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Create More Storage Space In Your Home

There is a lot that you can do to improve your home. The start of the year is when many folks take on remodeling projects for kitchens and bathrooms. That will certainly go a long way towards increasing your property’s value. What about your level of storage space? You can create more storage space by putting up a shed in the backyard but that is not always practical. A quicker and more efficient way to create more storage space in your home would be to clear out all of the unwanted items that you are currently holding onto. That is a task that will be greatly aided with a call to Junk King Jacksonville. It will only take one session with these junk hauling pros to open up a lot of storage areas in your home.

Pick Through

Before you set up your session with the junk King team, you will want to pick through those storage areas that seem to have reached maximum capacity. That could be out in your garage or in your bedroom closets. Anyplace that is holding onto objects that you don’t regularly use is considered a storage area. As you go through your storage areas, you have to ask yourself whether or not all of those items are something that you will use again. Obviously, things like holiday decorations that come out once a year a perfect to keep in storage. But you don’t need to hold onto clothing that you’re never going to wear again or old electronics that you have since replaced. All of those objects can be turned over to the team from Junk King.

When the Junk King crew shows up at your house, you will point out all the things that you want removed. That will allow the Junk King squad to come up with an estimate for your removal. That estimate will always be based on how they pack up the truck. The less space that your stuff fills up, the less you will be paying. And you will know that prices before any of the work begins so that there won’t be any surprises at the end of the job.

Creating more storage space in your home is easy when you bring in the Junk King Jacksonville squad. Set up a removal session today.

Make A Resolution To Get Rid Of The Rubbish

The new year is the perfect time to start off with a “clean slate.” This is when you get to reboot many aspects of your life for a fresh, new beginning. A lot of that new beginning can be focused on your personal well-being but don’t discount improving your living environment. There is a lot to be said for creating a comfortable home that allows you to make those personal improvements. All of this means that the new year is the perfect time to get rid of the rubbish from your home. That can happen with one call to Junk King Jacksonville.

A Big Sweep

Your rubbish removal resolution should start with a big sweep through every room in your home to decide exactly what you would like to get rid of. There may be some obvious big choices like random pieces of furniture that you want to replace. They could also be a few old televisions and computers that also need to be disposed of in a responsible manner. That is something that Junk King can take care of with no problem.

You might also want to go a bit deeper with your room inspections and take the time to go through all the closets, dressers, cabinets and drawers to pull out anything else that you know you and your family will never use again. You might be surprised at exactly how much stuff you end up getting rid of. Thankfully, none of that stuff has to automatically and up in a landfill. When you have Junk King on the job, you have a company that is dedicated to an eco-friendly way of getting rid of things. The number one option for Junk King is to drop usable items off at a local charity. That way they can be given to those in need and be put back into use again. This happens automatically as part of Junk King’s removal package.

When you make a resolution to get rid of the rubbish in your home, you need to make Junk King Jacksonville part of the plan. Book your session today.

Use Junk King For Refrigerator Removal

A refrigerator and the washing machine are the two appliances that can totally disrupt a household when they break down. Actually, you might be able to work around a broken washing machine by taking close to laundry. But you certainly can’t keep your food stored in coolers in definitely. That is why when the refrigerator breaks down it needs to be replaced ASAP. Before the new refrigerator can come into the kitchen, you need to arrange to have the old one removed. One call to Junk King Jacksonville can take care of that task.

Swap Out

It will be convenient if you can swap out the refrigerator in the same day. That would mean scheduling for removal with Junk King in the morning and the delivery of your new model in the afternoon. That can be accommodated because Junk King is dedicated to working around its customers schedules. That would require you making sure the refrigerators cleared out of all the food items before the Junk King crew shows up.

The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to this task will show up with plenty of experience for this type of removal. The Junk King crews know exactly how to unhook refrigerator from the plumbing. They also know the most responsible way to remove something without scuffing up walls or floors. They will treat your property with the same respect as they treat their own property.

Once the old refrigerator is loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck, the crew will sweep up the area that they just clear and the job can be done. That is unless you want more things removed. You should take advantage of those to Junk King movers and that the big truck to get rid of all the unwanted items from your home once and for all. This can make a big difference especially as you head into the holidays.

When you use Junk King Jacksonville for refrigerator removal, you can rest assured that the job will be done right from start to finish.

Get The Junk Out Of Your Guestroom

It is extremely rare that a family member would show up at your front door, suitcase in hand, and expecting to stay over without first calling you. Of course, you would welcome them in but it would certainly be off-putting to have to scramble to get things ready to make them feel welcome. Fortunately, most family members who do come for an extended stay will let you know well in advance. That will provide you with the time to stock up on their favorite things in the kitchen and get the guestroom ready. It might be that the last time the guestroom is used was during that family members last visit.

In the interim, there could have been a lot of unwanted items put into the guestroom just to get them out of the way. The moment you designate something as want it is really the moment that you should get rid of it. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Thankfully, the junk hauling pros from Junk King Jacksonville are standing by to help you get the junk out of your guestroom today.

By the Door

As you prepare to get your guestroom ready, you will probably stand by the door to survey the room. This gives you a good viewing position to decide exactly what can be removed by the Junk King crew. When the crew shows up for your schedule appointment, you won’t have to go any further than the door to the guestroom. You can stand there and point to all of the things that you want removed and the Junk King crew will pick up everything right spot. This is a very fast and efficient way to clear out junk items from any room in your home.

The cost for this service will depend upon how everything fits on to the back of the truck. The less room that is taken up by your discarded items, the less you will be paying. It is all about the volume with Junk King and not about the weight. This is in an approach to junk hauling that has made Junk King the number one company for this type of service in Jacksonville.

Don’t let your guestroom be overrun by junk. Give it all to Junk King Jacksonville today.

New Positive Reviews Posted For Junk King Jacksonville

“These guys are fast, amazing, and hard working. I would recommend them to anyone in need of cleaning out their garage.” – Jaime Lee, Jacksonville

That is just one of the many positive reviews recently posted for junk King Jacksonville. For that customer, the priority was cleaning out the garage. That is a very popular reason for hiring junk King but it doesn’t have to be the only reason. Whether you have an entire garage full of rubbish to clear out or you just want to get rid of an old sofa, junk King can take care of that task from start to finish. They will even find a way to dispose of those items in a responsible manner that supports the environment. Here are more positive reviews to consider:

“The guys were very efficient and quick. Very awesome. Definitely highly recommend them. They were in and out. Took about an hour. Awesome job guys.” – Terri, Jacksonville

“My wife called a couple of different places for prices and Junk King was by far, the lowest! We set up an appointment to have a 11x7x4 foot dumpster dropped off so we could load it up between 8 am-12 pm. Junk King was very prompt, got to the house at 8 am! The dumpster was more than enough! It also had doors for walk in access, which I opened right away. I’d recommend using Junk King. The office staff was very professional and helpful. The delivery drivers are prompt, courteous, and helpful. The dumpsters are very clean. Top notch company!” – John, Jacksonville

Yes, there are two options when you deal with junk King for the removal of your unwanted items. A two-man moving crew can pick up everything right on the spot or you can use a dumpster and take your time to clear out the storage areas in your home. This dumpster is also great when you have an ongoing remodeling project.

Whether you opt for the full service or self-service option you can always count on getting rid of your junk in the most efficient and affordable way when you hire Junk King Jacksonville.

Turn Around Your Rental Property With Help From Junk King

Turn around is a term used by restaurant owners to describe how quickly a customer can enjoy your meal, pay for them meal and then move on. The moment a customer leaves the staff should spring into action and clear that table and make it pristine for the next customer. That same principle applies to a rental property. There needs to be a fast turnaround in between tenants. That way the property owner cans keep the revenue stream “flowing.” The only thing standing in the way of that fast turnaround might be some left behind rubbish. That can be quickly cleared out with one call to Junk King Jacksonville.

Discarded Not Wasted

There are many reasons why a tenant might leave things behind in an apartment. The most obvious would be that they are in a hurry to move on and don’t have the means for getting rid of everything. They just might not have room on whatever truck they are using for their move. That is not something that is going to happen with Junk King. There will always be room on the truck to haul away any number of items that you want to get rid of. In fact, the Junk King truck holds the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of rubbish. That will certainly be plenty of room for anything that attended might leave behind.

Some of those left behind items could also be still usable. That doesn’t mean the new occupant would want them. But it does mean that a charity might be able to put them to use. It is always been part of Junk King’s disposal policy to make drop-offs at charities whenever possible. The more trips avoided to the landfill, the better off everyone will be! You don’t have to designate whether something can be donated or not. The Junk King crews know which charities taken which particular items. All of that happens as part of Junk King service.

To make a fast turnaround happen for your rental property put Junk King Jacksonville on the job of clearing out the rubbish.

Junk King Is The Fast Way To Clear Out Your Attic

Any trip up to your attic might always have you exclaiming, “I’ve got to get this place cleaned out.” Of course, once you are down from the attic that doesn’t seem like a priority simply because everything that is up in the attic is “out of sight.” If you have reached the proverbial breaking point with the rubbish in your attic, then it might be time take proactive steps to have that attic cleared out. The quickest way to accomplish that task is to bring in help from Junk King Jacksonville. These are the professional junk haulers who can swiftly and efficiently clear out whatever you want to get rid of from your attic.

Access Point

The access point to your attic might seem problematic. That is usually the case with attics that are accessed by a pull-down ladder. Of course, if that letter was used to bring things up to the attic, then it can be used to bring things down again. The only difference is that you won’t be doing the actual removal work. That will be left to the team from Junk King. Once you show them all of the things that you want to get rid of, they won’t have any problems using any kind of access point to remove those items.

Before that work begins you will want to settle on what the final fee will be. This is a price that is determined by how the truck will be packed up all of the items that you are getting rid of. The Junk King crews have a lot of packing experience and that comes in handy when you want to get a lot of things into as little space as possible. The reason for that is to provide you with the low end of the price scale. Junk King always bases their pricing on volume and not weight.

Some of the items that you are getting rid of might still be usable. Those can be dropped off at a charity by the Junk King team. That is also included in the flat fee.

Clearing out your attic of rubbish won’t be a challenge when you give the job to Junk King Jacksonville.

Put Junk King On Your Mattress Removal Task

Do you have a mattress that is designed to be “flipped?” Some mattresses allow the owners to flip the mattresses every couple of months as a way of regaining some firmness. Although that is a very smart design, that doesn’t mean the mattress can last a lifetime. The same 8 to 10-year usage rules would apply to that type of mattress. Have you already hit that “anniversary” with your mattress? If so, then it is time you stop flipping and consider buying a new mattress. You will also have to consider how to get rid of the old mattress. That is something that the team from Junk King Jacksonville can be a big help with.

Done With

A mattress is one of those items that once you are done with it, it is essentially completely done. You might not like a particular shirt or sweater but that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t like the style. That is why you can always donate old clothing and have it reused again. However, you won’t find many takers for your old mattress. That is why when you’re done with it that old mattress needs to go to Junk King. It may be a chance for that mattress to be recycled. Junk King has set up working relationships with many recycling centers throughout the Jacksonville area. Some of the centers might offer recycling for old mattresses and cushions. It is not just the phone that they recycle but the steel coils that are part of the mattress.

Along with your mattress removal you can also tap the Junk King crew to remove anything else from the inside or outside of your home. The truck that Junk King uses holds the equivalent of six pickup trucks full of rubbish. Clearly, one single mattress is not going to fill up that truck. You don’t have to fill up the truck. In fact, you can use Junk King just to get rid of that single mattress. But as long as you have the crew and access to the truck you should take full advantage of it to finally get your home rubbish free.

If it is time to get rid of an old mattress, then it is time to call in Junk King Jacksonville.

Clear Out The Rubbish Before Fall Starts

The first day of fall is September 22 but already it feels like the seasons are changing. Daylight seems to be shorter and the temperatures are cooling off. It won’t be long before you are breaking out the rake to clean up the lawn! This is also the time of the year where many families make adjustments for back to school schedules. With the arrival of fall also becomes the anticipation for the holiday season.

Before things get way too busy it might be helpful to clear out the rubbish in your home. We are not just talking about the stuff you can toss out in the trash. Instead, think big! What are the big objects that you can clear out once and for all? When you come up with that list you want to bring in Junk King Jacksonville to make the rubbish removal happen.


The things that you would turn over to Junk King are essentially worthless to you and your family. That doesn’t automatically mean everything you’re giving away is trash. It just means that you no longer have a use for. A lot of clothing can fall into that category. The same can be said for furniture and other household goods. All of those things that you are clearing out to make your home more organized and clutter free can be turned over to a charity to be put to use again. That is part of Junk King’s disposal operation. We would much rather make drop-offs to a charity or recycling center then at a landfill.

You also don’t have to worry about deciding which of your items could be worthy for reuse at a charity. The Junk King crews will do all the sorting long after they have left your home. It’s all part of the service.

Getting rid of rubbish doesn’t have to be complicated. Just book a single session with Junk King Jacksonville and it will get done. That’s a great way to kick off the fall!

Use Junk King For Remodel Debris Cleanup

What kind of projects that you take on during the pandemic? That will no doubt be a topic of conversation for many months to come. This is the time that a lot of folks decided they needed to remodel their home as a DIY project. A lot of these remodels ended up being terrific additions to the home. There were also some fantastic builds in backyards with folks assembling she shed kits. All of that building has one thing in common: a lot of debris. The job can be called complete until all of that debris is cleared away. Although you might have been helped by the endless volume of DIY videos on YouTube there really isn’t any instruction for cleaning up remodeling debris beyond simply calling in the team on Junk King Jacksonville.

Pick Up or Fill Up

When it comes to getting rid of all of that debris Junk King provides two options for you: pick up or fill up. The pick up option involves setting up a session with the Junk King crew to come by at an appointed hour and remove all the debris in a single session. This is a very fast and efficient way clear out a truck load of leftover construction material and demolition waste. The fill up option involves renting a dumpster. That dumpster can be safely dropped off at your property and filled up at your leisure. That could be an added benefit if you are doing some additional cleaning like getting rid of the clutter in your garage. Either way, the end result is the same: thanks to Junk King you will no longer have any debris on your property.

You can set up your debris removal with a call to Junk King today. If you are scheduling a pickup, then chances are that can be accomplished within 24 hours. Having a dumpster dropped off will depend on the units that are available.

Whether you opt for self-service for full-service Junk King Jacksonville is the best approach for getting rid of remodel debris.

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