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Monthly Archives:

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Roommate?

Are you thinking about having a roommate move in? As with all things in life, there are pros and cons to explore. Here’s what you should be thinking about:

Reasons for Having a Roommate

You’ll Never Feel Lonely

Just because you have a roommate doesn’t mean you have to become best friends with that roommate. However, there’s a lot to be said for not living in isolation. Even the simple gesture of being able to check in with someone at the end of your day makes for a pleasurable living experience.


You’ll Have Help

Having a roommate is often very convenient especially if you have things to take care of around the house like plants or pets. It also means when you go out of town that someone will be looking over your place. You won’t have to stop mail. Your roommate can also help with some of the cleaning and shopping. If they’re going to the dry cleaner, then they could pick up your items as well. It’s a win-win

You’ll Be Saving Money

The biggest bonus for having a roommate is saving money. Because you’re splitting the rent, you might be able to move into a larger apartment with more room. Splitting the utility, Internet and cable bills will also be a big help. If you can cook with your roommate, then you’ll save money because cooking for two is actually less expensive than cooking just for one.

Reasons Against Having a Roommate

You Want More Privacy

You may be the type of person that prefers living alone. There’s nothing wrong with that but having a roommate means you’re going to need to share things whether you like it or not. Even though you don’t have to ask permission with your roommate, you still need to inform them of things like overnight guests or when you’re staying out. You would be doing that if you were living on your own.

You Don’t Want Drama

You may spend a lot of time screening for potential roommates but that doesn’t mean you can always screen out the drama. Along with the roommate comes all of their “baggage.” That includes romantic relationships and family squabbles. It’s easy to see how you might be pulled into those situations.

Whether you opt for a roommate or not, your living space will certainly benefit with a junk removal session set up by Junk King Hudson Valley. These are the professional junk haulers who can make short work out of getting rid of old furniture, appliances, e-waste and other household goods. They’ll do all the work and that includes climbing the stairs! Put them to work today.

Great Ideas To Improve Your Campfire Cooking

Camping is a great idea for summer vacation for the whole family. Many areas around the Hudson Valley provide terrific camping spaces. There’s an abundance of wonderful hiking trails, lakes, rivers and amazing outdoor vistas that will enhance any camping trip. After spending the day in the great outdoors, your family will certainly have worked up an appetite. Campfire cooking can have its challenges but it can also yield some very tasty meals. A little preparation goes a long way towards improving your campfire cooking. Here is how to make it happen:


Think One Pot

If you’ve ever used a Crockpot in the kitchen, then you know the benefit of cooking everything in one pot. That works exceptionally well over a campfire. It’s also nice not to have a lot of pots and pans to clean up after the meal. The best vessel for campfire cooking is a cast-iron skillet. If you can make your meals work in that, then you’ll be ahead of the game.

Prep At Home

Campsite cooking is not something that you can “plan on the fly.” The only time the menu would change is if you “catch” your dinner. Even then, you should still have a backup plan that has been prepared well in advance.

The best thing you can do is take care of all your prep at home. That means any slicing, dicing or chopping that you need for recipe should be taken care of in your own kitchen and stored in Tupperware. You can also add seasoning to those items in advance. It certainly won’t hurt to marinate! Also, it’s better to place a solid block of ice in your cooler to keep your food preserved then chopped up ice. Remember, that’s how they used to do it back in the day with refrigerators!

Set Up Two Fire Pits

There are some campsites that already provide a standup barbecue grill for cooking. All you need to do is add the charcoal or wood to get the fire going. Your campsite will probably have a central fire pit. It might help to have a second fire pit dedicated to cooking. This will allow you to bring your own cooking grate to set your pots on. You should never set your pots directly on flames. One pit for the bonfire and the other pit for the low fire cooking.

Get Rid Of Old Gear

As you pull down your camping gear to get ready for your next trip you might discover that a lot of things have seen better days. This holds true for tents, tarps, sleeping bags, portable stoves and a bunch of other outdoor gear. If you’re going to swap out all that camping gear, then you need to make room by tossing out the old stuff. That’s where call to Junk King Hudson Valley can make a big difference. These professional junk haulers will be able to swoop in and clear out your garage of all that old stuff in order to make room for the new things. Hiring junk King to clear out the unwanted clutter is a great way to kick off your summer.

Planning ahead will help you enjoy your campfire cooking. Just don’t forget the s’mores!

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