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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Get Your Home Decluttered For Valentine’s Day With Help From Junk King

Have you worked out your plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Many restaurants are already filling up with reservations. The closer you get to the big day, the harder it will be to find roses and chocolates. Those are all the standard kind of Valentine’s Day gifts. Although appreciated, you might want to step up your game this year and get your home totally decluttered with help from Junk King. It might not be romantic, but it can certainly mean a lot to that special someone who has been itching to get this chore handled.


The three words most often associated with Junk King are “prompt, friendly and affordable.” Junk King understands that most folks are using their day off to take care of the junk removal. That’s why they don’t want to burn up that day by keeping you waiting. All Junk King asks is that you set aside a two-hour window at a time that works best for your schedule. When the crews are 20-minutes out, they’ll give you a call to let you know they’re on the way.

As for friendly, you’ll know from the minute you say, “Hello” that you made the right call hiring Junk King. You’ll be assigned a two-man moving crew who will be doing all the actual work. That includes climbing stairs, lifting heavy stuff or even taking apart something bulky. That all will happen with a smile! You can also direct the Junk King crews to pick up items from around the yard. They might get a little dirty but once again, it won’t be an issue.

When it comes to pricing, you’ll find that Junk King’s policies are very affordable. When the crew shows up, you’ll show them all the items you want taken away. They’ll then put down a written estimate based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King.

Included in that rate will be all the drop offs to local charities or recycling centers. Junk King wants to keep as much rubbish out of landfills as they can. For Valentine’s Day, providing a decluttered home is a great way to show you care. Junk King can get you there.

Don’t Get Stuck Indoors With Old Appliances

Here comes the snow! The first major snow storm of the season is upon us and that means a lot of shoveling and a lot of huddling indoors. Being stuck inside can work to your advantage. It’s the perfect time to rally the family for a little decluttering. They might grumble but you can bribe them with hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies. That’s a perfect combination for any snow storm! As you work your way through the decluttering, you’ll probably stumble on all those things you been wanting to get rid of for months or even years. We’re talking about old appliances, furniture and e-waste. All of that can be turned over to Junk King. Yes, they’ll even make their way to your place in the snow!


Junk King will provide you with all the manpower and truck space you need to take care of any type of junk removal. That will make a huge difference if you want to get rid of things like an old fridge or sofa. If it took two movers to bring something into your house, then it’s going to take two movers to bring it out. As for the truck, that will be big enough to hold an entire home’s worth of furnishings.

Once you have Junk King clear out those items, you can reclaim a lot of space in your home. Some folks are able to convert an attic into another bedroom. A basement can become a home theater. A cleared out garage can be the perfect crafting corner. It all can happen with one call to Junk King.

Part of Junk King’s junk hauling service includes a responsible disposal policy. The Junk King crews have all been trained to spot any item that could be repurposed. They’ve set up partnerships with many local charities that specialize in fixing things up. Junk King would much rather see your unwanted items go to those organizations than end up in a dump. That’s just how they do business.

What will this amazing service cost? Junk King charges a flat rate based on how much space your junk is going to fill on the back of the truck. It’s all about volume and not weight. Whether you need to clear out old appliances or piles of junk, Junk King is the call to make.