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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Rockland NY Cleanouts

Although waste and junk removal seems like a dirty business, the process doesn’t have to be so “messy” for customers when they hire a company like Junk King Hudson Valley.

Junk King is a local Rockland area service that is part of a national franchise. Because they carry the Junk King brand, this Rockland area branch has to adhere to high standards of customer service. First, all of their crews are licensed and insured. This means they are certified to do business here in Rockland County. Next, those same crews are trained in the proper removal and sorting techniques as it applies to those Junk King standards. It’s not just about picking up junk and dumping it at a landfill. Junk King is a green kind of company. This means they will be doing all they can to make sure the junk they collect is dropped off at a recycling center instead of a landfill. That’s going to be very good for Rockland’s environmental health.

The Junk King crews also pay attention to detail. You might think that your junk is too heavy to move but the crews know how to properly lift and load. If something has to be taken apart, they’ll be able to handle that as well. This has been a big help for families who have outgrown backyard playsets or trampolines. It won’t be a big deal for Junk King to disassemble those kinds of things and load it up on the truck.

All of this means you can depend on Junk King Hudson Valley to remove any unwanted piece of junk from your home. You can finally turn that spare room into a home office or cozy guest room once Junk King takes out all the “storage.” With winter coming, you’ll want the ability to park in your garage. If it has been overrun with clutter then put Junk King to work clearing it out and keep your car protected. One call to Junk King is all it takes to turn your home into a junk free zone. What are you waiting for?

Haul Away Junk From Your Rockland County Home

Haul Away Junk Rockland CountyThe word has come down from headquarters: It appears that big stores like Target and Toys R Us are going to be open on Thanksgiving. Despite the protests from employees there will be no taking off for the holiday. Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if shoppers stayed home but you can bet they will be out in full force looking for bargains. It’s part of our DNA to want to find a good deal. There’s actually a great deal happening all year round in Rockland County. That would be anytime you hire Junk King Hudson Valley to haul away your unwanted stuff.

Junk King is the national chain of junk removal experts that opened up a branch up here in Rockland County. In the short time they’ve been in business, Junk King has shot up the ranks to become the area’s leading junk removal service. Part of this has to do with their affordable pricing policies. With Junk King you’re only going to be charged a flat fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the Junk King truck. This is an estimate that is provided to you before the work begins. That way you’ll know exactly what your bill will be.

Included in that flat fee will be the use of the truck and a two man crew. These will be the hard workers who will come into your home and do the actual removing of your junk. This means you don’t have to take anything down to the curb or out to your driveway. Wherever your junk is currently situated is where the Junk King crew will go! Also, included in the low fee will be the dumping charges. Most junk haulers add dumping fees on top of all the labor costs. Not only will your dumping fees be covered but in many cases Junk King will drop your junk off at a recycling center or charity for refurbishing. This is all part of their eco-friendly philosophy.

The other big savings with Junk King Hudson Valley will be your valuable time. Instead of surrendering your Saturday off to renting a truck, loading and then driving to the nearest landfill Junk King will handle all of that. As long as it takes to remove you junk is all the time you need to give up. In many cases, the Junk King crew can be in and out in less than 20 minutes. Before you start your holiday shopping, make sure you’ve got the space to hide all the presents! Call Junk King today to set up your removal appointment.

Rockland Bulk Trash Pickup

Beware the stink bugs! A recent infestation of stink bugs has invaded Rockland counties and they are definitely a nasty sort. They’ll eat anything like trees, seeds, holly berries and also like the occasional fruit treat. Stink bugs don’t bite or do any structural damage. The real problem is when you step on them. That’s when a foul odor arises and that’s how they got their name. As the weather turns colder, the stink bugs are going to be looking for shelter. This is when you might see them cropping up in your basement. The best defense is to vacuum them up, seal the bag and toss it out with the garbage. Don’t use bug spray in the home and don’t step on them!

You might also consider clearing out the clutter from places like your garage or basement where bugs and pests tend to gather. Don’t wait for spring cleaning to discover these creepy crawlers. Instead, pull out the boxes and clear off the shelves and give everything a good scrubbing. This is a terrific way of getting ready for winter. As you go through this process you might discover you’ve got a lot of bulky things to throw out. These would be all that junk you’re hanging onto for no good reason other than you don’t have a way to throw it out. Now you do and that would be by hiring Junk King Hudson Valley to get the job done.

First you’ll want to identify exactly what you want hauled away. This can be anything that is taking up space inside your home or out in your yard. You won’t have to move anything because Junk King will be sending over a hard working crew to do the actual work. This is different from other companies who require you to drag your junk down to the street. The Junk King Hudson Valley crew goes to where the junk is whether that is up several flights of stairs, in attic crawlspaces or out in the back yard.

All your junk will be packed tightly onto the back of the Junk King truck. Here is where packing does matter because you’re only going to be changed a fee based on the amount of space your junk will occupy on the truck. This will be an estimate you can agree to before a single piece of junk is loaded. In other words, there is going to be no surprises or second guessing when it comes to your rate. Clear out the junk and the bugs with the help of Junk King!