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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Kansas City Junk Recycling – decrease your carbon footprint with Junk King

Crime scene investigators can tell a lot by a person’s footprint left behind at the scene of the crime. In fact, there have been entire books written about footprint evidence. You can tell how much a person weighs from the depth of the imprint. You can also tell how tall they are by the stride of those footprints. Most importantly, you can get a brand of shoe from that print to match it with a pair found in a suspect’s closet. Imagine all of that coming from one footprint. When it comes to our carbon footprints, we could probably do just as much “investigating” into our lifestyle. Are we wasting energy by keeping lights on? What about keeping the water running longer than it needs to be? And don’t forget all those trips to the corner store when we could have walked.

All of that goes towards increasing our own carbon footprint. The bigger everyone’s carbon footprint becomes, the more breakdowns we have in our ecology. That’s why recycling plays such an important role in reducing those carbon footprints. And don’t think that you have to stop at just recycling your kitchen garbage. You could actually hire an experience Kansas City junk recycling team like Junk King to haul away all your big pieces of garbage to be recycled, repurposed and reused.

Some people see a pile of garbage and just think “well, that’s garbage.” Junk recyclers can look at that same pile and see all the different roads that garbage can take. Consider the typical easy chair. If you were to break down that chair you would first strip away the covering. Whether cloth or leather, that can be a recyclable material. Then comes the stuffing for the cushion. Once that has been pulled out of the chair, you’ll be left with a frame that could be part metal, part wood. Both of those parts can go right into the recycling bin. There might be one facility that can strip that easy chair down to the basic components. They’ll make piles of all the separate materials that went in the making of that chair and ship them off to other recycling facilities. All of that action for one little easy chair.

Now add to that easy chair a truck load of other potential items that could be recycled like tires, construction scraps, furniture and kitchen appliances. If you’re getting rid of any of that junk, why not ask the junk haulers if it can be recycled? You might just discover that the Kansas City junk haulers you call upon are recycling without you even asking them. Of course it doesn’t hurt to shop around for a company that has dedicated to going green like Junk King Kansas City. The goal should be to stop as many trips to the landfill as possible. Anytime you can divert a truck load from the dump to the recycling center is going to be a good day. That’s going to make a big difference no matter how you slice it!

For the best in eco-friendly Kansas City Junk Hauling services give Junk King Kansas City a try.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Kansas City Furniture Pickup – In with the new out with the old

Kansas City residents have a long history of taking pride in their homes both on the inside and outside. There are some great gardens, amazing rose bushes and delightful holiday displays that make driving around Kansas City neighborhoods a simple pleasure. Then there are those rare occasions when some folks haven’t gotten the “good neighbor” memo. These would be the people who have decided to get rid of their old furniture by putting it out on the curb. Cluttering the sidewalk is just plain unnecessary when they could have called up a Kansas City furniture pickup company to drop over and haul it away. If your thinking about ditching that old sofa, think Junk King.

Initially, there may have been good intentions behind putting the furniture out on the curb. This would usually be accompanied by a sign saying “Free. Take Me.” In theory that’s a decent idea. Why not pass on a sofa, chair or table that might not be in that bad of shape to someone who happens by? The problem with that idea is in the timing. If someone comes by within the first hour of that piece of furniture going out on the curb and can pile it into their SUV or truck then good for them. But, if that same piece stays on the curb even for one night it is pretty much done for. Think of all the passing pups who want to leave their mark? Think of the potential for nocturnal critters to come a crawling. And don’t forget about the weather, even in perfect conditions an early morning dew is going to totally trash that sofa. Then what happens? It ends up staying on the curb and ruining the look of the entire neighborhood. Can you think of a house that has something like this out in front of them? Is it yours?

Getting rid of furniture is as easy as clicking on a website and making a call. Keep in mind that just because you might be tossing out an old sofa doesn’t mean there isn’t other junk you could be getting rid of at the same time. Junk King’s professional junk removal crew won’t mind one bit if you get them to take away a rusty fender, old tires, or kitchen appliances. In fact, you’ll make their day when they can fill up their truck with a load of junk. And don’t think that your furniture needs to end up in a landfill. Junk King Kansas City goes out of their way to recycle as much material as possible. Yes, even a sofa can be recycled. In fact, when you consider all the metal, wood and stuff that go into the making of a typical couch, you will actually be looking at an abundant amount of material that can be re-purposed and reused.

As soon as you’ve picked out your new furniture pieces and schedule a delivery day, let that be the same day that the pickup crew can come by to make space. In with the new out with the old! For the best in professional Kansas City furniture pickup services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online with Junk King Kansas City.

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