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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Let Junk King Remove Your Backyard Trampoline

There is nothing wrong with letting other people do things for us. Every time we go to a restaurant, we let someone else do the cooking. When you take your car into a garage for an oil change you’re letting the mechanic take care of that. Not everything has to be a DIY job especially when you’ve got other important things to accomplish. At the start of the summer, you might have made the determination to get rid of your backyard trampoline. Now is the time to let someone else help you with that and that someone should be Junk King Jacksonville.


Junk King has over 12 years of experience with hauling away all kinds of junk items. Most of that is simple lifting and loading. However, there are some tasks that require dismantling first. That is never a problem for Junk King. The crews have taken apart all kinds of things from swing sets to tool sheds. Taking apart a trampoline won’t slow them down one bit.

You can also put Junk King to work clearing out the rest of your unwanted items, too. Here’s what the plan could be. You set up your appointment and let Junk King know that in addition to taking apart a trampoline you want some other things removed. When the crew shows up, they’ll look over everything you want removed. They’ll be able to provide you with an estimate based on how that stuff is going to fit on the back of the truck. And that includes all those pieces from the trampoline. If you agree to the price, then it will be locked down. The Junk King crew can then load up the stuff from the inside of the house and then turn their attention to the trampoline. Best of all, you don’t have to stick around. Since everything else is loaded and the fee has been settled, you can leave the crew to the dismantling and go about your day. When you come back, everything want removed will be gone. Perfect plan.

Get the help you need with a trampoline removal and junk clearing from Junk King Jacksonville.

Get The Rubbish From Your Port Orange Home Removed Fast

What’s the biggest thing you want to get rid of from your Port Orange home? Is it a piece of furniture that nobody sits on? Is it an old fridge in the garage that hasn’t been used for years? It is a ping pong table that isn’t being play with? Those are all the kinds of rubbish items that that up so much space but are hard to get rid of. It’s not like you can put them into the weekly trash pickup. For this kind of rubbish removal you have two choices: Do it yourself or hire a professional junk hauling service like Junk King Jacksonville.


If you were to do a project like this on you own, then you would be faced with a series of questions. For instance, do you have help moving that heavy object? Do you have a truck big enough to get the job done or will you have to rent one? Do you know where you could dispose of whatever you’re getting rid of? Finally, do you really want to spend your only day off devote to this kind of backbreaking task? Of course, not.

Now if you were to hire Junk King from the start, then you could most likely get all your unwanted rubbish cleared in under 30 minutes. That is usually what it takes the team from Junk King to do all that loading. The only time it takes longer is if something has to be taken apart first or there is a massive clean up like at a foreclosed property or hoarder home. For those big jobs, Junk King will often send over more crewmembers. However, most jobs can be completed by the standard two-man moving crew.

You also wouldn’t be doing any of the lifting so your back will be safe. As for the disposal, Junk King has partnered with several recycling centers and charities throughout the Jacksonville area. They know just what types of things these places are looking for. They’re all on the drop off routes.

The only thing left to decide is what you want to get rid of. With Junk King on the job, that can be just about anything regardless of weight or size. You’re really going to like how your Port Orange home is going to look after Junk King Jacksonville has cleared out all the rubbish.

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