Fun Spring Break Ideas For Hudson Valley

The vast majority of college students rush away from campus for spring break fun. They’re all head to a beach; any beach. For everyone else, spring break is more of a staycation. You might have family visiting from out of town to help watch over the kids but ultimately, everyone will be looking toward you to set the agenda. There are plenty of fun things to do in Hudson Valley for spring break. Here are a few:


Hudson Highlands Nature Museum

This museum first opened its doors in 1959 and has evolved into a leading provider of nature education for the region. Kids can learn about the environment and habitats that share with native animals. Think of this as an outdoor museum where the learning comes from exploring.

Bear Mountain State Park

A day at the park sounds like fun but you might want to commit to more than one day at Beat Mountain State Park. There is just so much to do like fishing, swimming, hiking, biking and visiting the zoo. Yes, they even have a zoo.

Bounce! Trampoline Sports

One trampoline is fun. Now imagine 10,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines. That’s fun overload! There is also a new Bounce! Xtreme Ninja Obstacle course that is a great workout. This is also the perfect place for parties. Just don’t bounce after the cake!

The Library

When was the last time you took the kids to the library? You might already be regular visitors. If not, then this is a terrific routine to get into starting with spring break. Whichever library is closets to your home is sure to have all kinds of fun activities going on at this time of the year. Plus, getting your kids excited about reading by letting them pick out their own books is always a good idea.

There is certainly plenty to do around Hudson Valley this spring break. You’ll feel much better about going out and about when the chores are done at home. If you’ve been putting off getting rid of rubbish, then the wait is over. Just hire Junk King Hudson Valley for a junk clearing session and it will all be done. At long last, you can finally toss out all the unwanted furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods. Hiring Junk King Hudson Valley to remove your rubbish will give you plenty of time to enjoy spring break. Make it happen today!

Best Approach For Buying A New Car

Next to your home and kid’s college, your car is a major financial investment. This is why you want to take a proactive approach to buying a new car. The more research and thought you put into the purchase, the more you’ll be able to avoid buyer’s remorse. Here is a good approach to take:


Trade In or Sell Your Old Car

What is your current car worth? The Kelly Blue Book is probably the best source. They rate a car for its trade-in value or if you plan on selling it yourself. You might find that selling it on your own could get you more money but there is no guarantee it will sell. Still, it might be worth the effort to list it on Craigslist for a week to see if there are any offers. Two very important things with a private sale: Get the terms in writing and that should include the fact that this is an “as is” sale. You’re not giving any warranties or making any promises about performance. Next, don’t sell your car to a friend or family member. Too many things can go wrong.

Whatever money you make on the sale, you can still put towards the purchase of your new car. At least that way, it will take up a lot less time than having you bring the car into the dealer and getting it evaluated.

Budget Out Your Loan

You can get pre-approved for a car loan before showing up at the dealer. That means you can know exactly what you can spend. However, just because you can borrow up to a certain amount doesn’t mean you have to go that high. You should always look for ways to get your monthly payments as manageable as possible. Your budget should also include insurance and annual registration fees, all of which will go up.

New Car Pricing

As you start researching your new car, you’ll find there are two price points: The invoice price and the MSRP price. The invoice is the dealer’s cost for the vehicle. Think of this as the “wholesale price.” This is how much they bought the car for. It is good information to know because you can then be realistic with your negotiating. For instance, if the invoice price of a car is $20,000, then there is no way you’ll get it for anything less than that. The MSRP is the “sticker price.” This is the invoice price, plus all the extras the dealer has tacked on. This will be the number you can start “shaving.”

When you bring that car home, you’ll want to protect that investment. Best approach for that is to park in a garage. To get that space ready, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Hudson Valley. These are the professional junk haulers who can empty out a garage in no time at all. It only takes one junk clearing appointment with Junk King Hudson Valley to make sure your new car will have a safe place to park.

Steps To Get Your Kitchen Organized

Are you ready to get your kitchen organized? Once completed, an organized kitchen will make cooking and cleaning go a lot smoother. Here are the steps to follow to get your kitchen organized:


Step 1: Take Everything Out

You need to see what you’re working with. That means everything has to come out of every drawer and every cabinet. You don’t want to do one cabinet at a time but all of them. You’ll probably need to spread things out on the dining room table to access what you have. Once everything is out, take advantage of the clear space by wiping down all the shelves and drawers. It will be as clean as it was when you moved in!

Step 2: Take Stock

Now that you can see everything, you get to decide what stays and goes. You might discover containers and gadgets that you forgot you had. That would be great if you can put them to use but if you have things you haven’t used in over a year, then it is a safe bet you can do without. The goal is to minimize what you have. That will help with organizing and with access.

Step 3: Improve Storage

With everything out, you have a good chance to utilize better storage devices. Hooks can go on the inside of a cabinet to hang pot lids. A magazine holder can be used for cutting boards. A Lazy Susan can be put in the pantry shelf for spices and canned goods. Big containers can be used to hold all those little containers. It is all about finding a home for every item in your kitchen. You might also discover that some things work better out of drawers or cabinets. Perhaps it is time to put up a pot rack on the wall or a magnetic strip for your knives.

Step 4: Put It Back

Now you get to put everything back but with a better sense of where it all is going. You want to try and keep your cooking utensils close to where you do your prep work. Once it is all back, give your family a “tour” of the new organized kitchen so they’ll also know where everything goes.

Now that the kitchen is organized, you might be left with a lot of stuff to get rid of. A smart move would be to turn all those household goods over to Junk King Hudson Valley. These are the junk removal pros that will not only clear all that unwanted clutter away but will see that is gets dropped off a charity. A clutter clearing session with Junk King Hudson Valley is the perfect way to help get your kitchen organized.

Ready To Start A New Hobby?

Everyone should have a hobby. These are the activities that help us unwind after a long day at work. They’re also fun to share with friends and family members. Too often folks complain that they don’t have time for a hobby. That’s what is great about hobbies: You can spend a little or a lot of time on them. Are you ready to start a new hobby? Here are some terrific ideas:



If you like working with knots and loops but on a slighter bigger scale than making lace, then macramé projects might be for you. All it takes are several yards of cotton cord and design plans you can download online. Before long, you can create holders for hanging all kinds of baskets and planters. You can also “shrink” your efforts to make mini-macramé bracelets. Those make wonderful gifts.

Painting by Numbers

You might have done paint by numbers pictures as a kid. Now that you’re grown up and know the benefit of staying within the line, you can probably take those paintings to the next level. These are very rewarding projects that can make for terrific decorations around the home or office. As for what you can paint by numbers, you’ll be amazed at just how many kits are available of scenic landscapes and copies of masterpieces.


If you’re not afraid of using a saw and other power tools, then perhaps you can take up woodworking. Once again, you’ll find all kinds of designs and templates online to help you build anything from a toy train set to a backyard picnic table.

Most hobbies don’t require a lot of space to take on but it helps to have a corner of the garage or spare room where you can store all your materials. This is where Junk King Hudson Valley can be a bit of a help. Junk King can dispatch a pair of dependable movers who can clear out clutter from any corner in your home. Just taking out an old sofa in the basement or the dresser in the garage will open up enough space to get you started. Begin your new hobby with space clearing help from Junk King Hudson Valley.

Make Junk Removal Work For You

In theory, city workers actually work for us. We pay their salaries through the taxes collected by the city and the state. In return, they provide a wide range of services from putting out fires to collecting garbage. But that doesn’t mean we can actually “boss” these workers around. They have to follow rules. That is very true when it comes to that garbage collecting. As much as we’d like to have the garbage trucks be on call to take away anything we want to get rid of, they could never do that because it would interfere with normal collections. That is why it is so challenging to get rid of oversized items like a coach or washing machine. The way to make junk removal work for you is to hire Junk King Hudson Valley from the start.


Junk King works on your terms and that starts with scheduling. Most often, they won’t tell you when they’re open. You’ll tell them when a pickup works best for your time and that’s when they’ll make it happen. On the day of your pickup, the Junk King crew will be in constant contact to keep you aware of their ETA.

The only limit Junk King puts on what they can take away is the same limits as the city: No hazardous materials. You won’t be able to get rid of propane tanks or cans of unused paint. But the Junk King crews can tell you the closet drop off for those kinds of objects. As for the rest, everything goes regardless of size or weight.

If you were to follow a Junk King crew around for a typical day you might see things going on the back of the truck like refrigerators, mattresses, sofas, bookshelves and the occasional hot tub. Yes, even something that big can make it onto the truck even if it has to be cut up into pieces (true story!).

To help with this entire junk removal process, Junk King will provide you with a pair of movers who are going to do all the lifting. Making junk removal easy is what Junk King Hudson Valley is all about. Put them to work today.

Make Smart Home Improvement Investments

Buyer’s remorse often happens after you buy something and regret you made the purchase. That regret can be tied up in how much you just spent and the fact that there might be a better deal out there. When it comes to making a home improvement, you certainly don’t want to feel any remorse. That would happen when you get your home appraised and discover you’re not getting the return on your investment that you though you would. Here are some smart home improvement investments you should consider:


A Minor Bathroom Remodel

Next to remodeling the kitchen, bathroom remodels are extremely popular. They are also surprisingly affordable if you plan right. You could spend around $10,000 replacing a tub, tiling the floor, swapping out the sink and upgrading fixtures. What you would get back is exactly that much and perhaps a bit more on your new appraisal. If you don’t want to spend that much, then consider minor upgrades like re-glazing a tub and replacing all the surrounding caulk. You can swap out fixtures on the sink but keep the vanity. With a shower, you can replace the doors or remove them all together to give the illusion of more space. Fresh paint and some additional shelving for storage and it’s like a whole new bathroom.


How is your curb appeal? Try standing across the street to look at your home. That’s the best way to spot those areas that could stand with improvement. You could invest in a professional landscaper to set up a new garden. Once installed, you can take over the upkept. Bringing in hardscape elements like gravel or mulch is a terrific way to makeover your front yard’s landscaping. You should also give equal attention to the backyard as well. The more green you can add, the better the return on the investment.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

It is easy to fall down the “rabbit hole” of a kitchen remodel and spend twice as much as you need to to see a return on the investment. A minor remodel would involve re-facing or repainting your cabinets and drawers. That is a much more affordable option than replacing them all together. Try adding recessed lighting to the countertops and invest in a stove and refrigerator upgrade. Just be sure to pick models that will fit in the existing space.

Of course, the best home improvement project always starts with a thorough decluttering. It’s not just about picking up wayward backpacks and toys. Instead, go through every room in the home and identify those things you can do without. When you have you list, call in Junk King Hudson Valley. One session with these junk hauling experts is all it will take to get your home clear of any and all junk items. Start your home improvement project with a junk hauling appointment from Junk King Hudson Valley. Your home will look great.

Tips For Making Your Home Safe For Seniors

As our parents get older, it might make more practical sense to move them out of a big house they can’t keep up and into your home. This is going to mean an adjustment on everyone’s part but once things have been worked out, you’ll find it is a lot less stressful having your folks around. To get here, put some of these tips for making your home safe into action.


More Light

You know your way around your house. You could even find your way to the bathroom in the dark. That’s not going to be happening for your parents. A few properly placed motion sensor lights can make a huge difference. These can be placed in hallways and staircases. You can also make it easier to turn on lamps in the living room with a foot pedal plug. That way no one has to reach for a switch.

Extra Grips

The bathroom is the “hot zone” in terms of home accidents and most of those accidents are tied to slipping and falling. Start with rubber mats/rugs for the bathroom floor. These mats shouldn’t allow for any slippage. You might also consider installing grip handles for better ease of getting in and out of the shower. While you’re focused on grips, you’ll also want to check all the railings in and out of the home. There shouldn’t be any “wobble” on staircase or porch railings.

Less Clutter

The more clutter you have in your home, the more potential tripping hazards you might have. That clutter can be the things that are “dropped” like shoes, backpacks and toys. It can also be things like ottoman and footstools. They might look nice but décor isn’t worth someone tripping. The dropped off things can be picked up and put away. As for the other clutter, you might want to bring in Junk King Hudson Valley. It will only take one session with Junk King to get all your unwanted furniture, appliances and clothing carted away. Remember, with Junk King on the job most of that is collected could be donated to a charity. Make your home safe for seniors by clearing out the clutter. Junk King Hudson Valley can make it happen today.

Don’t Hang Onto Shed Clutter

Here in Hudson Valley, every home has at least one good snow shovel. Others take snow removal to another level with the addition of a snow blower. The ultimate is the snowplow attachment to a rider lawnmower. These are the tools of winter and they need to be easy to access. That is why it is important to keep the clutter out of your storage shed. You won’t want to be rifling through rusty junk searching for the snow shovel. If you want to get your shed clutter cleared fast, then the only call to make is to Junk King Hudson Valley.



The typical junk removal session involves hauling away furniture and appliances. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience maneuvering sofas and stoves down hallways and out the front door. But they aren’t limited to getting rid of things just from inside the house. They can also do amazing things clearing out that backyard shed. It doesn’t matter to the crew if they have to carry out something that is grimy or coated with rust. Their only focus is to take out the things you want gone.

Your only responsibility in this process is to sort through your stuff and decide what you want gone. Then it is simply a matter of pointing to the things and watching the crew cart them away. How the crew packs up the truck will determine the final fee. They’ll be able to provide you with an estimate based on how everything will fit into the truck. Not only are these crews expert movers but they’re also expert packers. The tighter they fit that stuff into the truck, the less you’ll have to pay.

As part of their junk removal package, Junk King Hudson Valley will strive to get as much of what they collect to a charity or recycling centers. The crews will sort through all the stuff they load into the truck and pick out those items that can be reused or repurposed. This is how Junk King operates. Keep your home and shed clear of clutter with one rubbish removal session from Junk King Hudson Valley.

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

There are some parts of the country like Southern California in Florida where winter constitutes putting on a sweater for one day. That certainly is the case here in the Hudson Valley. We feel winter in all its glory! Not only do we have to break out the winter clothing at this time of the year but we also have to do some prep work around the house before turns too cold. Here are some the things you need to do to get your home ready for winter:


Insulate Pipes

Freezing pipes or a big issue in this area. Conventional wisdom holds that if you allow water to drip then the pipes don’t freeze. That isn’t necessarily so. If you are that concerned about your pipes freezing, then you’re better off getting them insulated.  The pipes that have to be insulated are the ones that are exposed down the basement. It’s easy to wrap them with insulating materials. This is definitely a DIY job you can take care of one Saturday morning.

Get Your Chimney Clean

If your house is lucky enough to have a working fireplace, then you need to make sure that fireplace is clean before you start in the winter. This is a job that is probably best left to professionals. Along with getting your chimney clean, you should also get your firewood ordered. You definitely don’t want to call around on Christmas Eve looking for wood!

Clear Your Rain Gutters

You might have already cleared your rain gutters at the beginning of fall. But that doesn’t mean they stayed clear. Any blockage that is there during the winter could create a frozen water dam. That leads to icicles, which look nice but could be a major hazard.

Get Rid Of Rubbish

Winter is a time where you stay indoors and get cozy and warm. You certainly don’t want to be surrounded by rubbish. One session with Junk King Hudson Valley can help you clear out all your unwanted furniture and other household goods. It’s also a perfect opportunity to make room in your closets. Remember, everything you turn over to Junk King has the opportunity to be dropped off at a charity. You can truly transform your home by clearing out all the winter rubbish today with help from Junk King Hudson Valley.

How To Get Ready For The Holidays

Now that Thanksgiving is just a pleasant memory, it is time to get serious about the holidays. The clock is ticking and we’re only just weeks away from it all coming together. Will you be ready? It will help to take a moment and plot out your holiday strategy. Here’s how to ready for the holidays:


Make a List

Just like Santa, you need to make a list and check it twice. This list should be all the people you plan on getting gifts from immediate family to the garbage collectors (if they’re on your list!). As you make the list, you might already have the gifts in mind (hint: gift cards). It is important for the next tip:

Make a Budget

A major cause for stress during the holidays is spending too much money. Usually, that stress doesn’t show up until after January when the bills start rolling in. Setting a budget might mean getting creative with your gifts. A tin of home baked cookies is a great gift for coworkers and not expensive.

Shop Ahead

Your shopping has probably kicked into gear. The goal is to get everything done long before that last week prior to Christmas. If you’re sending out packages, then they have to be in the mail by December 19th in order to make it to their destination by the 25th. As you’ve no doubt discovered, online shopping is a great convenience. You could literally spend two hours shopping on line and get all you need vs. six hours at the mall. A lot less stress, too!

Bake Ahead

If everyone is counting on you for your cookies, then you’ll want to bake ahead as much as possible. This is actually something you can do in conjunction with your online shopping. As those cookies are baking, you can be shopping. Two tasks complete.

Plan Fun Events

It shouldn’t just be prep/work for the holidays. You’ve got to have fun with the family. Schedule a movie night for those holiday favorites. Plan on an outing to look at lights or take in some other great Hudson Valley holiday event. These are the moments that holiday are really for.

Clear Out the Clutter

A lot of new things will be coming into your home over the next couple of week. Not only presents under the tree but also guests for visiting. This is why you want to clear out the clutter ASAP. Junk King Hudson Valley can be a big help with that. It will only take a single junk removal session to have old sofas, futons, appliances or electronics clear out of your home. That is going to make a huge difference. The best way to get your home ready for the holidays is hiring Junk King Hudson Valley to haul away the junk.

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