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Clearing the Clutter for your Kansas City Thanksgiving

Preparing for Thanksgiving has never been easier especially when you can utilize all the many apps at your disposal. Not only can you download a grocery shopping at but there are also plenty of recipe options to follow with a simple click of an app. Beyond the high tech approach to getting ready for Thanksgiving nothing beats the old school method of putting together a solid preparation list. Here are some of the items you need to consider:
Do you have enough dishes? While everyone likes to set a good table, if you are inviting more guests then you have dishes for you’ll be in for some trouble. You can borrow from friends or family and have enough to go around just don’t get caught up in making sure everything matches perfectly.
Will you have enough food? This never seems to be to problem for Thanksgiving when you consider the abundance of leftovers. However, if you’ve already thrown a Thanksgiving dinner then you definitely already know which side dishes are the most popular. It wouldn’t hurt to make an extra batch of a flavorful stuffing or yam dish. Once again embrace the leftover!
Is your TV working properly? There is no escaping the simple fact that Thanksgiving also means football. To try and deny this is to cause great stress among some of your guests. If you want to designate a room as the football room go right ahead! In fact this is probably a good way to go especially for those guests who might not want to be stuck watching a football game and would rather socialize. You could even set up the big screen in the garage away from the rest of the house so that the enthusiastic fans can have their own space to enjoy the game.
Have you done all your shopping? You never want to be in a position where you’re in the middle of cooking the big meal and suddenly discovered you’re out of pumpkin spice. That’s why putting together a comprehensive shopping list and doing your grocery shopping days in advance will help you. Just for kicks try going to a grocery store on the day before Thanksgiving and see if you survive!
Will your guests be comfortable? Not only does this apply to having enough room around the dinner table but also having plenty of seats before and after dinner. This doesn’t mean you need to refurbish your entire house but you might want to consider clearing out of junk to make room for extra seating. If you are having guests stay over and are putting them up into a spare room then you definitely want to make sure you can clean out the clutter. This can be accomplished without causing you too much strain or stress by hiring a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Kansas City to come by and cart off all your useless stuff. One phone call to 1-800-995- JUNK is all would take to get rid of that junk you’ve been hanging onto for no good reason.
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