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Westchester Junk Removal Reviews

It’s easy to see why there are fans of Junk King Hudson Valley by taking a look at the junk removal reviews on theirĀ Facebook page. Here’s a quick sampling from their reviews section, where barely a day goes by without a great review coming in:

July 18

“Quick, orderly and very kind customer service. Very professional and always willing to take care of our disposal needs.”

July 17

“Sufficient notice given for arrival time. Arrived on time. Worked quickly and efficiently. Pleasant personalities. Bright red vehicle easy to identify. Was informed all material picked up would be sorted, re-cycled or donated where possible.”

July 16

“Junk King is the best. Super fast and convenient!”

July 15

“I was impressed with the timeliness of the response to my request for an estimate. The crew that arrived to do the work was extremely polite and did an excellent job. Customer service and quality of performance all the way around gets a superior rating.”

We could go on like this but you get the general idea. Junk King Hudson VAlley has quickly assumed the number one position when it comes to professional junk haulers in the Westchester and Rockland NY areas. That would be number one in customer service, scheduling and pricing. The customer service aspect you can read about in the reviews. As for scheduling, often Junk King can provide same day service. That means you can call them in the morning and have your junk gone by dinnertime.

In terms of pricing, you’ll be provided with a low cost estimate based on the amount of space all of your junk will be taking up on the truck. You’re not going to be charged for dumping fees, labor costs or travel time. Since the Junk King crews like to fill up their trucks you can rest assured that all your junk will be packed into as little space as possible and those savings will be passed onto you.

What are you ready to get rid of? Is there furniture you want to replace? Are they kitchen appliances in your garage gathering rust? Is there debris left over from the last storm? All of that can be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck and hauled away.

When Junk King Hudson Valley collects junk they’re not just going to dump it in a landfill and be done. Instead they want to make sure anything that can be recycled will be recycled. This doesn’t always mean grinding up or melting down. Recycling can also mean donating old furniture to charities for a little rehab work. All you have to concern yourself with is what to put on that truck. The JK crew will do all the sorting and separating on their own time. Ready for Junk King? They’re just a phone call away.