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Alternatives to Kansas City Dumpster Rentals

On some level, bona fide treasure hunters could also be considered scavengers. At least, that would be the opinion of anyone who thought they had a rightful claim to that treasure. For instance, an old shipwreck barge could be discovered just off the Riverfront Park which holds a safe full of coins. Would the person who finds those coins be a treasure hunter or a scavenger? If those were your coins, the answer is clear. Now try applying that same concept to your garbage.
If you’re throwing something out, you have deemed it to be trash. But supposed someone were to come along and pick through your trash to find a broken bottle or magazines. Then they take that trash and turn it into some kind of modern art that sells for a bundle. Would you be entitled to a cut of the profits? Probably not because once you put your trash on the curb, you’re basically putting it up for grabs. Think about this the next time you toss out some old credit card or bank statements. In fact, the best way for some criminal to get your personal information is to go through your garbage. You’d be amazed at what those unsavory elements can steal from your trash.
This is worth thinking about if you are planning a large cleanup project and are considering renting a dumpster for all the trash. Yes, that is a practical way to get rid of a large amount of garbage but you’re also creating a juicy target for anyone who might be on the prowl for “treasure.”
The very nature of a dumpster is to collect a lot of garbage. Anyone who is a serious bottle collector will stake out the dumpster outside of a bar or restaurant to make sure they can grab all the throw aways for recycling. If a house has been foreclosed on, a new real estate agent might rent a dumpster to fill it up with all the trash from the inside of that home. That’s just going to be too tempting to resist.
For your own cleanup, you’re probably convinced that whatever you’re throwing out is not going to be of any value but try telling that to a scavenger. They won’t be convinced until they’ve had a chance to see for themselves. And it’s not like the people who would go through your dumpster are going to “tweet” about it. This could mean a whole string of strangers wandering around your home and picking through the dumpster. Are you going to stand guard?
The best way around this would be to remove the target in the first place. You can still get rid of your junk by hiring a qualified team of junk haulers like Junk King Kansas City to show up to your home and remove whatever it is you want to toss out. Making an appointment for a KC Junk Removal team like Junk King to cart off your large trash items will remove any trash picker’s temptation and be an easy & affordable process.
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