Junk King Jacksonville Earns Positive Reviews

The only way a business can be a success is by making its customers happy. When it comes to customer satisfaction, most folks aren’t shy to share their opinions. That is why a positive review is so appreciated. Based on the reviews that Junk King Jacksonville earns, it is clear why it has become the area’s number one professional junk hauling service.


“The service was fast and easy. We talked on the phone and the price was ok with us. They called prior to arriving and we had the couch and recliner ready. They loaded up, we paid and it was done. Like I said, fast and easy.” – John Duffy, St Johns

“Polite courteous service both men very professional by contacting me prior to arrival. They worked quickly and efficiently, also pricing was fair for such good quality work. I would recommend this company to my friends and neighbors.” – S.S., Ponte Vedra Beach

“Very quick response via phone call, confirming appointment. Extremely timely arrival within the time frame scheduled. Onsite crew was polite and professional. I was very happy with this service.” – Ed Kuhn, Yulee

“Quick response and outstanding crew members and job well done. Will use them over and over again. Strongly recommend everyone and anyone.” Jhames Adeghoke, Jacksonville

“The crew : Showed upon time. Professionally dressed. Professional demeanor. Took the time to organize the waste fill to maximize the amount loaded. Kudos. A+.” – J.H., Fernandina Beach

“Kentrell was really friendly and professional. Service was on time (early actually as he was nearby for another job) and a good price. Will definitely recommend them to friends and family.” – D.D., St. Augustine

“Very professional and extremely courteous personnel – I have no suggestions for improvement because everything went so perfectly. The price for removal was fair as well. I will definitely be using Junk King again.” – K.D., Jacksonville

And these are just the reviews that have been posted within the last couple of days. Whatever you want to get rid of from the inside or outside of your home, Junk King Jacksonville can handle it. Put them to work today and watch how fast your home gets cleared of junk.

Smart Way To Tackle Spring Cleaning

When you think of tackling your spring cleaning, you have to project beyond the actual work. Consider how great it will be to have a home that is clean from top to bottom? You’ll be able to proudly declare to your friends and all across social media that you got it done. The actual work won’t last as long as those good feelings. They’ll go on all through the spring. Here is the smart way to take on your spring cleaning:


Make a Schedule

It will help to start by plotting out a strategy. Which of your rooms is going to take the most time? What are the areas in your home you’ve put off cleaning? Those should become your primary targets. It also helps to dedicate a specific amount of time for the task. Whether you break it up over two weekends or cram it all in to a single day, you should probably go off the grid for the duration. Don’t take calls or texts. Too tempting to be distracted.

Work from Top to Bottom

Cleaning efficiently means working from top to bottom. Despite your best efforts, a lot of that dusk from the top of the bookshelves and ceiling fans is going to flutter down to the floor. Same for the dust on furniture. The last thing to do before leaving a “finished” room is the vacuuming or moping. Then it’s totally clean.

Use a HEPA Vacuum

Spring cleaning is the time of year when professional carper cleaners go into overdrive. Not a bad thing to add to the list but if you don’t want to go that route, the least you should do is switch to a high quality HEPA vacuum. The HEPA filtration will do a great job picking up the dust but will remove allergens and impurities in the air while it works. This is also the time to put all those vacuum cleaner attachments to work to get under the sofa, between the cushions and up in the corner of the ceilings.

Don’t Forget Walls and Windows

Spring cleaning is all about letting the sunshine in but that can’t happen with dirty windows. This might be a project to do separately from the room cleaning. As long as you’re wiping down the windows, you might as well wipe down the walls and baseboards, too.

Remove Rubbish

Obviously, you’ll be throwing out a lot of rubbish as part of your spring cleaning but there might be plenty of stuff leftover that you can’t fit into the garbage can. That’s when it’s time to bring in Junk King Jacksonville. They’ll move fast to haul away your unwanted recliners, couches, loveseats and other furniture items you want to get rid of. They can also take away all that stuff from your closets and garage that isn’t ever going to be used again. It’s a smart move to bring in Junk King Jacksonville to help you with your spring cleaning chores.

The Best Way To Buy A New Car

Do you have a dream car? That is usually a special car that might be out of your price range or simply not practical to own. Yes, a vintage Trans Am would be cool but you need that minivan for the family. Nothing wrong with that because someday in retirement you could go for that dream car. Today, it’s about buying a new car that makes sense for your use and your budget. Here’s how to get it done:


Research Online

What are the features that mean the most for you in a new car: Safety, mileage or price? Maybe it is “all of the above?” All of those features will be spelled out in great detail on several online resource sites. With a little searching you can find out just about anything you need to about a car. It’s not just the fancy brochures you get from a dealer but all the pertinent statistics and reviews. This is how you narrow down your choices before you get anywhere near a dealership.

Comparison Shop

To make sure you’re getting the best deal, you should plan on visiting at least three dealers with three different models of cars you’re interested in. This will give you a chance to test drive all of those vehicles to see what is the best fit. You’ll also get a sense of how friendly a dealership might be.

Shop for the Best Deal

Once you’ve test driven your choices and locked down the specific make and model of car you want, it is time to shop for the best deal. That means going back to the Internet. You might discover that there is a dealer offering the same car for significantly less money who might be 50 or 75 miles away from the place where you took the test drive. It would be smart to print out that lower offer and take that to the other dealer to see if that can match it. It makes sense to drive that distance if you can save a thousand dollars or more.

After the car has been purchased you’ll bring it home and “tuck it in” to the garage. That is provided your garage will be ready. Here is where Junk King Jacksonville comes into play. You can set up an appointment with Junk King to get all that unwanted rubbish out of your garage. Even if you have space to park, you’ll want space to open the doors without banging into something. It will only take one session with Junk King Jacksonville to get your garage cleared out for your new car.

Best Approach To A Spring Garden

Among the many varieties of seeds available for planting, there are some varieties that offer a mixed batch. These are wild flowers all mashed together. You pour out the seeds, water and let nature take its course. The result could be a veritable explosion of color and textures. You just don’t know what you’re going to get. That might be fun for a small patch but most gardeners want to take more control. Here’s the best approach to your spring garden prep.


Add Elements Other Than Flowers

You don’t need to rely on your flowers to do all the “work” of making your garden into an oasis. You can bring in other elements like a chair painted red or a wheel barrel used as a planter. Even an old dresser can be utilizing in a garden to give a “step effect” of plant growing. Just be sure any element you bring into the garden is properly treated to withstand the weather.

Arrange by Size

Your new plantings could be arranged by size with medium plants in the middle, low plants in the front and tall plants in the back. If you’re going for an island design, then put the tall plants in the center and work out from there. It will be more visually interesting if you stagger the plants, too. Straight rows are good for veggies but not flowers.

Create a Central Focal Point

There should be a focal point in your garden that everything revolves around. It might be a fountain or water feature. It could be a cozy seating area or a piece of outdoor art. This focal point will be the anchor that draws attention. The surrounding flowerbeds are the accent in support of that central point.

Attract Birds

Birds help with bug control. A single bird might eat up to 1,000 bugs a day. That would be a 1,000 less bugs you have to contend with. Birds like to take a bath and to eat. Those are two amenities that are easy to set up for your feathered friends.

Clear Debris

To set up this vista, you need to make sure you’re not looking at anything that is an eyesore. A weather worn play set or garden shed, stored auto parts, lumber and even old patio furniture should be cleared away. The best approach for that would be a session with Junk King Jacksonville. You’re going to like how quickly the team from Junk King Jacksonville can clear your yard of all your unwanted debris and rubbish. Put them to work this weekend.

Fast Junk Removal For Avondale

There are a handful of businesses that recently opened in the area. That is not especially remarkable until you realize that these businesses have been closed since September when Hurricane Irma blasted through Avondale and the surrounding communities. It has taken this long for these businesses to come back. Where you hit bad by Irma? Are you still cleaning up? You certainly aren’t alone. It’s not just businesses that have had a hard time rebuilding but also homeowners. Thankfully, there is help standing by from Junk King Jacksonville.


Junk King Jacksonville is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over twelve years. They were on the cleanup frontline after Irma with crews working nearly around the clock to help with the cleanup effort. That means the teams working for Junk King have a lot of experience with all kinds of cleanup from standard furniture removal to pulling up waterlogged carpets.

The goal for Junk King is to get everything onto the truck. Before they start loading, they want to work out the fee. This is a price that will be determined by how they pack up the truck with your stuff. They’ll know just looking at a pile of rubbish how much space it will take up. They also know how tightly they can pack up stuff onto that truck. Once they size things up, they’ll give you an estimate and then get to work. In no time at all, your stuff will be loaded and drive away for good.

One of the reasons why Avondale is such a great place to live is the environment. Junk King appreciates that and doesn’t want to do anything that would diminish the beauty. That is why they have a very friendly eco-disposal policy. Everything Junk King collects will be sorted by the crews. They’ll pull out anything that can be recycled or donated and make every effort to take care of those drops offs. The more they can keep out of a dump, the better off everyone in Avondale will be. When you want fast and reliable junk removal in Avondale, count on Junk King Jacksonville to get the job done every time.

Junk King Jacksonville: A Landlord’s Best Friend

It is not a stretch to say that a landlord is “on call” 24/7 much like first responders. Although they can set office hours, they still need to respond to an emergency situation, which could happen at any time. Landlords are also a bit like waiters in a restaurant. The goal there is to “turn” those tables so more guests can come in. When a tenant moves out, the landlord has to spring into action to get that apartment ready to rent ASAP. Of course, they don’t have to do all of that work on their own. First step, clear out the junk that was left behind. That’s where Junk King Jacksonville can make a huge difference.


When someone moves out of an apartment, they should be focused on getting their security deposit back. That will only happen if the apartment is turned over in the same condition as it was when they moved on. Too often, tenants skip out on the security deposit by using it as their last month’s rent. That is not what it is intended for. When that happens, it is a safe bet the apartment will be left in a mess. There could be all kinds of furniture, rugs, household goods and appliances left behind. Maybe they didn’t fit on the moving truck or maybe they’re so worn out and ratty that nobody would want them. Cue: Junk King.

A junk removal session with Junk King involves two capable movers who will be in charge of loading up the truck with all the stuff that needs to be cleared out. The Junk King crew prefers to bring items down in an elevator but if they have to climb stairs, then that is just what they’ll do.

Once all that rubbish is cleared from the apartment, the landlord can bring in the paint and repair crews. Thankfully, Junk King likes to work fast. A tenant could move out on a Thursday and by the end of the day on Friday, Junk King will have gotten whatever was left behind. It is just that simple. If you’re in the landlord business, then you should put Junk King Jacksonville to work. Smart move.

Regular Cardboard And Rubbish Removal Keeps Your Business Clean

Every business depends on regular deliveries. Whether you’re a retail outlet or a café, you need to have the regular scheduled deliveries for all your inventory and materials. Any delay can cause a major disruption in your business. Just as it is important to accept all those deliveries, you have also to factor in what to do with the “leftovers.” That would be all the cardboard boxes and other rubbish generated by your business on a daily basis. A lot of that can go into the dumpster. But if you’re sharing that dumpster with other businesses on the block, it is easy to see how that bin will fill up fast. Instead, consider hiring Junk King Jacksonville on a regular basis. They’ll make sure your business stays clean.


The team for Junk King Jacksonville is always on the move. They make pickups from different homeowners each day but they certainly can accommodate regular pickups from a business. What works best for your operation? An early Saturday morning pickup or late on Tuesday afternoon? Junk King can lock in that time and make sure they’ll have a crew and truck pulling up at the appointed hour.

You’ll find the crew assigned to your regular pickup to be extremely friendly and efficient. They can load up the truck with all your discard rubbish in less time than it takes you to enjoy a cup of coffee. If the occasion calls for them to break something down like an old display case or promotional materials, then the crew will be able to handle that without skipping a beat.

Once you see Junk King Jacksonville in action at your business, you’ll want to book them for a junk removal session in your home. You’ll get the same fast service and helpful crew. That can come in handy when you want to bring up a busted washer from down in the basement or bring down a bedroom set from the second floor. Let Junk King do all lifting for you. When Junk King Jacksonville helps you keep your business clear of rubbish, you’re going to have very happy customers and staff.

Get Your Garage Cleaned Out Today

Garages are meant to park your car inside to keep them safe from the elements. A two-car garage can help keep all the family rides safe. The problem arises when you turn your garage into a storage unit. Yes, your cars might be fine on the driveway but do you really want to have a garage full of clutter you’re never going to use again? It doesn’t have to be that way and one appointment with Junk King Jacksonville can clear out that clutter for good.


The most challenging aspect of getting your garage clean is the sorting. You have to go through every box and shelf to decide just want can stay and what can go. The goal is not to get distracted. If you find an appliance that is broken, then don’t take the time to try and fix it. Stick with the task at hand. After devoting time to the sorting, you will have a pile of stuff ready for removal. That pile can stay right in your garage or driveway. When the Junk King team arrives, they’ll be able to load everything right from the spot. If you have something that is exceptionally heavy, then the Junk King crew will handle that was well even if it means taking that thing apart. Bottom line: You won’t be lifting a finger to get your garage clean. Junk King is going to do all the work for you.

Knowing you’ll have a pair of movers on the job might inspire you to get rid of even more items beyond the garage. Take advantage of these movers and have them cart off anything from inside your closets or down in the basement. The Junk King team has no problem climbing stairs if that is where the junk is.

When you call for your appointment, you might be able to get a rough estimate of the cost. The final cost can’t be locked down until the crew has had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of. Only then can they determine how much space it will take up on the truck. That will be how the price is estimated. Are you ready to get your garage cleaned out? Then you’re ready to call in Junk King Jacksonville.

Where To Get Help For Backyard Shed Removal

There are basically two ways to get rid of unwanted items from your home. You can toss then out in the trash or have them hauled away by professionals. The weekly trash does indeed get rid of a lot of garbage but it certainly can handle the bigger items like sofas, chairs or televisions. Then there are all those things you want to get rid of that need to be taken apart first. That is a job that is best left for a company like Junk King Jacksonville. A perfect example of this type of specialized help would be with a backyard shed removal.


Your backyard shed is exposed to all the elements. It gets hit with sun, cold, rain and winds. In other words, it wasn’t mean to last forever. Even the sturdiest of structures will eventually break down. When your backyard shed starts to break down, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Jacksonville ASAP. They’ll send over a team of movers who can start by taking apart the shed piece by piece. That might be the only practical way of loading it onto the truck.

This is the type of job that might take a bit longer than the average junk load up. You won’t have to worry about paying extra for labor costs. Junk King charges a flat rate based on how much space you junk will take up on the back of the truck. The crew will know exactly how much room that is by sizing up what you’re getting rid of including a shed. Once the price is locked down, it won’t change. Even if it ends up that your stuff takes up more room, you will still be paying that original estimate. It is an extremely fair approach for this type of work.

When is Junk King available? You’ll be surprised at how fast and flexible they are when it comes to setting up your session. All they ask is a day and two-hour window that works best for you. They won’t keep you waiting. To handle your junk hauling and backyard shed removal count on Junk King Jacksonville to get the job done right, every time.

What Makes A Good Junk Removal Company

Anytime you hire a service professional to come into your house, you should do a little homework. A few minutes online research will have you uncovering all you need to know about any company. Even if the job is something uncomplicated like junk removal you should still do your research. Here in Jacksonville you’ll find that the best company for this type of work is Junk King Jacksonville.


What makes a good junk removal company? It starts with easy scheduling. Junk King that you book your appointment online or over the phone. If you book online, then you can also benefit from a discount.  Either way you book you’ll be asked to pick the day and time that works best for your session. Junk King only needs you to set aside a two-hour window for your appointment. That doesn’t mean it’s going to take two hours to clear out all the stuff you want to get rid of. That just gives the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next. If you have your stuff ready to go, then you might be able to request a same day pickup.

Keep in mind that having your stuff ready to go doesn’t mean piling up in the driveway. A good junk removal company does all the work for you. Junk King Jacksonville will send over two movers who will handle all the lifting and loading. They’ll also climb as many stairs as it takes to get all of your stuff cleared out.

A good junk removal company also has a responsible approach for disposal. Junk King Jacksonville strives to recycle or donate the bulk of what they collect every single day. They would much rather avoid going to a landfill even if it means an extra trip to a charity or recycling center.

Finally, a good junk removal company needs to have a fair pricing policy. Junk King Jacksonville’s policy is based on volume and not weight. That means you won’t be charge by the pound. Instead, you’ll be charge by how much space your stuff fills on the back of the truck. Add it all up and it’s clear that for quality junk removal, Junk King Jacksonville is the best deal in town.

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