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Why You Should Hire Junk King of Inland Empire for All your Junk Removal Needs

For residents of the Inland Empire area, you probably understand the basics of separating your trash into the three, different colored trash bins that are provided to you by the waste management system provided by the local government. The blue barrel for recyclables is where you send your cans and foil, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, metal, milk jugs, milk/soy cartons (paper and aseptic), mixed paper, plastic bags (bundled), plastic shopping bags, other plastics and Styrofoam. The brown barrel is for regular trash, such as animal waste, household waste that is not recyclable, soiled products, and large or bulky yard waste. Finally, the green barrel is for smaller yard waste items such as grass clippings, leaves, shrubs, tree branches, weeds, and other yard trimmings.  But what about other types of trash, junk, or other waste items that don’t fit into one of those neat categories? An old refrigerator, a sagging mattress, or that old box-style TV you have stored in the basement probably won't fit into any of those three colored bins. And in fact, you might even be hit with a fine if you try to put one of those junk items out with your regular trash pickup.  For bulky junk items, electronic waste (e-waste), construction debris, and virtually any other type of junk that doesn’t fit into the categories of the blue, green, or brown trash bin, Junk King Inland Empire is here to help you get rid of those items in a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly manner. Read on to find out why Junk King is your best bet for all of your junk removal needs.    Book a Touchless Appointment Today!  
Why You Should Hire Junk King of Inland Empire for All your Junk Removal Needs


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