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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Rockland Yard Waste Removal

The Catholic Community Services of Rockland recently started up a countywide program to offer more fresh fruits and veggies to families who are going through a struggle in these tough economic times. The program is called “Produce the Produce” and it got a grand kick-off at the CCSR’s “Garden of Love.” Martha Robles, Executive Director of Catholic Community Services of Rockland (CCSR), explained, “Produce the Produce is a far reaching collaborative effort to get as many people as possible to grow, donate and make fruits and vegetables an everyday staple in people’s diets. CCSR is serving as a catalyst to engage other community and parish gardens to participate in ‘Produce the Produce’ as well as local farmers markets, restaurants, grocery stores and common citizens to grow and donate their excess fresh produce to the initiative,” Ms. Robles said.

All of this points out the importance of having fresh produce. Believe it or not you don’t have to have a green thumb to get your own gardening growing. You just need a patch of land, some good dirt, seeds, sun, water and a little TLC. First step is getting the area clear for your garden. Keep in mind this can be a front or backyard. When it comes to yard waste removal, you’ll have a great partner in Junk King Hudson Valley.

Most of what Junk King collects are things from inside the house like old furniture, appliances and e-waste. But to them junk is junk whether it came from a box or from a tree. You could have dug up shrubs, patches of sod or mound of dirt that need to be removed and Junk King won’t have a problem with that. They’ll also be able to take away things like patio furniture, rotted sheds, piles of lumber, play sets and even the occasional tree fort that needs to come down. Additionally, Junk King can dismantle a hot tub or above ground swimming pool to make room for your garden.

One call to Junk King Hudson Valley will set your removal project in motion. Depending on the size of the job, you could get a free estimate over the phone or set up a consultation with a Junk King supervisor. They need to size up your junk because that’s how they’re going to charge you. It’s about how much space your junk takes up in the truck and not labor, driving or dumping costs. Ask around and you’re sure to see that this is an extremely fair way of pricing. When you add in the exceptional service you simply can’t beat Junk King.

Hoarder Cleanup In Westchester New York

To be diagnosed as a hoarder means you’ve crossed over the line with regard to collecting things. Hoarding is often related to obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. Here are some of the common hoarding obsessions that can be warning signs of becoming an hoarder: “Fear of running out of objects, fear of discarding an object and then needing it, fear of losing control of saved objects, fear of missing a sale, fear of discarding items with emotional value or fear of losing sight of an item.”

A compulsive hoarder isn’t someone who can just snap their fingers and toss out all of their junk. It might take some intensive work with a therapist in order for them to get to the point of letting go. Usually this happens when authorities step in and there is a proven health risk. Hopefully, your hoarding hasn’t reached critical mass. If you really want to toss out your junk but just don’t have the means you’re not a hoarder. All you need to do is hire Junk King Hudson Valley. They’ll make sure your home is wiped clean of all its clutter.

You don’t have to be embarrassed about the junk you want to toss out. The Junk King Westchester crews have seen it all. If you have moldy furniture in the garage you’re better off getting rid of it before the mold spreads. The JK crew will know how to load that up and dispose of it properly. The same goes for any other bulky item you want tossed out. There might come a time when you need to clean out an apartment or home for a family member who is elderly and moving out. Junk King can step in and insure that this will be handled responsibly and as quickly as possible. Many happy Junk King Hudson Valley customers report that they’ve made a call to Junk King in the morning and by the same afternoon all their stuff was taken away. That’s what you call “prompt service.”

The Junk King pricing policy is affordable and fair. You’ll only be charged for the space on the Junk King truck that your stuff will be taking up. There will be no other surprise charges. Too many folks have been ripped out by unscrupulous junk haulers. That’s not going to happen with Junk King. They take great pride in their work and would like nothing more than to add your name to their growing list of satisfied customers. When you’re ready to get rid of your junk, Junk King will be ready for you!