Get Rid Of Old Bikes And Other Rubbish Today

By the time your child turns 18, they will probably have gone through hundreds of pairs of shoes. The same can be said for all the other clothing objects but they don’t just outgrow the things that they wear. They also outgrow toys, books, swing sets and bikes. Some of those things you might want to hold onto for sentimental value but you probably can do away with the old bikes and a lot of the other unwanted items. When you’re ready to get rid of those things, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Indianapolis.


Old bikes in a garage are probably the biggest clutter. That and a lawnmower that no longer works. Think about how much easier it will be to get around in your garage if those things weren’t in there anymore. Junk King is going to send of a team of workers and a big truck to take care of that for you. What you have to decide is what else you want to get rid of along with the old bikes? Don’t stop at the garage. Go through the rest of your house and target all the unused furniture, appliances and other clutter that fills up cabinets and closets.

If you don’t have boxes or bags to put it in, then don’t worry. The Junk King crew will find a way to pack it all up on the truck. They’re really good at packing and that will come to be a benefit for your final price. The Junk King pricing policy will be determined if your stuff takes up one third, one half, one quarter or the entire truck bed. Your things won’t be weighed, just packed. The less room taken up by your stuff, the lower you’ll be paying.

Included in that fee will be disposal. Would you know where the nearest landfill to your home might be? Junk King will but that doesn’t meant that is where they’ll be headed. Instead, they’re going to strive to get your things dropped off at nearby charities or recycling centers. Yes, Junk King has been a green company right from the very start. Don’t let those old bikes and other rubbish clutter up your home one day longer. Give it all to Junk King Indianapolis today.

Fast And Affordable Junk Removal In Cicero

Every St. Patrick’s Day, city workers in Chicago turn the Chicago River green. It’s a tradition. Tipton residents might have been wondering what holiday was being celebrated when Cicero Creek was turned white. Actually, there was no holiday but a milk spill. A really big milk spill. The accident happened at Park 100 Foods and led to 300 gallons of milk seeping into the creek. This triggered a massive cleanup effort. So, just how do you clean up 300 gallons of milk in a creek? The answer is hay.


County personnel plopped hay bales into the creek at two different points. The hay acted as a kind of straw filter. Because milk is heavier than water, it would sink to the bottom as clean water flowed through. Then another crew was brought in to vacuum up the collected milk. Over 300 gallons of milk went in but 14,000 gallons of water and milk came out.

That was a massive mess. Have you ever had a massive mess around your property? Hopefully, not. Most messes in a home would be considered “self inflicted.” It would be all the rubbish we collect over the years. Although a lot of those items didn’t start out as rubbish. But whenever something is replaced or worn out, it gets tucked away in the garage or basement where it sits until help is brought in to remove it. In Cicero, that help can be found with Junk King Indianapolis.

Junk King offers professional junk hauling services to homeowners, apartment renters and businesses. First, you have to decide what you want to get rid of. If it can fit into your trashcan, then it’s perfect for Junk King. Next, you’ll set up your appointment. This can be done on line of over the phone. Once that is locked down, you can depend on the Junk King crews to show up promptly within the determined window. They’ll even call you throughout the day prior to their arrival to keep you informed.

When the crew shows up, you’ll take them on a tour of all your junk. They’ll then be able to provide you with a cost based on how they’re going to fit everything onto the truck. The less space, the less you’ll be paying. When everything is agreed to, the crew will spring into action and before you know it, your home is clear of every junk item. The fast and affordable way to handle your Cicero junk removal is to give that job to Junk King Indianapolis. They’ll handle it from the start to finish.

Get Rid Of Your Heavy Rubbish Today

What is the oldest piece of furniture you have in your home? It is an antique that has been in the family for generations? Maybe it was a piece of furniture you bought at flea market that goes back several years. Those are the kinds of things you want to hold onto because if properly taken care of they can increase in value as they get older. You might also have some objects around the house that are old but don’t have any value. A heavy rubbish item is something you’d like to get rid of but because of its size or weight, you’ve been stuck with it. That can all change with a call to Junk King Indianapolis.


Junk King has been called on to remove all kind of heavy rubbish items from homes, offices, restaurants, schools and apartments. Whatever you want to get rid of won’t be a challenge for the Junk King teams; they’ve seen and lifted it all! Getting something up or down a flight of stairs might have been a stumbling block for you to get rid of things but the Junk King teams are great stair climbers. That comes in handy when you’re living in a walkup apartment with no elevator.

The crews working for Junk King have all been trained on how to size things up. You can show them a bunch of furniture, appliances, boxes and electronics and they’ll know exactly how that stuff will fit on the back of the truck. This is how they’ll determine your final fee.

The heavy rubbish removal provided by Junk King doesn’t have to stop at the front door. The crews can do a lot of clearing around your yards, too. If you’ve got a big landscaping renovation project on the books, then you’ll definitely want to bring in Junk King to help clear every everything from old planters to chunks of concrete. It all can go on the same truck, in the same session.

Heavy rubbish removal is one of those task that requires extra help. That extra help can be found with one call to Junk King Indianapolis. Make that call today and you junk could be gone by tomorrow.

Junk King Customers Share Their Feedback

A business should never be afraid to ask their customers, “How are we doing?” If you don’t want the answer to that question, then it is a clear indication you’re doing something wrong. When it comes to professional junk hauling, Junk King Indianapolis is happy to ask their customers about how they’re doing. Here’s what a few of them had to say:


“The team was professional and kind and they did a wonderful job. They came on time within 20 hours of my call and request and they even cleaned up after. Great service!” – M.Z., Indianapolis

The majority of junk removal sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. Junk King knows when you want to get rid of something, you don’t want to wait around.

“The 2 men that came for pick up were awesome! They were prompt, efficient and very friendly and professional.” – Kim Lewis, Fishers

“This was by far the easiest and most efficient way to get rid of multiple bulk items that we needed to dispose of prior to moving. I booked online, received an email confirmation and got a call the day of pick up. Jeremy and his crew we’re timely, professional and helpful. I would not hesitate to use this service again in the future. Thank you for making moving a little less stressful!” – Darla Parker, Carmel

You should never bring old junk into your new home. When you hire Junk King to help before you move, it will be one less thing to deal with. That’s a big relief on moving day.

“The guys are great! They are fast and reliable. They are my go to when a job gets too big. Have used them 3 times in the last year and every time has been the same level of service.” – K.H., Cicero

“When we booked our appointment online, I didn’t know if we had to load everything or not so I sent an email to find out. I received a response right away letting me know they would load everything for us. We were also told that it would be between noon and two and we received a call before noon saying they were on their way. Then when they got to our house, they were personable, professional and very efficient. We will be calling Junk King again!” – B.B., Fishers

A large portion of Junk King customers are repeat customers. That is probably the best indication that this is a company you can trust. For any type of junk hauling, stick with Junk King Indianapolis: Always reliable. Always fast.

Where To Find Fast Junk Hauling In Fishers

Fishers is becoming one of Indiana’s fastest growing cities but that doesn’t mean they’re forgetting their rural roots. City planners just announced the development of a 30-acre park called Fishers Agri-Park. This will be run by the nonprofit Brandywine Creek Farms and will feature crop fields, livestock, outdoor classrooms, a Farmer’s market and beehives for local honey production. All the proceeds and much of food grown here will go in support of Indiana food pantries. The call is going out for volunteers to be part of the park. This is a great idea for school and church groups to get involved with.


Speaking of farming, are you growing a veggie garden in your backyard? That is another fun project to involve your family with and you can be the direct beneficiaries of all that fresh produce. Of course, any planting starts with clearing. You need to work the soil but you might also need to make room by getting rid of some junk in the yard. That is where Junk King Indianapolis can make a big difference.

What kinds of things do you have in your yard that you’d like to get rid of? For that matter, what kinds of things do you have in your home or garage that you’d like to get rid of? Junk King can make it all disappear in not time at all. Don’t factor in size or weight. Junk King crews have easily hauled away tons of furniture from homes. But they’ve also taken down swing sets, tool sheds and fencing. In extreme cleanups they’ve cleared away lumber from a deck demolition and the remains of above ground pools. You can see what a difference hiring Junk King can make around your home.

The cost for this helpful service is extremely fair. You’ll only be charged a flat rate that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal off all your stuff. That fee will be determined by the crew once they’ve look everything over. They’ll know how to pack up the tight truck and that will mean you’ll be paying the low end on the scale every time. When you’re ready to get rid of your junk in Fishers, Junk King Indianapolis will be ready to make it happen fast. Put them to work today.

Terrific Spring Cleaning Tricks

Spring clean is traditionally the one time of year when every square inch of your home is cleaned. Nothing is better than coming home to a clean house after a project like this. Spring cleaning is also about details. There are a lot of things that get neglected. Here are some terrific spring cleaning tricks for those “forgotten” areas:


DIY Jewelry Cleaner

As long as your home is going to be sparkling, so should your jewelry. Heat a cup of water in the microwave to two-minutes. Then mix in one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. Then just drop your jewelry in and let it soak for ten minutes. When the ten minutes are up, wash off the pieces. Easy.

Baseboard Cleaning

Baseboards get a lot of scruffs. You can dust and mop those baseboards but that won’t automatically remove the marks left by shoes. Magic Erasers can take care of those scruffs. They even come with easy to hold handles. It’s perfect for touch ups. If the grime has built up, then you might need to scrub all the baseboards by hand. Of course, a fresh coat of paint never hurt but is certainly more labor intensive.

Cleaning Dish Sponges

How often do you throw out dish sponges because of a funky smell? They might still have some cleaning power left in them. To clean them out, get the sponge wet and place it on a paper towel along with a microwave-safe container with water inside. Heat the sponge for two minutes and that will wipe out the bacteria and get it smelling fresh again. Just be sure to let it cool off before you use it again.

Get Rubbish Hauled Away

Do you have things in your home that you “clean around?” These could be pieces of furniture you have in storage down in the basement or in a spare room. You might have old computers and other electronic gear tucked in a closet or under the bed. All of those things can be cleared out with a call to Junk King Indianapolis. Your appointment will be covered by a pair of strong movers who won’t have any issues with climbing stairs or lifting heavy objects. Having Junk King Indianapolis remove all your home’s rubbish is the best way to finish off your spring cleaning project.

Junk King Indianapolis Specializes in Garage Cleanouts


Junk King Indianapolis Specializes in Garage Cleanouts

Junk King Indianapolis is always ready to help you with a garage cleanout that will give you more space and a new outlook. We are America’s greenest junk removal service. Remember, we reuse and recycle what we can and that includes what you’ve kept in your garage for years.

Sometimes, you’ve just stashed items away like old filing cabinets when new online technologies make it easier to store everything on your computer. We pride ourselves on working smart on your behalf. That means we do the small things like breaking down old cupboards and shelves wherever possible so they take up less room.

Lots of Good Reasons

There are lots of good reasons to get rid of all that junk that’s been hanging around in your garage for years. First and foremost, you can use the structure for what it’s designed for after Junk King Indianapolis has cleaned it for you. As our weather changes and gets more unpredictable, parking your vehicle inside the garage is the best way to protect that investment.

Keep in mind that even bird droppings are acidic and can eat away at the finish on your car’s paint.

Reclaim that Space

Of course, there are some other great reasons to reclaim that space in your garage. One of the best is to make sure you don’t have any unwelcome guests setting up shop. A whole assortment of critters love to hide in the junk you keep in your garage including rats and mice. Using our services is all about reclaiming that space and keeping any diseases these pests carry at bay.

Your garage can even be an extra source of income if you decide to renovate it. Once you have that space opened up, you’ll look at it in a new way and perhaps carry through on a design for another living space you can rent out.

Eco-friendly and affordable

Keep in mind that our services are both eco-friendly and affordable. Our trucks are 20% larger and that means you’ll get more value because there will be less trips needed. We are the green choice because we recycle and reuse up to 60% of the things that we haul away.

We also reuse and repurpose anything that might be of value to your community. It’s often the case with the garage cleanout that one person’s junk is actually someone else’s treasure. Why not get in touch with us today so we can help you with your garage cleanout needs?

Who To Call For Fast Junk Removal In Carmel

One thing we can always count on: the sun coming up in the morning. Yes, it might often be blocked by clouds but for twelve hours, the sun is shining. It makes sense to find a way to tap into that awesome source of energy. That is exactly what Solential Energy has done here in Carmel with a $70,000 solar system consisting of 156 solar panels taking up nearly 5,000 square feet.


“The goal is to get consumption down to basically net zero,” said Corey Miller, director of sales with Solential Energy, the company that installed a Carmel array that has become the center of many conversations. “This system was built to offset 100 percent of the home’s annual average consumption.”

This is a ground-mounted system that was installed at the back of David Luedtke’s 11-acre estate on Clay Center Road. Would you ever consider having a solar system installed on your property? Depending on the system, you might even be able to sell power back to the energy company.

Utilizing solar energy is one way Carmel is helping Indianapolis achieve its goal of zero waste. You can help with that goal when you think about recycling everything you get rid of. That is easy with kitchen trash. It’s also easy to recycle junk when you put Junk King Indianapolis on the job. Junk King has been dedicated to a green way to disposal ever since they started collecting rubbish back in 2005. How do they achieve this? It begins with setting up partnerships with recycling centers and charities. Those are organizations that can take in all kinds of things from furniture to construction waste.

Next, Junk King trained the crews. They all know what type of items can be repurposed. As they’re loading up the truck, they’re sorting through all that stuff and targeting the things to pull out back at the depot. All of this happens automatically. You don’t have to decide if something can be recycled or not. Leave it to Junk King. After all, they do all the work.

For fast junk removal in Carmel that is also eco-friendly, put Junk King Indianapolis on the job.

Get Your Family Motivated To Clean

Most parents fight a “battle” at home on two fronts. It’s the “do your homework” and “clean up your mess” struggle that never seems to end. Kids will be kids. After all, were you ever enthusiastic about cleaning up your room when you were their age? Still, there are ways to motivate your family to ensure your home can stay reasonably clean. Here’s what you can do:


Stop Picking Up

It might be second-nature for you to pick up after your family members. You were probably doing it since they were born. Now it is the time to stop. The more you pick up, they more your kids realize if they wait long enough, the mess will be taken care of. This also extends to their bedrooms. Obviously, the younger kids are only capable of putting toys back where they got them. But as for the “disaster” area that sometimes becomes a teenager’s room, you need to put them in charge of their own clean up.

Go On Strike

To drive the point home, you might need to go on a mini strike. This might be hard especially if you can’t stand a mess but put off doing laundry and see what happens when the teens run out of clothes to wear. The point is to get them to see they shouldn’t take you for granted.

Set the Tasks

Once you’ve made your point and gotten their attention, it’s time to set the tasks. Everyone should be in charge of cleaning their own personal space. You’ll conduct the final inspection for “pass or fail.” But there are also common areas that can be jointly cleaned by everyone. The kids can also step up with cleaning the kitchen after dinner and doing laundry. It might help to toss in an occasional incentive like a raise in their allowance or pizza night.

It might also motivate your family to clean to bring in some outside assistance. That can come from Junk King Indianapolis. This is a professional junk hauling squad who can make fast work of hauling away all kinds of bulky items. Junk King isn’t going to do laundry but they can remove an old washer. They’re not going to make a bed but they can clear out an entire bedroom set. Once Junk King has cleared out the clutter, your family will have a much easier time keeping things clean from now on.

What Does a Green Dumpster Rental Cost in Indianapolis?

Regardless of why you need a rental dumpster in Indianapolis, you are probably wondering about dumpster rental cost. Renting a dumpster is an extremely convenient way to handle DIY junk removal from your home or business. Whether you are renovating (and tearing out a ton of drywall and carpet) or cleaning out a garage that looks like an episode of Hoarders, a rental dumpster gives you a place to put every piece of construction debris or junk you don’t want anymore. If you are like other customers, though, you want to enjoy this convenience without breaking the bank.

Standard Dumpster Rental Cost Estimates

Dumpster Rental CostIt can be difficult to give an exact estimate for dumpster rental cost, just because the pricing is contingent upon variables. The amount of dumpster space you require is a variable, as most dumpster rental companies have half a dozen (or more) different dumpster sizes from which to choose. The length of your project is a variable, as a two-day rental is naturally going to cost less than a weeklong rental. The dumpster rental company you choose is a variable, as different businesses charge slightly different rates for their services. Even your location is a variable, as longer-distance deliveries and pickups tend to cost a little more.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average dumpster rental cost in Indianapolis is between $245 and $330. This price is for a two-day dumpster rental and includes both delivery and pickup. If you are trying to put together a preliminary budget for your project, this ballpark range shouldn’t be too far from what you will end up paying.

Going Green: What to Expect from Sustainable Dumpster Rental Companies

Now, say you want to rent a dumpster in Indianapolis, but you want to make sure you are getting it from a “green” dumpster rental company. You want to work with a business that values sustainability and strives to protect the environment while still providing convenient and useful services.

What does a green dumpster rental service look like, exactly? After all, we are talking about the disposal of waste—rarely an extremely “sustainable” activity. However, there are dumpster rental services that play an active role in protecting the environment.

The “greenest” of these services will typically offer waste sorting as part of their dumpster rentals. In other words, you rent a bin, you fill it with whatever you want, and the company comes and hauls the container away. Instead of taking the junk directly to the landfill, though, this kind of green dumpster rental company takes the bin to a sorting facility. There, they sort the trash into different categories: waste that needs to go the landfill, recyclable goods, items that can be repurposed or recycled, items that can be donated, etc.

This kind of recycling-based approach is still relatively rare in the junk removal industry—even as environmental sustainability becomes something that more and more customers are demanding. There is a reason it hasn’t been adopted across the board, though. Simply put, sorting junk is a laborious process, one that requires a lot of time and hard work. Not all junk removal or dumpster rental companies are willing to put in the time to do the work.

With dumpster rentals, though, the recycling-based approach is essential. When customers rent dumpsters, they often fill them with everything in their homes or offices that they may not want anymore. Some of this stuff is garbage and is unusable, but a fair percentage of it really shouldn’t be going to a landfill. That includes electronic waste, which is awful for the environment and human and animal health. It includes furniture that is still in good shape and can easily be donated or repurposed. It includes metals, wood, and other materials that can be reused and recycled. It includes clothing and toys that should go to Goodwill or some other resale shop, rather than being hauled off to a garbage dump.

These days, our society is becoming increasingly cognizant of the ways that human activity affects and damages the environment. If you are going to rent a dumpster, it’s worthwhile to look for a green junk removal service. That way, you know you are at least doing your part of staying green and minimizing your carbon footprint.

The Cost of Green Rentals

The reason many people opt out of rental green dumpsters is that they assume there is an added cost. If someone must sort your junk for you, you’d think that you would have to pay handsomely for that service.

While the answer to the cost question will vary from company to company, you will rarely pay significantly more in dumpster rental costs to get a more sustainable service. Sometimes, you might not even pay more. The companies that offer this type of dumpster rental are cognizant of the fact that customers want an economical solution and have done a lot to make their services financially feasible. Your best bet? Include a few green dumpster rental companies in your crop of potential junk services and get price quotes from them. That way, you can compare the prices of greener options against less sustainable services.

Along the way, make sure you research how your non-sustainable dumpster rental companies handle items such as computers, TVs, appliances, or furniture. Often, companies that don’t offer recycling-based junk removal merely opt not to deal with these items at all. They have long lists of items you aren’t allowed to put in their dumpsters or require you to rent special dumpsters for specific types of waste.

This approach makes sense from the perspective of the dumpster rental companies. They don’t want to deal with sorting your junk but also don’t want to run afoul of any state laws or regulations by improperly disposing of something potentially harmful. As a result, they just decide not to deal with those items at all.

For the customer, though, this approach is not the best. The big convenience of renting a dumpster for a DIY cleanout or renovation is that you can throw anything and everything into the same bin. You don’t have to worry about renting a truck to haul your furniture to the nearest donation spot or figure out where in town you can recycle your huge 50-inch cathode ray TV. You can put everything in your dumpster and rest assured that it will end up in the right place. The convenience and peace of mind that this kind of service provides is often worth paying a little extra.

Finding the Right Dumpster Rental Service

Ultimately, your best course of action is to sit down and do some research. What are the different dumpster rental services around Indianapolis and how do they compare on the sustainability scale? If you were to choose a green service, would you pay more? Or could you find a company that offers greener dumpster rentals for lower dumpster rental costs? (Hint: you can!) By comparing the different options, their pricing, and the perks they offer, you can find a dumpster rental service that provides the service you want at a price that is perfectly reasonable.

As you compare dumpster rental costs, though, try to find companies that will give you concrete estimates or quotes. Services that are cagey about price quotes will often try to hit you with unexpected fees after the fact. Reading online customer reviews should also help you spot—and avoid—these dumpster rental companies in Indianapolis.