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Summer Clutter Clean Up In Kansas City

The summer is a time for folks to come out of hiding. We spent all winter cooped up inside practically going stir crazy. Many of us have carried through with our New Year’s resolution and spent those winter months working on our swimsuit bodies and are eager to show them off on the lake and river shores. Even just being able to spend the night outdoors watching a Shakespeare play at the Kansas City Shakespeare Festival is a welcome treat for all of us who have been in hibernation. Shakespeare isn’t the only thing you’ll be able to enjoy in the great Kansas City outdoors. There are music festivals, fireworks and all sorts of fun activities happening throughout the entire summer for you to take advantage of. Another activity you should take advantage of isn’t sponsored by any Kansas City organization but instead falls on your shoulders and that would be cleaning up the clutter from around your home.
Cold weather was the perfect excuse not to do any major cleaning like pulling out all the junk in the garage or tackling a major backyard overhaul. Now with the warm summer months upon us you have run out of excuses! The good news is you haven’t run out of help and that help can come in the form of a professional junk hauling crew like Junk King Kansas City. This crew can be scheduled to show up on a day that is most convenient for you to haul away all of the clutter you’ve gathered in the past couple of months or even past couple of years. All you really have to do is decide what is junk and what is not.
In the junk category could certainly be some old pieces of furniture that has seen better days. Often when a person buys a sofa they’ll stick the old sofa down in the basement or in the garage thinking someone will get use out of it. The problem is that that old sofa is going to get even older and more broken down or dirty. Is that something you really want sticking around your home? The same thing can be said for busted kitchen appliances that you have long since replaced. Once again to make room for of the new refrigerator you might’ve shove the old refrigerator out to the back porch were now lives creating an eyesore. Now is the time to get rid of that once and for all with the help of these professional junk haulers.
There could be a wide range of other junk items that you can toss out the same time. These can be things like abandoned parts of a car repair job, scraps of wood from a remodeling project or piles of debris that were left over from the last storm. The only reason you’re keeping any of this junk is because it won’t fit in your garbage cans. But it certainly fit in the back of a junk hauler’s truck and that’s just where it should go!

Kansas City Foreclosure Clean Out

There is a sad epidemic spreading across Kansas City and that is the rise of vacant homes. Since 2007 the number of vacant homes has increased by 20%. This means around 12,000 homes are vacant which is leaving a few Kansas City neighborhoods about a quarter empty. Mayor Mark Funkhouser recently commented on this situation to the Kansas City Star. “The hole in the urban core is deeper and bigger than even I thought it was,” Mayor Mark Funkhouser said. “It’s like an ocean, and we’re trying various sizes and types of teaspoons to bail it out.”
Much of the increase in vacant homes can be directly attributed to the foreclosure crisis that hit Kansas City along with the rest of the nation. Facing the prospect of eviction, many homeowners simply abandoned their properties leaving it for the banks to handle. Luckily for the citizens of Kansas City government officials are stepping up and tackling the project head on. The charge is being lead by the office of the assistant city attorney who handles issues of housing. Amelia McIntyre is a former real estate attorney who knows all about how to turn vacant properties around. With her help, the city is taking a back these neighborhoods one vacant house at a time.
There could actually be a decent opportunity for investment in these neighborhoods. If the government is making a push to revitalize these neighborhoods, you could find plenty of support as a potential investor who is interested in cleaning up foreclosed homes or vacant lots. This doesn’t mean you have to literally roll up your sleeves and start hauling out junk. Of course, if you need a good work-out that would be a great option! Actually, you can accomplish a major foreclosure clean out when you hire a professional team of junk haulers who have experience in these matters – Junk King Kansas City.
If a property has been foreclosed and then abandoned there is no telling what kind of garbage could have been left behind. Although it might look like a daunting task to clean up, hiring a professional crew like Junk King can alleviate a lot of stress from the project. That crew has seen it all and nothing is going to shock them when it comes to a clean-up. All you really need to do is tell them the address and give them the marching orders of “Everything must go.”
Not only will the inside of a vacant home need to be cleaned out, but also the surrounding yard area. The moment a home becomes vacant it begins to attract all kinds of garbage. However, the quicker that can be cleaned up the less chance there is of move trash flowing onto the property. After the clean-up happens, you might consider turning the property into a rental. This can help you generate a viable source of income with the hassle of keeping a vacant property on the market. Bottom line: focus on making money and let the clean-up crew focus on getting the house ready.

How to pick a new TV and get rid of the old one

Are you ready to “go big or go home?” Actually, you would already be home. We’re talking about finally getting that big screen high-tech HDTV for your Kansas City home. All the networks are making the switch to high definition. Simply put, this means that the signal broadcast into your home will have more lines of data. In other words, you’ll be getting an incredibly shap and more vibrant picture. This works for television shows and the movies you play back on your Blu-ray player. The issue you now must confront is twofold: 1) how to get rid of your old television and 2) how big to go.
In the wide world of HDTV options you can go as small as 5 inches or as giant as 100 inches diagonal. The average seems to be a 32 inch set for the bedroom and a 40 inch set for the living room. The last thing you want to do is have buyer’s remorse because you didn’t go big enough. As you begin shopping for your new HDTV around local Kansas City electronics stores, you’ll quickly discover that there is really only a couple of hundred dollar’s difference between a 40 and 50 inch screen. Since this is something you might be hanging onto for several years, why not go for the super size?
Obviously, you’ll have to consider placement. Could the room where your new HDTV will live support a big screen like a 65 inch model? Would something like that just become ridiculous in a small space? It might which means picking out the small size could be the better bet. You also have to take into account how you’ll set up the television. Will you be using a wall mount or going for a traditional stand? Both have their benefits and a lot depends on your own taste. Although with the wall mount, you want to make sure you have proper installation. This is not something you want falling down, especially in the middle of the big game!
One way to determine how big to go is the seating distance. Most professional couch potatoes will tell you that the perfect range is to sit no closer than 1.5 times of the screen’s diagonal measurement and no farther than twice that measurement to the TV. Here’s how that would break down: With 50 inch TV, the best seating distance would be between 6 and 8 feet from the box. So, yes, it’s time to bust out the tape measure.
Now comes the concern about getting rid of the old television. That part is a lot less effort. All you’ll need to do is call up a local Kansas City TV disposal company like Junk King and let them know you want that old set gone. They’ll be able to take it away and make sure it is disposed of properly. An old TV is not something you want to dump into the garbage. It’s way too hazardous when broken up. Soon as you get the new hook up just watch how much of a difference it makes!
For the best in Kansas City Television Disposal, or any type of junk removal, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

The Difference Between Antique and Junk Furniture

There is a fine line between a vintage antique piece of furniture and a piece of junk furniture. That might seem like a silly comparison to make. After all, you can obviously tell the difference between an antique sofa versus a junk couch, right? But when you get down to specifics you’ll find that it could be easy to confuse an antique for junk. For instance, an antique is something that is several years old. Technically, so is a junk piece of furniture. An antique is often passed down through the family. That holds true for a junk piece of furniture, too. An antique can be very expensive to buy. Well, that’s where the antique and the junk actually part company. If you want to appraise your antique you’ll want to take them to a professional dealer. If you want to get rid of old furniture in Kansas City then you should consider contacting a company who specializes in this kind of removal, such as Junk King Kansas City.

So, what kind of old furniture are you holding onto? If you’re a typical household in Kansas City then the sofa in front of the television will probably see the most traffic. This piece of furniture will also take the most abuse. Everything from the springs in the cushions being flattened to a barrage of food stains and paw prints is going to decrease the value of this sofa. On the other hand, if this was an antique sofa it wouldn’t be anywhere near your television and nobody would be allowed to sit on it!

Other kinds of junk furniture could include a child’s bedroom set. It was cute when they were 3 years old, but now that they are 16 that “airplane bed” just isn’t going to cut it. Obviously, you’d have time to stow away this old furniture as your child has grown up. Where did you put it? Basement, garage or attic? If it is in anyone of those spots it’s probably been collecting dust. This is not something a kid will want to be sleeping on, so it’s got to go.

You might also have some special furniture pieces that you bought from a certain Swedish type of store. These would be those pieces that you had to assemble yourself. You know the ones that might be falling apart or you can’t open the drawer on? Yeah, they have to go, too!

Keep in mind that just because you’ve decided to hire a professional crew to show up and haul away your old furniture doesn’t mean they have to stop there. Sure, getting rid of that old junk is important but what about all the other junk you might have around the home? Could you find some stuff to get rid of in your garage? Your basement? Your attic? Of course you could! This might mean finally getting rid of all those unfinished projects that will never get finished. Once you have clean away all this clutter, you’ll discover wide open space that you forgot you even had!

For the best in Kansas City Furniture Disposal, simply pick up the phone and dial 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Kansas City Junk Removal – Get the Pros on the Job

When it comes to taking care of the tasks in our lives we have two options: do it yourself or hire a professional. Sometimes a DIY project can be a lot of fun like hanging Christmas lights or painting a kid’s room. For more “intense” projects like a clogged drain or leak in the roof we call in the professionals. It obviously costs a bit more than a DIY project, but we can rest assured that when we hire a professional with a solid reputation they will get the job done right. The approach you take to hauling away the junk in your Kansas City home should be no different. Do you want to do it yourself or hire a professional company like Junk King Kansas City?

Let’s be honest, if you really could do it yourself that junk would already be gone. This has less to do with your abilities than the practical elements of the situation. Suppose you have some old kitchen appliances that have been recently replaced. Now, that old fridge is just sitting in the garage taking up space. You can’t just throw these items in the back of the family car and drive them off to the dump. First of all your car probably isn’t big enough and you wouldn’t want it all scratched up. Secondly, would you even know where the right dump is located?  Suppose you have a lot of junk that needs to be hauled away. Do you want to make several trips on your day off? And finally, do you have the manpower to move these heavy items? When you add it up, it makes sense for you to call in Junk King to handle your Kansas City junk removal.

One call to your local Kansas City Junk King franchise and you will have a team supervisor sent out to your home or business to provide you with a free on site estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in their truck. After that, simply point to the junk you want removed and the pros will haul it away.

In addition, Junk King also can provide a valuable professional service for your Kansas City business. Just like in your home, your office or work environment has a habit of gathering junk. Most offices have access to a dumpster for their trash, but once again what about those bigger items like office furniture, tables and desks? How about all those boxes of discarded files or products that need to be tossed out.  Junk King to the rescue!

Once you’ve cleaned out the junk from your Kansas City home or business you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be. It’s like changing the total vibe of the place. Even if you don’t have any junk today, you know you’re going have junk someday.   Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK to set up a free on site estimate today, or book an appointment online.