Make Room for Presents In your Rockland Home – Clear the Clutter!

Is it going to be a late night this Christmas Eve? Chances are if you were to stroll through your neighborhood late at night on December 24th, you’re going to find at lot of parents scrambling to build bikes, playsets and other toys that need assembly. There will also be a lot of folks wrapping presents into the wee small hours. This is also the perfect time to bring all the presents out of hiding. If you did your job right, then none of your snooping family members will have found those presents and you can surprise them on Christmas morning. Of course, by now you might have also discovered that hiding places are at a premium around your home. That’s because of all the clutter you’ve accumulated in your closet, garage and attic. It’s not too late to clear the clutter. If you want that job handled fast and efficiently, then you only have to call Junk King.


Junk King is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. They spend all year helping folks clear the clutter from their homes and businesses. Around this time of year, the Junk King crews are working on overdrive getting homes ready for the holidays. It’s one thing to clear the clutter from your closet to make room for presents. But if you need your entire guest room decluttered, then Junk King is the only way to go.

Every junk removal appointment with Junk King starts with a two-man moving crew and huge truck being dispatched to your location. If you’ve got an exceptional amount of clutter to clear out, then Junk King will rally all the troops. You could have half a dozen crewmembers working at your property to make sure everything is removed in a single appointment.

As the Junk King crews load up your unwanted items, they’ll be keeping an eye out for those things that might benefit a local charity. Just because you’re done with a sofa doesn’t mean it can’t be put to further use. By hiring Junk King, you can rest assured that nothing you throw out will go to waste. Junk King is happy to make extra drop off appointments to those charities that can use things like old furniture and household goods. When you have to clear the clutter, you can depend on Junk King.