Best Approach To A Spring Garden

Among the many varieties of seeds available for planting, there are some varieties that offer a mixed batch. These are wild flowers all mashed together. You pour out the seeds, water and let nature take its course. The result could be a veritable explosion of color and textures. You just don’t know what you’re going to get. That might be fun for a small patch but most gardeners want to take more control. Here’s the best approach to your spring garden prep.


Add Elements Other Than Flowers

You don’t need to rely on your flowers to do all the “work” of making your garden into an oasis. You can bring in other elements like a chair painted red or a wheel barrel used as a planter. Even an old dresser can be utilizing in a garden to give a “step effect” of plant growing. Just be sure any element you bring into the garden is properly treated to withstand the weather.

Arrange by Size

Your new plantings could be arranged by size with medium plants in the middle, low plants in the front and tall plants in the back. If you’re going for an island design, then put the tall plants in the center and work out from there. It will be more visually interesting if you stagger the plants, too. Straight rows are good for veggies but not flowers.

Create a Central Focal Point

There should be a focal point in your garden that everything revolves around. It might be a fountain or water feature. It could be a cozy seating area or a piece of outdoor art. This focal point will be the anchor that draws attention. The surrounding flowerbeds are the accent in support of that central point.

Attract Birds

Birds help with bug control. A single bird might eat up to 1,000 bugs a day. That would be a 1,000 less bugs you have to contend with. Birds like to take a bath and to eat. Those are two amenities that are easy to set up for your feathered friends.

Clear Debris

To set up this vista, you need to make sure you’re not looking at anything that is an eyesore. A weather worn play set or garden shed, stored auto parts, lumber and even old patio furniture should be cleared away. The best approach for that would be a session with Junk King Jacksonville. You’re going to like how quickly the team from Junk King Jacksonville can clear your yard of all your unwanted debris and rubbish. Put them to work this weekend.