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Clearing Out the Clutter Is No Laughing Matter

On April 1, the pranks will be flying fast and furious. Thanks to the Internet, most of the jokes go viral. That is a lot nicer than finding a rubber snake under your pillow. The only real harm happens when you decide to share a hoax news story without first checking out if it is real. Don’t worry. You’re sure to have a lot of friends correct you in an instant and remind you it is April Fool’s Day. Those pranks are meant to illicit a laugh or two but it certainly isn’t a national holiday. Everyone will still report to work. That is true for the teams from Junk King. This is one group who thinks clearing out the clutter from your home is no laughing matter. They might be smiling when they show up, but team from Junk King means business!


Are you ready to get serious about getting rid of your unwanted stuff? Living with a lot of clutter can actually cause stress. You feel it every time you come home after a long day and find yourself reminded of all the things you wish you could throw away. This becomes an issue when you go into your closet every morning in search of what to wear and are forced to wade through all kinds of clothes you wouldn’t dare put on again. Do you really need to live with all that stuff? One call to Junk King can make it disappear.

The most work you have to do with Junk King is decide what you want taken away. That might take some time if you sort through those closets or all the boxes you have in storage in your garage. A lot of things like old computers, TVs and monitors are easy to get rid of thanks to Junk King. They’ll make sure those items are dropped off to a dedicated recycling center in order for them to be disposed of in a responsible manner.

As for the rest of your clutter, it could find its way to a charity where it can be put to use by a family in need. Clearing out the clutter with Junk King means nothing goes to waste and you end up with junk free home.