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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Old Fence Disposal Is A Job For Junk King Indianapolis

As much as you like to do thing around the house, there are some jobs that are best handled by an outside professional. For some homeowners, it is hard to “give up” doing those repair and renovations job but it always works out in the long wrong especially when it comes to saving time and saving their backs! A perfect example would be the removal of an old fence. This is definitely a two-man operation, at least. It also requires a big truck capable of holding all the things that will be brought down in the process. And yes, it can be “back breaking” work if you don’t have the right experience with this type of labor. All of that points to the need of hiring that outside help and the best company for an old fence disposal would be Junk King Indianapolis.

Messy Work

There is no escaping the fact that getting rid of an old fence is messy work. Fortunately, the crew from Junk King won’t mind getting their hands dirty with this task. Whether the old fence is made from wood planks or chain link metal, it will have to be pulled from the ground. It might also have to be cut up into sections in order for it to be safely loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. Factor in the heat of a summer day and you can see how this job can be challenge if you were to take it on by yourself.

Before the Start

Before the start of the job, the crew from Junk King is going to work out the fee for the service. That involves an assessment of all the things that are going to be loaded onto the truck. This is where experience for this type of work matters. The Junk King crew needs to base their estimate on how much room the old fence debris will fill on the back of the truck. They won’t be charging by the pound. Once the price has been settled, they team will get to work and it won’t be long before your old fence is totally cleared around.

The best option for an old fence disposal is to bring in the squad from Junk King Indianapolis from the start. They’re waiting for your call!

Backyard Rubbish Removal Is Easy With Junk King On The Job

Each week, Indianapolis residents fill up the trash cans with all the garbage generated in the last seven days and then place those can to the curb for pickup. It is a very efficient system that is only occasionally interrupted by foul weather. Sometimes those trash cans of full to the brim and other times only halfway full. Unfortunately, not everything that you would like to get rid of from your property can fit into that trash can. When you’ve got some big rubbish items to remove from the backyard you need to bring in some outside help. That help can come from Junk King Indianapolis.

Problem Solvers

The main reason that you don’t throw out the big stuff from your backyard could be that it first has to be taken apart. Think about playground sets that the kids of outgrown, above ground pools, toolshed’s and even hot tubs. Those are all things that could be lifted in one piece but instead have to be dismantled. You may be happy to hear that is exactly the kind of work Junk King can provide for you. The crews are adept at taking down all kinds of structures and making sure all the pieces get loaded onto the truck. A while back, one Junk King crew literally solved a hot tub in half in order to get it out of the yard. This is a team of terrific problem solvers who will be happy to make any structure item in your backyard disappear.

Inside, Too

When the team from Junk King has cleared out the backyard of all the rubbish, they can also help remove the unwanted things from the inside of your home. They will be plenty of room on the truck for the old couch, dresser or mattress that you want to clear out. They can also take away all the outdated electronics that you got in closets and out of the garage. Those are things that need to be disposed of at certified recycling center and that is exactly where the crew from Junk King will drop it off.

Backyard rubbish removal is easy when you give that job to Junk King Indianapolis. You are going to like how fast they work.

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