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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hudson Valley NY Computer Monitor & Printer Recycling

Did you know that you could be fined for tossing out your old computer monitor or printer? Beginning in this year, it has officially become illegal for you to throw out any e-waste item in the trash in the state of New York. Does this mean you’re stuck with these unwanted items? Not at all, they just have to be disposed of in a responsible manner. That boils down to two options. The first involves you loading up your car and driving to a drop off center. You have to make sure it is open and you have the time to devote to this kind of task. The other option would be to hire a company like Junk King who can pick up your e-waste right from your home and make sure it gets to the right recycling center.


As the country’s number one professional junk hauler, Junk King has a solid reputation to live up to. Not only does this include providing exceptional customer service but also maintaining eco-friendly disposal policies. Although the New York law is only several months old, Junk King has been recycling e-waste for over ten years. Here in Hudson Valley, they’ve partnered up with those recycling facilities who handle this type of material. Everything that is collected by Junk King gets sorted back at the depot. When they’ve got a truckload of e-waste, they’ll load it up and drop it off to those centers. This kind of work happens long after Junk King has finished with your junk removal project. Sounds like it would cost extra, right? Actually, no… There is no additional cost for recycling drop offs. In fact, Junk King saves money with recycling and they are happy to pass those savings onto all their customers.

In addition to hauling off your e-waste, Junk King can also make short work of clearing out your garage, closets, basement and attic of all your unwanted stuff. Just because you’ve been holding onto these things for years doesn’t mean you have to keep them forever. Won’t it be nice to clear out the clutter from your storage areas? That way you can keep the things that really matter. If you’re done with a computer monitor, printer, appliance or other junk item, then give it to Junk King. They’ll know what to do with it!

Improve your Westchester Neighborhood Curb Appeal

If you’re inviting friends over to your home, then you’ll want to make sure everything is clean. Not only will this mean the living room and dining room but also the bathrooms. Plus, there is no telling where your guests might wander off to. That is why you need to get the whole house tidied up. One thing that is often overlooked with this guest prep is the curb appeal. Just because your lawn is mowed doesn’t mean your home is presenting a good picture. What other eyesore items are cluttering up the landscape? Obviously, you’re not going to paint your home for a dinner party. However, you could benefit from a session with Junk King. They know all about curb appeal.


Before any major landscaping makeover can occur, you first have to clear the clutter. That includes the front, back and sides of your home. As with any other open space in your home, there are plenty of areas around the outside that you could use for storage of unwanted items. Piling up lumber, screens and construction waste behind your garage is common. If you have a porch with a crawl space, then this could be where you hide pipes, PVC and other long objects. All of that stuff is just rotting away. Wouldn’t it make sense to turn it over to Junk King?

Your junk removal session includes the use of two very capable movers and a huge truck. That is all you’ll need to clear away any eyesore from your property. This is the same team who can also be a big help with removing fallen tree limbs, vine growth and large roots. In other words, let Junk King help with weed removal, too!

On that same appointment, Junk King can remove all kinds of clutter you’re holding onto in the rest of your house. Like the stuff outside, these could be things that you simply put out of the way. Now they can be hauled off and that will mean opening up a lot more space to keep the things that matter.

As for the price, Junk King is only going to charge you a flat rate based on volume. This is the fairest approach for this type of service. Better curb appeal is the result of single Junk King junk removal appointment.

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