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Give the Gift of Junk Removal In Los Angeles

Last week, the Emmy nominations were announced here in Los Angeles. You can bet the gift basket folks went into overdrive as agents, managers, producers and fans wanted to show their appreciation to anyone they knew who landed a nomination. Gift baskets are a great way to show your support. They’ll also very easy to order. With a few clicks of the computer mouse, you can have baskets of fruit, wine or cookies sent to anywhere in the city. However, after a few days, all the goodies from the gift basket will be gone. It was a nice gesture but not one that lasts for very long. If you are looking for a gift idea that can have a meaningful impact on a person’s life, then why not consider a junk removal session from Junk King.


Perhaps you’ve visited a friend or family member and noticed they have a lot of stuff piling up. It could be that they don’t have the means to get rid of those objects. After all, it might take a moving crew, a big truck and the time to find the right drop off. As it happens, all of that can be provided by Junk King plus a whole lot more.

Junk King will dispatch a two-man crew for the junk removal job. That crew can handle the basics of carting off furniture, appliances, clothes and other household goods. If you have a situation where you need an entire home cleared, then Junk King will be happy to provide additional crewmembers and trucks. They want you to be junk free as quickly as possible.

When you call Junk King to set up an appointment, you’ll provide them with a general idea of how much you want removed. You don’t have to get into specifics. You can say something like you’re clearing out a closet or getting rid of some e-waste. Between the time of that first call and the actual appointment, you can always add to the list. You won’t be locked down until the crew shows up. That is when they’ll be able to size up all the items you want carted away and provide you with an estimate based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. For fast and affordable junk removal, Junk King is always a winner in Los Angeles.