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Large Trash Pickup in Los Angeles

Large Trash Pickup in Los Angeles

Back in the day, the weekly garbage pickup typically meant a garbage truck, a driver and at least two workers to pick up the trash cans and dump them into the back of the truck. This was a very labor intensive type of work that also was very time-consuming. Innovation came along and replaced that old garbage truck with a grappling arm. Now, most populated cities, like Los Angeles, have automated the weekly trash pickup. While that has reduced labor costs and allows for more garbage retrieval in a day, there are some areas of concern that can be fixed.

The official rule is for folks to pack their garbage cans so the lids can be closed. This means no overflow. Will the garbage truck still wrestle that can with garbage overflow? Sure; but there is no guarantee that all garbage will make it into the truck. What falls to the ground is now something the homeowner has to deal with.

Then, there is the issue of large items outside of the garbage can. Back when there were two guys riding along on the back of a truck, they would think nothing of picking up whatever was left on the curb and tossing that into the truck. Often, homeowners would even include the garbage men on their holiday tip gift list because of the extra help they provided. With the grappling trucks, those days of “loose pickups” are long gone. In other words, if it’s not in the can, it’s not going into the truck.

So, where does that leave you when you have a large trash pickup? You could make the disposal of those items your next weekend DIY project. This is going to mean loading up your car or SUV with this trash. Are you willing to put things like that into the back of your car? You then need to drive to the appropriate dumping center. In Los Angeles, that could mean up to an hour drive just to find the landfill that is closest to your home. Then, it would be another hour back. There goes your Saturday! Once you get to the landfill, it’s not just a matter of dumping and going. You’ll also have to pay a dumping fee and might even have to do the transfer from your car to the most recent heap of garbage. Good times, right?

Actually, you can avoid this by simply hiring a team of professional junk haulers, like Junk King Los Angeles, to stop by your place, efficiently load those large items, and take them away for you. Don’t think of this as some sort of extravagance but, rather, as a practical means to an end. You don’t want to be in a position where you’ve got trash sitting on your front lawn. Instead, you can schedule a pickup, make the payment, and head out for your day. The experienced crew will handle the rest. And, because you’re working with a professional team, you can count on the job being done right the first time. When you return home, you can expect to be “garbage free”… at least for now!