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Is Your Garage Ready for the Winter?


If your garage is like most, it’s become something of a catch-all for things that just don’t have a place in your house. This includes holiday decorations, sports equipment, old clothing, tools, an old refrigerator for drinks, and much more. You may not even know what’s in your garage if you’ve slowly added more and more boxes to it over the years. It may even be so full you can’t park your car in it any longer.


With winter coming, though, that could be a problem. Being able to get your vehicle in out of the snow and ice can protect it from damage. It also protects you. If you don’t have to walk outside on an icy sidewalk to get to your car, you don’t risk slipping and falling. A well-organized garage also makes it much easier to find things during the winter or store additional things such as your yard furniture. 


If your garage isn’t ready for the winter, now’s the perfect time to make it so. Here are some tips for organizing and cleaning your garage, including how to decide if you need to keep everything you’ve got stored there. If you don’t, Junk King Irving is here to haul it all away for you.


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Start by Taking Inventory


The first step to organizing your garage and making it ready for the winter is to inventory what you have in it. You don’t need to count every individual item, but you do want to have a good idea of what you’ve been storing. You may have sports equipment, yard equipment, tools, holiday décor, camping gear, and much more out in the garage. If you don’t know what’s stored in the space, you can’t effectively organize it.


Some items will always live in the garage, such as your tools and things you use for your car. However, some things may be better off stored elsewhere. If you have a shed, for example, that may be a better place to keep all of your yard equipment, including your lawn mower. Your basement or attic may work better for storing things you don’t necessarily need to get into regularly. For example, you only need your holiday decorations once a year, so putting those in the attic gives you more space for sports gear that you may need more regularly.


Once you have an idea of what’s in your garage, you can determine what should stay there and what should move to other spaces. Moving these things to their new homes will let you see how much space you have in the garage as well as make room you can use while organizing.


Sort Out the Junk


The next step is to decide what’s trash and what isn’t. This can be fairly easy in some cases. For example, if you moved your broken washing machine into the garage when you purchased a new one, you know that appliance is trash. Other things may need to be gone through. You might discover that some of your holiday decorations aren’t looking so good or that your basketball won’t hold air any longer. Some items may have been stored in your garage for so long that you realize they’re no longer needed. They can go in the trash or donate pile as well.


You may have things that are in good condition but that you don’t need. These things can be passed on to friends or relatives. You can also donate them. Other things may be trash. These need to go in your garbage bin if they will fit. If they won’t, that’s when you give us a call. Junk King Irving can haul away your old appliances, furniture, and much more. If it’s in your garage but you no longer need it, just let us know. We’ll help you get that space cleaned out so you can use it for your vehicle and to store stuff you actually need.


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Organizing for the Winter


Now that you have moved some items to other places and gotten rid of all the junk in your garage, it’s time to think about how to reorganize it for the winter. Preparing your garage for the cold temperatures usually means a few things. First, you want to have the space to park your vehicle in the garage. That’s the most important thing because leaving your car out during winter storms can damage it. Hail can leave dents all over the roof and hood. Ice storms can cause tree limbs to fall on your vehicle, denting or even busting out windows. Frozen door handles can break off if you pull on them too hard, too. 


Another issue has to do with animals. Pets, strays, and other creatures can get up under your car or on the tires to get out of the snow and ice. Unfortunately, if they don’t move, you may start the car while they’re still up in the engine. You could also start moving while animals are perched up on the tires. This can result in tragedy and damage to your vehicle. Keeping it in the garage ensures these things don’t happen.


Once your vehicle fits into the garage, it’s time to organize everything else you plan on keeping out there. Your tools should have a designated area so you can easily find them. Hanging pegboard on the walls can be a great way of organizing some of these tools. A tool chest can also help. 


If you plan on leaving your holiday decorations in the garage, you’ll want to put the winter ones near the front. Move your spring and summer décor to the back of the shelves and put your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other winter holiday decorations at the front. This way, you can easily find them when you need them. Label all of the boxes with what is in them to make it even easier to organize and find things. You can do the same with sports gear and outdoor items. Put what you need towards the front, such as snow shovels, ice melt, and skis, while your beach umbrella and other summer stuff goes in the back.

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Other Ways to Prepare Your Garage for the Winter


Once you have everything organized in the garage, there are a few other things you can do to make the space more accessible and easier to use during the colder months. If you use your garage often for your hobbies, you may want to invest in a space heater to keep the space warm. You can also look into insulating your garage, but typically, using a space heater is enough.


Take time to inspect your garage inside and out. You may need to make some repairs to the overhead door or the standard door. You don’t want any snow, ice, or moisture to get into the garage, so be sure the doors close and seal properly. Check the door that connects your house to the garage, too, if your garage is attached. You want to check it for more than just moisture, though—you want to be sure it seals tightly so cold air doesn’t get into your home. 


Why Turn to Junk King Irving to Clean Out the Trash in Your Garage


Cleaning out your garage can take some time, especially if it’s a two- or three-bay garage. That’s a lot of space, and if it’s nearly full of stuff, you may need to devote a weekend or more to deal with it. However, once you have cleaned it out, having all that space will be very nice.


Junk King will come in and load up anything you don’t need. This includes trash and old stuff, of course, plus furniture, appliances, old boats, hot tubs, yard debris, and much more. We’ll do more than just the garage—we can take that old mattress out of your house, get that broken sofa out of the basement, and even take the tree limbs you cut down. We’re a one-stop junk hauling service, so make full use of us.


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How Does Junk King Work?


Our goal is to make junk hauling as easy as possible. To that end, we offer four different ways of getting a free, no-obligation quote. You can call us, text us, request an in-person estimate, or use our online pricing tool. We always do a final in-person estimate before we start even if you got a quote over the phone just to make certain it’s accurate. We believe in providing fully-transparent pricing that includes all fees and other costs, so there should never be any unexpected charges. 


You don’t need to move any of the trash from the garage or house. We will do all of the heavy lifting, so you don’t need to worry about moving things or hurting yourself. We also sort out anything we can donate or recycle, so not all of the items we pick up go to the landfill. 


Ready to schedule a pickup or get an estimate? Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865.

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