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Junk King Jacksonville Handles Junk Recycling The Right Way

A new bottling recycling facility is being planned for Jacksonville. It's actually a Brazilian company that will be investing $7 million to build the facility. This will be a hub of recycling that will take in tons of plastic bottles every day, grind them up and then ship them out to be repurposed. It's a great opportunity to expand plastics recycling here in the city and also put a few people to work. Recycling plastic bottles is actually very easy what you get into the routine. But what about the bigger stuff around your home that you want to get rid of? Can things like old furniture and appliances also be recycled? They absolutely can when you hire Junk King Jacksonville the taken away. earth-158805_960_720 Junk King Jacksonville is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers that have been in this line of business for over 10 years. Since the beginning, they have developed an eco-friendly disposal policy that each franchise adheres to. Junk King Jacksonville is happy to be a part of this green team. Everything that's collected by the Junk King Jacksonville teams has a chance to be repurposed. These crews have all been trained to spot those items that can be recycled or donated. Yes, donating counts as recycling because it's keeping stuff out of local landfills. So just what are you getting rid of that can be recycled? Actually, you don't have to answer that question. That's because the Junk King crews are going to be sorting all your stuff automatically. It doesn't matter what kind of condition something is in. They know exactly what the charities looking for at any given time and will happily make those drop-offs as part of the complete junk removal package. Along with furniture and appliances, Junk King Jacksonville can also recycle a large amount of yard and construction waste. Fallen tree limbs can be turned into mulch and chunks of concrete can be turned back into cement. This recycling program also has an added benefit when it comes to your final cost. Dumping at a landfill comes with a hefty price that's usually charge by the pound. By avoiding that trip Junk King avoids those costs is happy to pass the savings on to you. Junk recycling just got a whole lot easier thanks to Junk King Jacksonville.
Junk King Jacksonville Handles Junk Recycling The Right Way


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