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Give The Gift Of No Rubbish For Christmas

The first time we asked for something a Christmas was usually on Santa’s lap. We might not remember what that first gift was but there is no doubt photographic evidence of that trip. The older we get the demands for Christmas presents diminish. In a way, we become better gift givers than gift receivers. This year, you have the opportunity to provide a very unique gift for someone special in your life. That would be the gift of no rubbish for Christmas. This doesn’t mean you are going to avoid wrapping up the present that nobody wants. But instead the “no rubbish” means a rubbish removal session from Junk King Hudson Valley. Do you know someone who could benefit from that kind of service?


Every appointment set up by Junk King is staffed by two movers. Right out of the box, you can see where this type of help makes a huge difference. There are some so-called professional junk haulers who have no problem picking up your stuff provided you bring it down to the curve. If it was that easy you probably would’ve gotten rid of it by now. That special someone in your life who doesn’t have a truck or movers might have been stuck with a lot of things like old sofas, chairs, tables, bedroom sets and broken appliances in their homes because there’s no other way to get rid of them. Now there is an you will be very happy at how fast it all happen.

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to give the gift of no rubbish from Junk King. You can set up the appointment with the recipient today. As long as they know what they want to get rid of the Junk King crew will move very swiftly to make that happen. Usually they complete assignments within 24 hours of that first contact. Before the crew fills up the truck, you’ll be able to work out the final price and that will be based upon how your stuff will fit onto the truck. It’s a very fair and affordable approach for this kind of service. A rubbish removal gift from Junk King Hudson Valley can have a big impact in someone’s life this Christmas. Are you ready to book that session today?

Clear Out All Your Scary Rubbish In One Session

The Hudson Valley is a wonderful place to explore in the fall. It also is the perfect destination for Halloween. After all, this is where the legend of the Headless Horseman was born. Would you ever dare to go out in the woods on Halloween night? It’s probably better to stick around your home and take in all the scary sights set up on your neighbors lawns. When Halloween is over, it will be time to shift gears into more “friendly” kinds of decorations. In order to get your home ready, you’ll want to get all your scary rubbish cleared away. That is easy to accomplish when you partner up with Junk King Hudson Valley.


What is the scariest piece of rubbish you’d like to get rid of from your home? Would it be a piece of furniture that is so worn out that everyone is afraid to sit on it? Would it be boxes of clothes so old that they would all make good Halloween costumes? Maybe you’ve got a rusty lawnmower in the garage that is downright menacing looking. All of that can be gathered up by the Junk King crew for a fast removal in a single session. This is how it can happen:

You call Junk King to set up your appointment. The crew arrives. You show them what you want removed. They quickly and efficiently whisk it all out of your home and onto their truck. Mission accomplished. Yes, it really is that simple.

Here’s what you should keep in mind. The crew from Junk King is going to do all the heavy lifting. That means any object, regardless of weight or size, can be carried out of your home. The cost is a flat fee that is determined by the crew before the work begins. They’ll estimate how tightly everything can be packed on the truck. The less space for your junk, the lower price you’ll pay.

What about the disposal? That is something you don’t have to think twice about. Just know that Junk King is dedicated to an eco-friendly building practice that is all about recycling and donating. Are you ready to get rid of your scary rubbish? Then you’re ready to put Junk King Hudson Valley on the job.

Make Junk Removal Work For You

In theory, city workers actually work for us. We pay their salaries through the taxes collected by the city and the state. In return, they provide a wide range of services from putting out fires to collecting garbage. But that doesn’t mean we can actually “boss” these workers around. They have to follow rules. That is very true when it comes to that garbage collecting. As much as we’d like to have the garbage trucks be on call to take away anything we want to get rid of, they could never do that because it would interfere with normal collections. That is why it is so challenging to get rid of oversized items like a coach or washing machine. The way to make junk removal work for you is to hire Junk King Hudson Valley from the start.


Junk King works on your terms and that starts with scheduling. Most often, they won’t tell you when they’re open. You’ll tell them when a pickup works best for your time and that’s when they’ll make it happen. On the day of your pickup, the Junk King crew will be in constant contact to keep you aware of their ETA.

The only limit Junk King puts on what they can take away is the same limits as the city: No hazardous materials. You won’t be able to get rid of propane tanks or cans of unused paint. But the Junk King crews can tell you the closet drop off for those kinds of objects. As for the rest, everything goes regardless of size or weight.

If you were to follow a Junk King crew around for a typical day you might see things going on the back of the truck like refrigerators, mattresses, sofas, bookshelves and the occasional hot tub. Yes, even something that big can make it onto the truck even if it has to be cut up into pieces (true story!).

To help with this entire junk removal process, Junk King will provide you with a pair of movers who are going to do all the lifting. Making junk removal easy is what Junk King Hudson Valley is all about. Put them to work today.

Don’t Hang Onto Shed Clutter

Here in Hudson Valley, every home has at least one good snow shovel. Others take snow removal to another level with the addition of a snow blower. The ultimate is the snowplow attachment to a rider lawnmower. These are the tools of winter and they need to be easy to access. That is why it is important to keep the clutter out of your storage shed. You won’t want to be rifling through rusty junk searching for the snow shovel. If you want to get your shed clutter cleared fast, then the only call to make is to Junk King Hudson Valley.



The typical junk removal session involves hauling away furniture and appliances. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience maneuvering sofas and stoves down hallways and out the front door. But they aren’t limited to getting rid of things just from inside the house. They can also do amazing things clearing out that backyard shed. It doesn’t matter to the crew if they have to carry out something that is grimy or coated with rust. Their only focus is to take out the things you want gone.

Your only responsibility in this process is to sort through your stuff and decide what you want gone. Then it is simply a matter of pointing to the things and watching the crew cart them away. How the crew packs up the truck will determine the final fee. They’ll be able to provide you with an estimate based on how everything will fit into the truck. Not only are these crews expert movers but they’re also expert packers. The tighter they fit that stuff into the truck, the less you’ll have to pay.

As part of their junk removal package, Junk King Hudson Valley will strive to get as much of what they collect to a charity or recycling centers. The crews will sort through all the stuff they load into the truck and pick out those items that can be reused or repurposed. This is how Junk King operates. Keep your home and shed clear of clutter with one rubbish removal session from Junk King Hudson Valley.

Regular Junk Removal Keeps Your Business Clutter Free

A customer to your business expects certain things in exchange for their patronage. They want you to be open when you say you’re open and provide whatever goods or services you promise to provide. That holds true to a shoe store or a bistro. Customers also want a friendly and inviting atmosphere in order for them to enjoy the experience at your business. They certainly don’t want to be confronted with a lot of clutter. This is why you may want to set up a regular rubbish removal session with Junk King Hudson Valley.


There’s a lot you have to do to keep your business successful. Beyond all the operational components, there is the customer service and marketing. The last thing you want to be focused on is getting rid of boxes, furniture, equipment and all the other stuff that piles up every week. Knowing that Junk King is going to show up at a particular day is a great stress reducer because you know they can take away just about anything.

Junk King always provides at least two crewmembers to take care of the removal of your items. If it turns out that what you’re getting rid of requires more help, then junk King will happily provide that at no extra cost. It’s not often you hear that phrase when it comes to providing a service but that’s exactly how Junk King operates. Their fees always based on volume and not weight or manpower hours. The crew determines the volume once they’ve had a chance to size up all the things you want to get rid of.

These teams have a lot of experience packing up the truck with all kinds of bulky items. Don’t know from a glance whether or not your stuff will fill half, quarter or one third of the truck. Once they provide you with the estimate, it’s not going to change. You can count on that. You can also count on Junk King disposing of your collected clutter in a very eco-friendly manner. That just makes good business sense.

Whether you opt for once a week, biweekly or monthly pickup, you’ll know that with Junk King Hudson Valley on the job your business will remain clutter free.

How To Pick the Right Storage Unit

Are you planning a move this fall? You may find that the place you’re moving to has less storage room than where you’re currently living. One solution would be to rent a storage unit for your excess stuff. Before settling on a unit there are some things that you need to be aware of. Here’s what you want to think about regarding a storage unit rental:


Immediate Access

Other things you put in the storage items that are going to deal with much later or will you be constantly going in and out to access some of that stuff? That should determine where your storage facility should be located. You don’t want to drive across town to pick up a few things. Fortunately, no matter where you live, chances are there will be a storage unit facility within a few miles.

Consider the Space

Every storage unit facility offers a variety of spaces in all different sizes. It might help for you to go and walk out the space and measured for yourself before deciding on which one works best for you. If you’re in a situation where you can project that you’re going to be adding your storage unit, then it might be best to get the next size up. You don’t want to constantly be moving in and out of a storage unit.


Many storage units allow for 24-hour access. However, some facilities are more restricted. They may even charge fees for after business hours access. You shouldn’t have to pay to get to your home stuff. But also be practical. Do you really need to go to your storage unit at three in the morning?

Climate control

If you are planning to put anything in storage that you would consider delicate like an antique furniture or collectibles, then you might want to look into a climate control unit. That can prevent what you have in storage from being warped by humidity. That’s a major consideration especially in the summertime.

Smart Packing

You want to be smart about your packing. Not only should you keep an inventory of the boxes that you putting in there but also you don’t want to pack any rubbish. As you sort through your belongings at home, you may want to put Junk King Hudson Valley on standby. These are the junk hauling experts who will quickly dispatch a pair of movers and a big truck to your home to pick up all the stuff you want to get rid of. Don’t pay to put junk in storage. Give it all to Junk King Hudson Valley instead.

Best Way To Clear Out Your Old Tools And Rubbish

What kind of shape are your tools in? Are they up to the task or have they become rusty and stuck? Maybe it’s been a long while since you use some of these things or you’ve used them so much that they have completely worn down. The worst thing that can happen is you go to use a tool only to find it is totally useless. A typical response would be to replace that item right away but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re throwing out the old tool. That is why you often find garages and basements cluttered with broken tools and equipment. If you’ve run out of space, then it’s time to bring in Junk King Hudson Valley.


The only way to get organized around your home is to get rid of all the unwanted clutter. Just because a tool has served you well over the years doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it indefinitely. One call to Junk King Hudson Valley can make it and all the rest of your rubbish disappear in a single junk removal session. When you call to set up your junk removal appointment you don’t have to itemize your list of things are going to be tossing out. Although the Junk King Hudson Valley rep you speak to might be able to give you a rough estimate of cost, they won’t be able to finalize the deal until the size up the stuff in person. That’s because they’re looking to see how your stuff fits on the back of the truck. The goal for the crews is to pack everything in as tightly as possible. That will junk King Hudson Valleytranslate into a lower fee for your session. It’s not about weight but it’s about volume.

If you worried about your stuff going to waste don’t be. Junk King Hudson Valley is dedicated to recycling in repurposed thing as much of what they collect as possible. That means they’ll be making drop offs at a charity with a lot of items collected from your home and other homes. You don’t have to determine whether or not something can be donated. That is something that Junk King Hudson Valley crews have been chain for. Make room in your home by getting rid of your old tools and rubbish with one call to Junk King Hudson Valley.

Enjoy The Most Of Your Summer By Getting Rid Of Junk First

What is your favorite thing to do over the summer in Hudson Valley? Is it to spend time picking fresh berries at one of the many farms in the area? What about cooling off at the great water parks? There is always the chance to take in a special screening of a movie at an outdoor theater. And nothing beats riding the rails on a lazy summer afternoon. Of course, you’ll feel a lot better taking in those fun summer activities if you know all the chores around your home have been completed. The quickest way for you to clear the clutter is to bring in the pros from Junk King Hudson Valley. One call to this company will have all your junk gone in a single appointment. That gets you out having fun a lot quicker!


There may come a time over the summer when you don’t feel like doing any kind of work. Thankfully, the crews from Junk King Hudson Valley never feel that way. They are standing by to provide all the help you need to clear out any amount of unwanted stuff from your home. These hard-working crews will show up whether it’s hot, cold, raining or snowing! When they arrive the first thing that crew from Junk King Hudson Valley needs to do is look over all the things you want to throw out. They’re not being nosy but instead are putting together an estimate of how much space your stuff will need the back of the truck.

The great thing about working with Junk King Hudson Valley is that there always busy. This means they need to pack up those trucks as tightly as possible on every stop. That translates into you benefiting from the low end of the price scale. Once you agree to that fee the crew will get to work and all of your clutter will be gone in no time at all. You can get rid of all the big stuff and little stuff in your home in a single appointment. When the job is done, the crew will sweep up and be on their way. You can get back to enjoying the rest of your summer. Don’t waste another day surrounded by junk. Turn it all over to Junk King Hudson Valley.