to be aware of their surroundings, especially this time of year. Be observant in your neighborhood and look out for neighbors. Many people are shopping on line and gifts are being sent during these holidays. Remain vigilant and if observing anything suspicious, immediately report this to the police department.”

This came out as the result of an uptick in thefts from front porches not only in the Hudson Valley but all across the country. Of course, there are some times when you put something out on your front yard in the hopes that it will get “picked up.” That is when you’re trying to get rid of an item that can’t be tossed out. Putting an old TV or sofa on the lawn by the curb might seem like a good way to go but it’s actually a bad option for many reasons.

First of all, there is no guarantee that someone is going to come by in a timely manner to pick up that item. Suppose it stays out overnight. In the morning, the damp dew will more than likely ruin anything that is exposed to the elements. Then it’s just a useless thing that nobody is going to want. Secondly, putting out items for “free” invites all types of characters to prowl through your neighborhood in the hopes of finding something they can snatch. These aren’t really the type of folks you want around at all hours of the day or night. So, what can you do with a bulky item you want removed? Your best bet is hiring Junk King Hudson Valley.

You might have heard about Junk King of the Hudson Valley. You might have even seen one of their trucks working in your neighborhood. Junk King is a company of professional junk haulers. Professional makes all the difference when it comes to inviting workers onto your property. You want workers who are licensed and insured and that’s just what you’ll be getting with Junk King.

Because you’re looking to toss out a bulky item like a major kitchen appliance or piece of furniture you’re going to need a big enough truck to handle the job. Junk King Hudson Valley has you covered. Not only can the Junk King crew take away you’re bulky items but they can remove just about anything you want tossed out whether that’s old tires, a mattress or even a piano. One call to Junk King can set the plan into motion and you’ll have you junk removed and responsibly disposed of before you know it!

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