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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Kansas City Christmas Tree Disposal – Make it a New Year’s Resolution

Looking forward to the New Year also gives you an opportunity to engage in an annual tradition of making a New Year’s resolution. It’s not quite sure how the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions ever got started but it makes perfect sense as you begin a new calendar to want to take assessment of how you can improve your life. Top of the list for many people would be to eat healthier and lose weight. This falls under the proverbial category of “easier said than done.” Still, the diet industry rakes in billions of dollars each year as folks try to find ways to lose those extra pounds. Actually, it’s quite a simple formula: eat less and exercise more.
Another popular New Year’s resolution is to get a handle on your financial situation; specifically when it comes to paying down your personal debt. A positive proactive step towards accomplishing this goal is to take an honest assessment of your financial situation and develop a budget that will help you manage your money more efficiently. Too often people get in over their heads with debt simply because they don’t have an understanding of all the extra fees and penalties associated with something like late credit card payments. Putting yourself on a strict regimen of spending less can help you secure a stronger financial future.
For those who smoke, kicking the habit is another popular New Year’s resolution. In many cases this is probably more difficult than any resolution due to the sheer nature of how addictive cigarette smoking is. There are some that try the cold turkey method which means stopping all at once. That doesn’t seem to be very effective. A better course of action for quitting smoking is to find a way to slowly wean off of the addiction to nicotine. Of course, this resolution goes hand-in-hand with the first one of getting in better shape.
Starting a New Year right could also mean having a more focused effort on keeping your own Kansas City home free of clutter. This will probably mean taking down the as decorations by at least January 5 which is the official end of the Christmas season. All of those lights and ornaments should be packed up in a properly labeled plastic bin or boxes that can store it away in your garage, basement or attic. You’ll also want to get rid of the Christmas tree by scheduling a pickup from a pro junk hauling crew like Junk King Kansas City.  Christmas trees won’t be taken away by your garbage men. This is something you have to take care of.
You could make the most of the situation by using those same Christmas tree junk hauling Junk King crew members to take away all the other clutter from your home. As you when searching for the holiday decorations this year you probably had to wade through all sorts of other junk to get to them. There is no need to hang on to that junk anymore. Getting rid of the old Christmas tree and all that clutter is one New Year’s resolution that will be easy to keep!

Kansas City Scrap Metal Removal

How well do your know your metal? Your favorite metal is probably that which you can wear around your neck, slip on your finger or post in your ear. That would be all of those precious metals like gold and silver formed into jewelry design. It’s hard to imagine that your favorite gold necklace is in the same “metal” family as your stove. Well, the metal that made both of those items started out as an ore that has to be dug up and processed. Some metals are easier to get at and process which is what makes them affordable. It’s those hard to get at metals that become precious.
Digging deeper into this metal issue will find that there are two basic kinds of metal: Ferrous and non-ferrous. In the ferrous metal category is pretty much everything made from iron. That’s iron, straight up with no chaser, so to speak. Non-ferrous metal is aluminum and copper. No matter what kind of metal you’re dealing with, it can all be considered scrap the moment it has outlived its usefulness.
Naturally, if you have precious metals you probably won’t want to “scrap” them as much as you might want to resell them for a price. But even some of what you might consider “precious” really doesn’t have a lot of value. The same can be said for metal scrap. Back in the day, many small towns would have a scrap metal collector who would roam through neighborhoods picking up metal junk like car parts, aluminum siding, corrugated steel, bicycles, cans, etc. If you were friends with this fellow, you could probably get him to pile your scrap metal onto the back of his truck or wagon and be rid of it. But when the metal man retired you were stuck with dealing with those bulky objects for yourself. Times have changed and there are now professional junk haulers  like Junk King Kansas City who make it their business to provide dependable pick-up service to remove all your scrap metal and/or other junk.
Filling up a truck with scrap metal is easy for the professional junk haulers because they have the muscle and the loading space. It’s probably been harder for you to get rid of those bulky objects because you lack those two key elements. Sure, you can put an old fridge or stove into your garage where it becomes part of the “out of sight, out of mind” collection in your home. But is that junk really “out of mind?” Anytime you need extra space you’re going to be asking, “When are we getting rid of that junk?” Well, that time can be now when you hire the services of a professional group of junk haulers like Junk King Kansas City.
Even though you might have one large piece of scrap metal to get rid of you don’t have to stop there. Think about how you would fill up that truck. Are there some pieces of furniture you can get rid of? Do you need to toss out some busted toys? What about some started but never finished projects? All of that can be loaded up and tossed out. Start with your scrap metal and finish with the rest of your junk.
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