How To Make The Move To The Toddler Bed

At some point, parents stop keeping track of their child’s age as much as by their milestones. That progress is tied to big moments like walking, talking and the ever-important potty training. Once a toddler has started preschool, they might be ready for another big milestone: Switching to a toddler bed. Here’s how to make that move a smooth one:


Introduce the Idea Through Books

The best way to get a 3-year-old to do something is for them to want to do it on their own. You could start reading books centered on moving to a big bed with the hope that your little one will be asking when they can make the move. This gets them engaged in the process and puts them in charge (so they think!).

Secure the Room/House

Having a toddler move into their own bed opens up the possibility that they will wander off in the night. They might not leave the house but making a trip to the cookie jar or the TV isn’t that farfetched. This is why you need to set boundaries. They need to know they can’t leave the bed unless given permission. It might help to secure their bedroom door to prevent those late-night trips. As an added precaution, you’ll also want to secure cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen. Yes, their exploring knows no bounds

Pick the Right Bed

Although you might be tempted to pick the “fun” bed, take a moment to consider usefulness. That racecar bed might be cool because you’re kid is into racecars but what happens when he isn’t anymore? Could they be his excuse not to go to bed? It might be best to stay basic with the toddle bed. You can let them have fun with the choice of bedding or wall decals but the bed should be sturdy and low to the floor. It doesn’t have to be any more than that.

As you get the room ready for the big switch, you might need to bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Indianapolis. This crew will be able to swiftly remove all the baby furniture that is no longer appropriate. While they’re at it, the team from Junk King can also clear out more storage space when you turn over all your unwanted toys and clothing. None of this stuff will end up in a landfill. Instead, it can all be dropped off at a nearby charity. Your move to the toddler bed just got a lot simpler thanks to Junk King Indianapolis.

When Curbside Rubbish Pickup Won’t Work

There is a lot that the city government provides for its citizens. Police and fire response, water, electricity and garbage pickup are among the many municipal services we all have come to rely on. Of course, none of those services are free. They’re all paid for through property and sales taxes as well as fees tacked onto utility bills. You might think that because we’re paying for these services that we’re entitled to something extra. At the very least, the garbage crew can pick up an old recliner, right? That’s not always the case.


Scheduling is always a hassle that results in waiting for a few weeks before they can come by. When the garbage crews do make the pickup they expect that recliner to be down by the curbside. That just might not be feasible. Plus, what about all the other big things to want to get rid of? When curbside rubbish pickup won’t work, it is time to call in Junk King Indianapolis.

The first thing to understand about how Junk King operates is that they work around your schedule. You shouldn’t have to wait to get rid of something once you’ve decided it has to go. If you set up an appointment with Junk King today, then it is a safe bet that they will have your stuff picked up by tomorrow. In some cases, it can even be the same day. How is that for fast service?

As for what you can get rid of, take into account that you’ll be assigned to movers and those movers will have a huge truck. That translates into just not one recliner being removed but an entire room full of furniture (if you want). It also means all the old clothing, toys, books, appliances and electronics can also be loaded onto the truck. Although Junk King would love to help you whenever you need, their goal is to get everything you want gone onto that truck in a single session.

Also, consider what happens to your rubbish when you give it to the garbage collectors. It goes straight to landfill. With Junk King Indianapolis on the job, your unwanted items could find a new lease on life with a drop off at charity. Forget the curbside pickup that doesn’t work. Hire Junk King Indianapolis today for all your junk removal needs.


Make Room In Your Backyard Shed

It is that time of year to break out the snow sleds and have some fun in the flakes. You might not like a snow day as much as your kids but they’re certainly going to make the most of staying home from school. Before you get too deep into winter, you might benefit from making room in your backyard shed. This is where you can keep all the “winter toys.” You want to make them easy to get to and that means tossing out the broken and unused items from that shed. That’s a job for Junk King Indianapolis.


Junk King is a lot like the postal service: They’re going to work in all kinds of weather. It might be too cold for you to consider renting a truck, loading it up with your shed clutter and then driving around the city looking for a proper dumping site. That’s not a challenge for the team from Junk King. Don’t feel guilt about asking them to clear out the shed. They’ll be prepared to work in the cold weather. They also work fast. As long as you’re clear about what you want taken away, they’ll move fast.

Before the work begins, you’ll point out all the items you want removed from your shed. The crew will then provide you with an estimate based on how they’re going to pack up the truck. Their goal is always to pack it up tight. That means you’ll get a price on the low end of the scale. Good deals all around.

If you know what you want to get rid of, then make the call to Junk King. They might have a same-day pick up appointment available. You can also wait until the weekend if that works better for your schedule. Just because you’re getting rid of shed clutter doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Junk King can also help you clean out your garage. Wouldn’t it be nice to park your car in there again? It only takes one session with Junk King Indianapolis to get rid of all your unwanted clutter in your shed and home. Are you ready for to make that session happen?

How To Start Your Home Business

Starting a home business makes you your own boss. It is probably the one thing every worker wishes for. First, you start with an idea that is based on a service or product you can provide. One customer leads to another. A home business might take a few months to ramp up but once you’re established you can grow your business as big as you want. The ultimate goal might even be to move it out of the home. Here are some great tips for how to start your home business?


Establish a Schedule

Because you’re working from home, you can truly set your own hours but that doesn’t mean you should work around the clock. Yes, it might require additional hours at the start but once you get into a work rhythm it is important to stay consistent. Set a time during each day that you can devote to your business and stick to that schedule just as you would with an outside job.

Find a Mentor

Working at home can be very rewarding but it can also be isolating. That is why you need to look for a mentor that is related in your industry. This is not necessarily someone you need to meet once a week but it would be great to find out someone who has gone through the same process you’re going through now. There are many resources online where you can reach out and find someone willing to offer advice and counsel. If help is offered, then by all means, take it.

Get Outside of the House

You might find that a large portion of your business can be conducted online. You might even find clients through email, set up a contract and provide services without ever speaking to them. But it is important to get outside of the house and network face-to-face. In addition to meeting potential clients, look for trade conferences you can attend to further expand your network.

Promote Online

You might have already set up a personal Facebook page. That is a good foundation to build out your business social media network. You should set up accounts all across the many popular social media outlets. There are programs that allow you to post across those platforms all at once. Best of all, it is all free.

Set Up a Office

Your home business will need a dedicated space that you can call your office. Ideally, it would be a spare room that can be cleared out of old furniture, boxes and other discarded household items. For that kind of clearing, you might need to bring in professional help in the form of Junk King Indianapolis. You’ll be assigned a pair of competent movers who can clear out a room in no time at all. Once that happens, you can organize your office. The best start to your home business is a junk clearing session with Junk King Indianapolis.

Get Rid Of Heavy Yard Debris Today

There are a lot of things around your house you don’t mind holding onto. That certainly true for most of your furniture, clothing and appliances. Out in the yard, you definitely want to keep a working grill and comfortable patio furniture. But just as there are plenty of things you want to keep, there could be plenty of things you want to get rid of. The only thing stopping you from doing that is the fact that they might be much of a challenge to move on your own. You can get rid of heavy yard debris today with one call to Junk King Indianapolis.


Junk King Indianapolis specializes in removing unwanted rubbish from inside of homes all throughout the Indianapolis area. But that doesn’t mean they can do great job with yard cleanup as well. Every junk removal session set up by Junk King is staffed by a pair of very capable movers. It really doesn’t matter to this team what they’re taking away. All that matters is that you want to gone and that it fits on the truck.

With some items, fitting on the truck requires taking it apart first. That holds true for things like a backyard swing set or old garden shed. Junk King crews have also been called on to take apart hot tubs and load them up on the truck. They have the skills and the tools to get any type of dismantling job taking care of in a timely fashion. Of course, the bulk of what you want to get rid of from your backyard might just be heavy things like old planters, bricks or other construction waste. None of that will be a problem for Junk King.

Even though your primary reason for calling Junk King is to get rid of heavy yard debris you should take full advantage of the crew and have them remove any other unwanted items from the inside of your home. You can finally toss out that old futon from down the basement or the dresser from upstairs. When it comes to clearing out heavy yard debris and other unwanted junk, Junk King Indianapolis gets it done fast.

Vital Recycling Facts

How many times a day do you recycle? Every time you toss out a water bottle or a soda can into a recycling bin, it counts. Often it is easier to recycle around the home than it is at your job or shopping center. Perhaps it would help if enough people make the request for recycling bins wherever they shop or work. Bottom line recycling matters. To support that idea, consider the following facts:


Metal makes up around 9% of all the trash that is tossed out in the country in a single year. That breaks down to around 24 million tons of metal trash. Of that number, around 8 million tons or 34% was recycled. That is a number that can definitely be improved upon.

Recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours or power up a 100-watt light bulb for 4 hours. Twenty recycled aluminum cans utilized the same amount of energy as it takes to make one can from original components. According to the Aluminum Association, around 64% of aluminum soda cans were recycled in 2015. That breaks down to around 56.8 soda cans. But soda cans aren’t the only metal that gets recycled.

Every year, recycling auto parts across North America saves around 85 million barrels of oil that would be used in the production of new auto parts. In fact, cars are the most recycled product with 80% of all cars being recycled in some form or another.

The more we recycle, the closer we come to achieving zero waste. That would be where literally everything that is tossed out becomes repurposed in some form. A lot of trash can be burned to create fuel to power energy plants. Food scraps can be turned into compost for fertilizer. And if the recycling numbers go up so that everything is recycled, then you could see a day where landfills become obsolete. Many cities around the country have put plans into action to achieve zero waste but it will take everyone getting on board with the concept.

A company like Junk King Indianapolis is already working towards a zero waste goal. When you turn your old junk over to Junk King, you can count on them taking every effort to get those items recycled. If you want to expand your home recycling program, then count on Junk King Indianapolis to get the job done right.


7 Reasons a Construction Dumpster Rental Makes Sense in Indianapolis

Construction isn’t just about creating—it’s also about disposing of unwanted materials. For every structure that you and your team put up, there will be debris to break down and remove. Construction sites typically produce many kinds of junk, from drywall and other leftover building materials like concrete to dirt and other organic matter that you must clear from the site before building. You may be wondering about the most effective way to deal with construction waste on your job site, so let’s examine one of the most popular solutions in Indianapolis: construction dumpster rental. Renting a dumpster for construction waste can be one of the most effective ways to deal with waste material from your site on your own terms. Many professionals throughout the region count on this approach to help them save time, energy, and money during their clean-up efforts.

The Best Arguments for Construction Dumpster Rental

Construction Dumpster RentalThe following are seven reasons why construction dumpster rental works for many Indianapolis businesses. Have a look at the list, and then make an informed decision about if renting a dumpster is right for you.

  1. Renting a Dumpster Makes Site Cleanup More Convenient

Cleaning up your site can be a big job. If you leave that job to the last minute, it has the potential to extend the amount of time you must spend before you and your team can leave the site. Construction dumpster rental allows you to solve this problem because it puts an easily-accessible receptacle on your site that you can fill as you work. Instead of finding yourself with a huge mess on your hands at the end of a job, you’ll be able to clean as you go, and seriously simplify the aftermath of your project.

If you rent a dumpster from a company that offers you a fixed rental period, you can also plan your project in accordance with the pickup date. Coordinating your work this way means that you can have the dumpster removed the day you finish loading it so that you can wrap up your project comprehensively, with no loose ends.

  1. You’ll Spend Less Energy on Heavy Lifting

Speaking of having your dumpster removed, did you know that most rental dumpsters are taken away and their contents dealt with by members of the rental company? That means you and your crew won’t have to worry about sorting the contents or taking them to a landfill once you’ve placed them in the container. You can just put the materials you want to rid yourself of inside the dumpster, then let the people who come to pick it up from you handle the rest.

Of course, you should still make sure that all the materials you place in your dumpster are appropriate for the container you have rented. To do so, look at a few different construction dumpster rental services and see what kind of materials they routinely handle.

  1. Some Rental Dumpsters Can Handle a Wide Variety of Materials

The good news is that most construction dumpster rental companies allow you to deal with materials that would generally be unacceptable for regular trash collection in Indianapolis. In fact, debris from construction and demolition are explicitly prohibited for this kind of trash pickup, which is another reason why renting a dumpster for your site can be invaluable. Companies like Junk King provide construction dumpster rental options for many items that city trash collection services cannot accept. These items range from flooring, walls, and roofing to more cumbersome and more challenging materials such as concrete.

  1. Dumpster Rental Can be an Eco-Friendly Solution

There is a growing need for members of the construction industry to address concerns about sustainability in their work, especially when it comes to questions of waste removal. If you want to make sure that you are dealing with your waste materials in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, renting from an eco-friendly dumpster provider is one of the best ways to do so. Some dumpster rental companies go out of their way to sort recyclable and reusable items when going through the contents of each container so they can repurpose the maximum amount of material and produce the lowest possible amount of waste.

  1. A Fully Insured Rental Company Reduces Liability

Working in the construction business exposes you to a certain number of potential hazards, so it’s vital to make sure that you are always doing your best to minimize risk. One of the best ways to do that is by reducing the amount of unnecessary labor required of you and your team members. Simply put: the more you can outsource, the less you need to worry about an accident or injury presenting legal and financial challenges.

When you outsource something like your junk removal by having a rental company come and pick up your dumpster, there are certain factors you should consider. One of them is insurance. Entrusting your rental dumpster to a fully insured company will keep you and your people protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Dumpster Rental is More Cost-Effective than Other Options

A lot of people ask, “why choose construction dumpster rental in Indianapolis”, but a better question might be “why not choose it?” After all, a simple evaluation of the costs involved relative to other options often shows that dumpster rental is the most cost-effective choice. Examine the alternatives: you can hire a full-service junk removal company to help you clean up your site, or pay overtime to your own laborers to spend time tidying up after your project. Either of these options is likely to be less organized and more expensive than simply renting a dumpster during your project.

Hiring a full-service junk removal company can be cost-effective, but only if you are exceptionally well organized. If on the other hand, your project faces unexpected delays or produces more waste material than anticipated, you may have to find yourself calling a removal service several more times than you had planned. In that scenario, the costs can pile up quickly. Hiring additional labor of your own (or paying overtime to your staff and extending the length of time you must spend on the job site) can be similarly pricey, so dumpster rental is often the most affordable tactic.

  1. Some Dumpster Rental Companies Offer Additional Support

Dumpster rental can be extraordinarily convenient, but you may still want some professional assistance, especially for a larger project. That’s why some construction dumpster rental services provide additional support options. At Junk King, we offer specific business to business services aimed at supporting professionals in construction and similar industries with their waste removal needs. Our professionals can supplement your dumpster rental by sending a removal team to the site before and after your project, helping you save time in the preliminary and final stages of your work.

Construction dumpster rental is not the only way to rid yourself of junk during and after a building project, but in many cases, it is a superior choice. Renting a dumpster puts you in control of the way you handle waste, allowing you to wrap up your work faster and spend less in the process. When you choose a company such as Junk King for your dumpster rental, you can also benefit from various supplementary service options, eco-friendly waste disposal, and insurance to protect your business interests. For more information on our company, our policies, or our work, contact us at your earliest convenience and speak to someone on our staff who can tell you more about the benefits of construction dumpster rental for your next project.

Junk King Indianapolis is committed to increasing sustainability wherever we can. The top-rated customer service offered by Junk King is something we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal. Call today (317) 427-5155 or visit Junk King online to get a quick and easy quote for dumpster rentals or for more information on what size dumpster would best suit your needs.


Move Your Junk Out Before You Move In

Before you move into any new home or apartment it’s important that you take a lot of measurements. The first concern should be whether your old furniture is going to fit into the new place. They could be some narrow hallways or tight squeezes around doors that might prevent your sofa or loveseat from sitting into the new house. There’s also measuring for rugs and drapes that have to be accounted for. The goal is to fit everything from your old place into your new place. That is why it is essential not to move any old junk. You don’t want to waste valuable space with things that you’re never going to use again. That’s why you should hire Junk King Indianapolis to move out the old junk before you move into the new place.


Moving means you have a chance to assess all of your property. You can determine exactly what you use again and what you don’t need. You could also be hanging onto a lot of things that are broken that you might thought you could repair. If they have remained broken for several years, then chances are they are going to stay that way. All of that unwanted clutter should be turned over to Junk King Indianapolis. They’ll know the proper way of disposing of it. Often that might actually mean donating some of your things to a charity. This is a great place where furniture, appliances and other household goods can end up. Nothing has to be poured into a dump with Junk King Indianapolis on the job.

You can schedule your junk removal session either before you move out or right after. If you do it before you move out then there should be any confusion on the day of the move. You don’t want your movers to accidentally pack up the stuff you getting rid of. It will also help free up even more space for those movers to get around. However, if you are returning to your old home to clean, then that can be the day that Junk King Indianapolis comes by for the final pick up. Let Junk King Indianapolis get rid of your old clutter before you make your next move.

Take Care Big Appliance Recycling The Right Way

How many times have you seen a refrigerator or stove on the curb? That means either the person who lives near that curb dragged the appliance down there hoping someone will take care of it or it means someone put it in the truck and brought it to dump there. Either way, it’s a very selfish way to get rid of a big appliance because it essentially makes it somebody else’s problem. Even if you feel the urge to report that kind of dumping it still takes up time for you to find the right city agency. Hopefully, when it comes to big appliance recycling you’ll handle at the right way and that would be to hire Junk King Indianapolis from the start.


You might be able to move your stove or refrigerator around your kitchen floor by a couple of feet but it becomes a bigger challenge to get it out the front door. Junk King Indianapolis will provide the crew that can rise to that challenge. These teams have a lot of experience moving bulky appliances. They’ll make sure your floors and walls aren’t scuffed up.

Once loaded onto the truck, you could send the crew on the way but why not put them to more use? There’s probably a lot more stuff you get rid of in your house other than the big appliance. What about all the clutter in your garage? You need to hang onto things like sporting equipment the people don’t use, computers that have been replaced, auto parts that are never make it back inside the car and all the other rubbish? That can also be loaded up onto the back of the truck on the same session.

Everything the Junk King crew collects from you might end up being repurposed either as recycled material or as a charity donation. Junk King wants to avoid going to the landfill at all cost. Sometimes that means they might make several drop-offs at various facilities but they would want it any other way. All of this is included in the flat fee that you’ll pay. That fee will be based on how your junk will fill up the back of the truck. It won’t be based on weight. That’s the fairest approach to this type of work. If you want to take care big appliance recycling and junk hauling without any hassle, then you want to hire Junk King Indianapolis.

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