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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Hudson Valley Debris Removal

There are some winter visitors who have made a lovely home in the Hudson Valley. That would be flocks of eagles that have come down from Canada. They do this every year when the water up north freezes over. What makes Hudson Valley so attractive to these noble birds? It’s the clean environment.

“The reason that the eagles are here is because of the natural habitat that we have. We have these clean waters. We have these forests that they want to sit in and areas that they want to have their nests. They are predominantly here during these cold January and February months for the same reason your neighbor might head down to Florida and be a snow bird of a different variety,” said Sue Currier, Executive Director for the Delaware Highlands Conservancy to a local newspaper.

When the eagles return so do many enthusiastic bird watchers. That’s a decent boost to the local economy and it’s all thanks to clean surroundings. This begs the question: How clean are your surroundings? You don’t have to make things comfortable for eagles but you can reclaim space in your home and give your backyard a much-needed makeover. All of this can happen with very little effort on your part when you hire Junk King Hudson Valley to be your ally.

Junk King is the junk removal specialist in Westchester and Rockland that can handle all kinds of debris removal. Start with your back and front yard. Even in winter there are probably things that you can toss out. If your patio furniture has taken a beating in the weather why wait until it falls completely apart? Get rid of it before it becomes a genuine safety hazard. If any tree limbs have fallen in recent storms than you’ll want to clear those away as well. All of that is perfect work for a Junk King crew.

When they are finished with the yard work, the Junk King crew can then go through your home or garage to take away any oversized item you want carted off. The simple fact that an item is oversized is probably the reason why you’ve been hanging onto it for so long. We’re talking about things like old furniture, mattresses and kitchen appliances. All of that can be piled onto the back of the Junk King truck for removal.

Once that Junk King truck is loaded you can get back to your day. For the JK crew they won’t be finished until all of that collected junk has been properly disposed of. That could mean a trip to a recycling center, a charity refurbishing facility or landfill. It could even be “all of the above!” Don’t wait another day to get rid of your junk!

Hudson Valley NY Basement Junk Removal

One ton of anything is a lot of something. Now multiply that one tone by a million and you’re dealing with a thing of an immense size. That’s exactly what was dumped into the Hudson River; over 1 million tons of PCBs. General Electric took the hit for that one and ever since 2009 they’ve been working diligently to clean up the river. Recently the EPA announced that the dredging process hit the halfway mark but there is still a lot more to go.

“But there are also areas that are outside of the footprint to the clean up that recent data shows need to be added in. And we’re working on that, as well. And this is a good opportunity to talk about what’s going well and what needs to be better,” Paul Gallay of Hudson Riverkeeper told a local newspaper. He went on to add that most of the Hudson River is safe to swim in but folks are still cautioned against eating any fish caught there.

Would you know how to get rid of a ton of your own garbage? You might not have that sitting around your home but if the garbage trucks didn’t come by at least once a week it wouldn’t take long before your typical household garbage would add up to a ton. Even if you have a little amount of refuse that won’t fit into your garbage can you certainly don’t want that sticking around your home.

That’s why Junk King of Hudson Valley is a phone number that should be programmed into your phone (1-800-995-5865). One call to Junk King can have you saying good-bye to your junk once and for all.

A common household “dumping ground” is the basement. Unless you’ve done the work to convert that basement into an active family room, chances are it has become your family’s storage area. Anything that doesn’t get tossed out ends up down the basement. Furniture, appliances, boxes of paper, rugs and untold numbers of unfinished projects… they all end up in the basement. That might be a practical choice in the short run; after all where else can you put that stuff? But as the junk piles up it could actually turn into a safety hazard.

Then there is the issue of utilizing the space. Is storage the best thing for your basement?  Could you put it to a better use as a guest room or home theater? Of course you could and to accomplish that you’ll want to hire Junk King to take away all that stuff. Don’t worry about making the climb up and down the basement stairs. The Junk King Hudson Valley crew will do all the lifting and climbing. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your junk disappear. What could be better than that?

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