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Kansas City Trash Pickup – Background and Basics

A recent study found that the average American generates up to four pounds of trash each day. That’s each day! Luckily for us, we live in a town that provides for trash pickup. Can you imagine what would happen if those four pounds every day were forced to pile up uncollected? Kansas City provides its residents with a weekly pickup of garbage on a designated day from Monday through Friday. As with every other city across the country, Kansas City has their own way of doing things especially when it comes to garbage pickups.
For instance, the rules are very clear about when you can and cannot put out your garbage. It needs to hit the curb no later than 7 am on the day of pickup, but no earlier than 3 pm on the day before the pickup. So, mark your calendars.  The Kansas City solid waste serves won’t just pick up anybody’s trash. You need to be living in a single-family home, a duplex, or an apartment or other housing units in buildings that contain six or fewer units. For everybody else, the building owner needs to make special arrangements for trash pickup with a private contractor.
Have you heard about trash tags? The official rule is that Kansas City municipal garbage crews are allowed to pick up two bags of trash per eek per eligible household without tags. However, if you threw a big party and have lots of extra trash bags, you’re going to need to head down to a designated hardware store and buy a trash tag for a buck. Without that, your untagged bag will sit on the curb pass the pickup time and that would be bad.
In case you were wondering what the Kansas City Solid Waste Removal Department considers trash here’s the list:
– Food waste and packaging (some packaging can be recycled)
– Small appliances, toys and tools (donate re-usable items to charitable organizations)
– Rubbish associated with normal home maintenance
– Small automobile parts that can be bagged, such as spark plugs, brake shoes and shock absorbers
– Building materials bundled with twine or wire, including wood and wood products, plaster or wallboard
– Boxes of shingles, empty paint cans and similar small items generated during routine maintenance and minor home repair
– Boxes of stone and masonry
That pretty much covers the basics. Then there are all those special preparation items like dog waste. That has to be double bagged. Same for cat litter box waste. If you’ve got broken glass that needs to be wrapped up separated and labeled as “Broken glass.” Also, there should be no liquids in your garbage which means you need to empty out all those milk containers and pop bottles.
Here’s where it gets tricky. There are some items that simply won’t be picked up by the garbage crew. Among these items is anything weighing over 40 pounds, wood or lumber that is longer than four feet in length, construction waste weighing over 500 pounds, tires, or yard waste including grass and other clippings. All of those items require you to make special phone calls to schedule pickups. Of course this being the government there is no telling when those pickups might happen. This is a case where you might want to call up a private junk hauling company like Junk King Kansas City and let them take it all away in one fell swoop.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK.
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